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Estate of Ambrose Foster, deceased


15 April 1851. Susan Foster applied for letters of administration on the estate of Ambrose Foster, deceased.

9 February 1857. Partition of land: No. 1. Susan Foster, 100 acres; No. 2. Lucinda Mahan [and] J. L. Foster, 110 acres; No. 3. Mary A. Leonard [and] Heirs of Rachel Mullikin, 110 acres; No. 4. Owen Foster [and] Dizana Foster 106 2/3 acres; No. 5. Selete Suggs [and] Jarret Foster, 106 2/3 acres; No. 6. Jackson Foster and heirs of Lewis Foster, 106 2/3 acres. S/ Denton Land District, Tarrant Co. Texas.  Feb. 9, 1857.  S. C. H. Witten Deputy Surveyor.

[The appraisement of the estate of Ambrose Foster, deceased, recorded in Old Estate Records, 1855-1859, page 71, includes the above 640 acre tract of land.]

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