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Estate of Telitha Everard, Deceased


Application of George Akers for guardianship of the person and property of Byron Akers, minor heir of Telitha Everard, dec'd. Filed 28 June 1853.

"L. J. Wilson, H. Bennett, J. A. Hust, and Solomon Haworth was appointed commissioners ... to divide and set apart the community property of Patrick Everard and Telith[a] Everard Deceased to the end that the guardian of the heir of said Telitha Everard may get in his possession the property of said minor heir.... Cite the same commissioners ... to appear at such time and place as the administrators of the said Patrick Everard Deceased may designate [to] divide and set apart the said community property ... [and] make report at next term of the county court." Citation issued 30 Aug. 1853.

Commissioners report of the community property of the estate of P. Everard and Telitha Everard deceased set apart for the minor heir of Telitha Everard deceased [consisted of cattle]. Recorded 27 Sept. 1853.

Inventory of cattle belonging to estate of Byron Akers [the 58 head set apart to him]. Filed 31 Oct. 1854.

Petition of George Akers to sell four young steers to defray expenses of his ward. Filed 27 Nov. 1855.

Annual exhibit of George Akers, guardian. Those holding claims against estate of Byron Akers: G. Nance, Wm Quayle, Joseph Nugent, H. J. Fairly, L. Steel, J. T. Morehead, E. T. Withers, Hughes & Dennard, A. G. Walker. Filed 29 Nov. 1858.

Inventory and appraisement of the personal property of Byron Akers, minor heir: 90 head stock cattle and one Spanish pony. Captioned: Appraisement of property of John Akers, Guardian for Byron Akers. Filed 26 June 1860.

Petition of John Akers, administrator and guardian of Byron Akers, for an order of sale of the personal estate of Byron Akers in order to meet the expenses .... S/ John Akers, by Atty R. B. Lyler [?]. 'June term of court, 1860.

Act. Against the Estate of B. Akers Deceast.

Birdville, Texas John Akers March 23, 1867
Sept. 1859 tuition J. H. Hughes; March 1860 tuition J. H. Hughes; Sept. 4, 1860 tuition Wm Hudson; May 30, 1860 to Butle; 1864 state and co taxes. [Reverse side]: July 1, 1862 paid Oldham; Jan. 15, 1863 survey and maken dee[d].

Vouchers, showing payments made by estate:


to J. B. York, for serving notices on commissioners.


to J. A. Hust, Assr & Coll., for state and county taxes for the year 1854.


to Samuel Manning, tuition for Byron Akers, per one session of five months commencing April 16, 1855, and ending Sept. 15, 1855.


to E. T. Withers, for tuition B. Akers, Sept. 8, 1857; 40 days commencing 1 June at $4.00.


to L. Steel, Assr & Coll., for state and county taxes for the years 1856 and 1857.


to Joseph Nugent, for tuition.


to G. Nance, Clk, for recording two patents. 1858.


to Trustees of Birdville High School, for five months tuition of Mas. Byron Akers; lessons in drawing during two months. Bill dated Aug. 9, 1858.


to Hughes & Dennard [merchants].


to Hughes & Holland, for tuition in the Birdville High School. Cr. May 9 by 1 beef Stear.

George Akers guardian.  June 24, 1860.  B. F. Barkley and T. E. Cook render appraisal of his property as "90 head of stock cattle and 1 Spanish poney for a total of $590.00."  [Another document lists cattle in detail, i.e., 1 2 year old steer; 1 cow and calf, 1 yearling, etc.]

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