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Estate of Seaborn Gilmore, Deceased


Petition of F. D. Gilmore, administrator of the estate of Seburn Gilmore, dec'd, for order to sell property, for cash, at the late residence of decedent. There are no funds in the estate to pay the following claims which has been approved and allowed, the same being the expenses of last sickness of decedent and burial expenses and probable expense of administration, to wit: Dr. W. P. Burts acct for $23.00: E. M. Mitchel acct for coffin, 28.00: probable expense of administration, 100.00: and Dr. C. M. Peak acct, 46.90. Filed May 1867.

Report of sale of personal property on February 8 at late resident of decendent. Buyers were: C. M. Gilmore; Jas Thomas; Lee York; S. Anderson: A. D. Price; Pauline Fish; J. A. Walker; and W. B. Tucker. Filed Feb. 24, 1868.

Report of sale of personal property in obedience to an order of the court on 27 May 1868 - for cash. Buyers were: S. Gilmore; Mrs. York; Hedges; J. M. Townsend; Y. F. Shelton; M. B. Loyd; L. Anderson; Filed May 28, 1868.

J. H. Thomas and J. T. Greear report additional inventory of one Bay horse. Filed 27 May 1868.

Report of administrator, F. D. Gilmore. Filed June 29, 1868. Reference is made to the inventory filed Jan. 16, 1868, and the additional inv. filed May 27. One 4 year old horse died; one mare and colt died. She refers to stock taken by heirs at approved value.

Half of Ferry boat taken by him in lieu of allowance for first years support; household and kitchen property allowed as exempted property, etc, and 200 acres land (exempted). Adm'r has paid C. M. Peak, E. M. Mitchell, B. C. Bedford, W. F. Burts [W.P. Burts], S. J. Darcy, G. Nancy, and cash allowance of heirs.

Notice that final account of administrator of estate of S. Gilmore, deceased, has been filed in District Court, Tarrant County. Settlement of estate will be heard at March term 1871.

Report and Affidavit of M. Gilmore. Filed 15 March 1871. "Report and final acct of Caroline M. Gilmore, Guardian of the property of Martha E. Gilmore as follows Amount of money paid to me by the administrator of S. Gilmore dec'd $250 which was allowed her for the first years support, which your Reporter has paid over to said ward as here shown to the Court by her receipt, said ward having arrived to the age of 21 years, the same being all the personal Effeect belong to said minor, said minor own 320 acres of Land which has also [been] turned over to her...." S/ Miskwa Gilmore.
Vouchers showing payments made by administrator:


to H. C. Daggett, taxes for the year 1868.


to F. D. Gilmore, for gathering stock and 2 hands, 23 days.


to E. M. Mitchel, for making coffin for S. Gilmore, dec'd on Dec. 4th 1867.


to Jeff Earle. for spring truss? (1866) with credit by ferriage acct of 1.75. On reverse side of this paper are long columns of figures. Above these columns is written:
Clifford, Miller
A j lackey
Bell Co sampled [?]
Creak? (creals?)
j M Merrey ?


to Elijah Rogers (or Royers) Assr and coll, taxes for the year 1869


to Jas M. Townsend, for auctioning sale.


to Sealy & Darcy. for medicine furnished in last sickness. Acct sworn by S. J. Darcy


to T. B. James, Sff, 30 cents, "in full of the Frontier Tax for the year 1870."


to Wm (X) Tresvant, for breaking a horse.

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