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Estate of Archibald A. Freeman, Deceased


Petition of Caroline Freeman, wife of the late A. A. Freeman, for letters testamentary on estate of A. A. Freeman, deceased. Filed January Term 1859.

Summons issued to John S. Cooper and M. W. Deavenport, witnesses to the will of A. A. Freeman. Filed March 8, 1859.

Will of Archibald A. Freeman. Dated October 18, 1858.
To wife, land: A. A. Freeman's preemption claim - 200 acres off the north end of said survey, the remaining portion (120 acres) I have sold to B. J. Foster.
After wife's death, to my son James, the land.
To Janellie Virginia and Rachel Caroline.
The remaining other children having received their share during my life natural I give and bequeath a father's affection.
Executress: Wife Caroline.

Note of A. A. Freeman to W. W. Nash, dated July 15, 1858.

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