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Estate of Walter Ferrell, Deceased


Application of L. [or S.] Ferrell for letters of administration on the estate of Walter Ferrell. deceased. Dated 20 June 1860. Filed 20 July 1860.

Bond of Solomon L. Ferrell. administrator: $8750. Sureties: T. D. Curry and S. Popplewell. Approved 30 July 1860.

Inventory made 14 August 1860 by E. R. Douthit, T. D. Curry, and Joel C. Hancock. Included were 293 head sheep and 240 acres land. Sworn before Isaac G. Bowman, Co. Commr. Additional inventory made 24 Sept. 1860 by Joel C. Hancock and Thomas D. Curry. Sworn before Silas Estes, J.P. Filed 27 August 1860.

Letter from William J. Ferrell, of Merced River, California. to his brother Solomon L. Ferrell. The letter, dated Feb. 9, 1861, indicates that he was in California at least by the previous years harvest, perhaps longer. He recites that he has been engaged in several kinds of business. He has bought and sold land, dealt in other property. and labored on farms. But due to the downfall of the country (there is talk of California seceding). and heavy expenses (board is $9 to $15 per week), he will be unable to return as soon as he had expected. In response to other letters directed to him regarding dividing "Fathers Estate," he thinks he can get home sometime in the summer or fall, but if Solomon thinks prudent and is determined to divide, "then in the Spring do so." He directs Solomon to take charge of his part of the estate, "put them with yours and in your mark and brand and keep them till I return.... I want you to be my agent in all things that consurns me. Further more if any thing befalls me that I never get home I will give you everything that belongs to me You can take it and keep it for your own property for ever.... Now this is my will to you.  You must retain this letter...."

Administrator reports assets [as shown in a previous inventory. above] at value of $4540.50. The widow had by order of the court appraised value to make out her allowance of $250 [livestock and grain].

Debts owed by estate, and approved by the admr on August 2, 1861, to C. Wise, T. Coghill, A. H. S. Baker, L. Butler, and C. Wyatt. Filed 30 Sept. 1861.

Petition of S. L. Ferrell to close administration on the estate. "Heirs are ready and willing to give bond for the payment of all debts against estate that may be established. Filed 28 October 1861.

Bond of S. L. Ferrel, Wiley J. Ferrel. and J. Perry. husband of L. A. Perry, for ourselves and for Wm. J. Ferrell and V. D. Ferrel and S. Ferrel, widow of Walter Ferel. dec'd: $4340.50; conditional that the obligors shall pay all debts against the estate of Walter Ferel, dec'd, which are not paid. Dated October 1861. S/ S. L. Ferrel, Josiah Perry, Wiley J. Ferrel, N. B. Perry, and Isaac G. Bowman. Approved 28 Oct. 1861.

Purchasers at sale of livestock held October 14, 1861: William Hancock, Josiah Hale, William Davlin, Wiley Ferrell, and Sim Popplewell. Filed 28 October 1861.

Citation to the heirs of Walter Ferrill, Dec'd. Issued 8 Nov. 1861. Summons to Sabrina Ferrell, ____ Perry and her husband J. D. Perry to appear in court on the last Monday in November 1861 to give cause, if any, why estate of Walter Ferrell, dec'd, should not be partitioned. [On reverse side]: "We, the undersigned Legal heirs of the estate of Walter Ferrell deceased do accept service... this 25th day Nov. 1861." S/ Wiley J. Ferrel, L. A. Perry, S. L. Ferrel, S. Ferrl by S. L. Ferrl, V. D. Ferrel, Wm j. Jerrel by S. L. Ferrel atty. [Spelling of names is copied correctly.]

Order to N. B. Perry, S. C. Ragan, and T. D. Curry to proceed to partition and distribute estate. Issued 2 Dec. 1861.

Appointment of Silas Estes as guardian ad litum to represent V. D. Ferrell. minor heir of Walter Ferrell, dec'd, in the partition and distribution of the estate of Walter Ferrell. Issued Dec. 2, 1861.

Commissioners report of the effects of estate of Walter Ferrell, as shown them by heirs and administrator. Distributees were Mrs. Sabrina Ferrel, widow of deceased; S. L. Ferrel; Wm. J. Ferrel; Wiley J. Ferrel; L. A. Perry; and Silas Estes, Esq., representative for V. D. Ferrel. At bottom of page 1: "The 40 acres Land appraised at 2.50 not divideable." Sworn before Silas Estes, J.P., 25 Dec. 1861. Filed 28 Dec.

Petition of S. L. Ferrell, admr; Lydia Perry; and Virginia Curry; heirs at law of Walter Ferrell, dec'd, for partition and distribution of estate. They represent that the following persons are entitled to a distributive share: S. L. Ferrell; Lydia Perry, wife of Josiah Perry; Virginia D. Curry, wife of Henry Curry: all of Tarrant County: and William Ferrell who resides in California. The following property if subject to partition and distribution, to wit, 240 acres land in Tarrant Co., a part of the headright of Walter Ferrell and a part of the headright of Robert Crawford which should be distributed between Virginia D. Curry, the heirs of W. J. Ferrel, and William Ferrell, the said S. L. Ferrell having sold his interest in said 240 acres... to Virginia D. Curry, and the said Lydia Perry having sold and transferred her interest in said land to the said W. J. Ferrill dec'd which transfer is herewith filed. Petitioners further show that the following land and personal property belonging to estate if subject to an equal division between all the heirs in five equal shares: 50 acres of land in the timber, a part of Henry Curry's headright in Tarrant County; 25 head cattle, more or less; and 10 head horses, more or less. Filed 27 May 1866.

Report of Commissioners, Joel C. Hancock, Thos. D. Curry, and N. B. Perry, who were appointed 25 July 1866, that they are "unable to partition any part of the specified land. For want of information, location, etc, and have partitioned the following property as annexed [horses] the Respective names of the heirs Being the only property pointed out to us by S. L. Ferrell, "viz: To S. L. Ferrell, 1st choice; to Lydia A. Perry, 2nd choice; to Wiley J. Ferrell's heirs, 3th choice; to William Ferrell, 4th choice; to V. D. Curry, 3th choice [clear]. Sworn before J. A. Cornelius, J.P., Pet. 6. July 27, 1866. Filed 27 July 1866.

Appointment of A. Childs, Silas Estes, and N. B. Perry to appraise and partition 240 acres land in Tarrant County, it being 160 acres of the Walter Ferrell 320 acre survey, and 30 acres of the Robert Crawford survey. Ordered to apportion to Wiley J. Ferrell's heirs, 2/5: to Virginia D. Curry, 2/5; and to William Ferrell, 1/5 of said 240 acres. Also 50 acres, a part of Henry Curry's preemption, to be equally distributed between S. L. Ferrell, Lydia Perry, V. D. Curry, the heirs of W. J. Ferrell, and William Ferrell. No date.

Appraisal of Commissioners. "Finding the Land not situated so as to be equally distributed owing to the locality have this day appraised the Homestead, the same being the balance of said Ferrell's 320 acre preemption with all the improvements thereupon, it being 162 acres.... Also the Land upon which Wiley J. Ferrell's widow and heirs lives, the same being a part of the 160 acres of the Robert Crawford survey and remaining 82 acres without improvement at 2.50 per acre...." Done by virtue of a commission issued July 30th 1866. S/S. Estes, N. B. Perry. Sworn 24 Sept. 1866 before J. A. Cornelius, J.P. In an accompanying paper, captioned Commissioners Report on Partition, and filed the same day, the comm1ssioners report that they have partitioned a 50 acre tract off the S.E. corner of W. H. Curry's 154 acre preemption survey, which belongs to the Walter Ferrell est., thus:

To the heirs of Wiley J. Ferrell, Lot No. 1, the same being on the south side - 12 acres; to Lydia A. Perry, wife of Josiah Perry, Lot No. 2 - 10 acres; to S. L. Ferrell, Lot No. 3 - 8 acres; to William Ferrell, Lot No. 4 - 10 acres; and leaving to V. D. Curry, wife of W. H. Curry, 10 acres attached to the preemption, on the north side.

Field notes of a survey of 50 acres [the above partitioned land], it being situated in Tarrant County about 13 miles S. 23 degrees W. from the town of Fort Worth, being the S.E. corner of W. H. Curry's 154 preemption and deeded to the heirs of Walter Ferrell by the said Curry on the 22nd day of Feby 1862. Surveyed 20 Nov. 1866. S/ I. G. Boman, W. H. Curry. Certified by C. G. Gardner, County Surveyor, J. L. Turner, Special Deputy, 21 November 1866. Filed Dec. 1, 1866.

Citation issued 20 Jan. 1868 to Administrator to make report. Executed 23 Jan. by M. G. Ellis, Shff.

Citation issued to adm'r Jan. 4, 1871, to make report. Executed Feb. 18, by T. B. James, Sheriff; T. E. Cross, Deputy.

Final account made by adm'r on 19 June 1871, and notices to that effect posted on court house door and in two other public places.

Vouchers which show payments made by administrator of estate:
- To J. L. [or J. T.) Turner, Deputy Surveyor.
- to C. Wise.
- to M. Coleman, for note made in the year 1858 or 1859.
- to John Henderson, for note bearing date of May 4, 1857.
- to P. B. Boyd, Constable, Pct. 5, for execution issued out of Justice Court No. 2 of Tarrant Co., Pct. No. 5, in favor of A. C. Nethery vs. Sol. S. Ferrill on 18 Oct. 1861.
- to N. B. Perry and S. Estes, commissioners.
- to W. T. [?]. Ferguson, for medicine.
- to D. G. Hodges, "account of $56.50... against Estate of Sabrina Ferel...." 30 April 1864. For medicine and visits between the periods of August 1, 1861 and Oct. 16, 1861.
- to Jas. Estes. Account presented by Silas Estes, for nails, wheat, lumber.
- to C. Wise. "Johnsons Station Tex June 2d 1860. Walter Ferrell bot of C. Wise." [The account runs from Jan. 2, 1861 through May 8,1861.]

Auditor's statement that a large number of vouchers were not properly authenticated, but as property has been partitioned and distributed to those entitled to receive it, he recommends that admr be discharged after payin costs. S/ E. B. Bonnr [?] Auditor

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