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Estate of Ellen Gore, Minor


Application of W. S. Sugg of Parker County, Texas, for letters of guardianship on the estate of Ellen Gore, of Tarrant County, a minor under the age of twenty-one years. Filed 15 Oct. 1858.

Bond of W. S. Sugg, who has been appointed guardian of the person and estate of Ellen Gore (amount not stated) with J. H. Hughes and L. J. Wilson, securities. 25 Oct. 1858.

Affidavit of W. S. Sugg, dated 3 November 1858, that "no estate of said minor came to his knowledge within the State of Texas." Filed 29 November 1858.

Petition of Hiram Walker of Tarrant County who represents that "he is the Grand Father of Ellen Gore, the only child of his daughter Martha Gore decd. Wm Gore the Father of the said Ellen died some years ago in the State of Kentucky, and that the said Martha her Mother died some time since in the county and State first mentioned [Tarrant County, Texas], that he is the nearest relative and Ellen has living [underlined as shown]. Your petitioner would further represent that he is informed that one Wm. S. Sugg, a person who has no settled home or residence, has been appointed Guardian of the person and property of said Ellen, that said appointment is contrary to the expressed wish of the said Martha the Mother of the said Ellen, and that the said appointment was without the knowledge or consent of your petitioner; and further that the security given to the said Sugg is wholly insufficient and worthless. Therefore, your petitioner prays that the said Sugg be cited by Publication in the Birdville Union for 4 weeks to appear at the next Term... and show cause why the order appointing him Guardian...shall not be recinded [underlined as shown] at which time your petitioner prays to be appointed guardian of the person and property of the said Ellen Gore his Grand-child...."
S/ Hiram Walker, By Hovenkamp, Atty. Filed 27 Dec. 1858.

Answer of W. S. Sugg to petition of Hiram Walker for guardianship of Ellen Gore, by A. J. Fowler, attorney for Sugg. Filed 29 March 1859.

Petition of Hiram Walker for letters of guardianship and for removal of Wm S. Suggs. Hiram Walker, "the Grandfather and natural guardian of the orphan child - Mary Ellen Gore, the daughter of Wm Gore, decd, late of Providence in Hopkins County and State of Kentucky and Martha B. Gore, decd - late of the county of Tarrant...would represent...that he being the natural guardian as he was 'the nearest of kin' and as it was the dying request of said orphan's Mother, took charge of said child directly after its mother's death, that he has kept it under his special care and protection ever since - furnishing it with all the comforts and necessaries of life, and that he intends to do so, if he possibly can, until said child shall arrive at mature age, or so long as he or her may live should either die before that time. Your petitioner would further state that he made application, or attempted to do so - for letters of Guardianship for said child within the time prescribed by law, but from some cause, unknown to your petitioner, he was not appointed... that said orphan child is the legal heir of some three thousand dollars, as he is informed, left it by its mother and relatives in the state of Kentucky, and that he has also been informed that said Suggs has already obtained a portion of said money and that unless he is dismissed from the Guardianship...and another appointed in his stead, he will, ere long obtain the whole of...childs estate, and not being a resident of this state, and having no fixed permanent home it is, in the opinion of your Petitioner extremely doubtful wheather any portion of said child's estate will ever reach its hands, or come into its possession. And thus would be exhibited to your petitioner the mortifying fact in his old days, of knowing that he had been at all the expense and trouble of raising and educating said orpahn...while another had enjoyed the possession of its estate, and, perhaps, frittered it away or placed it beyond the reach, for ever, of said orphan. And, whereas the said Suggs left the State, for ever, so far as his residence is concerned, shortly after he was appointed...Guardian...without making any provision for the support and maintainance of said orphan, and continues so to act...your Petitioner prays you to dismiss said Suggs... and appoint him, your Petitioner, its Guardian...."
S/ Hiram Walker. Filed 7 July 1860.

Petition of Hiram Walker, who represents that the present guardian of Ellen Gore "has removed from this State, and I as the next of kin petition your honour to require of her present guardian a new Bond as he is at this time a non resident of this State and one of his securities is now a non resident of this State and the other is in the act of leaving...." Filed Sept. 24, 1860.

Bond of Hiram Walker, guardian of the person and property of Mary Ellen Gore, the minor heir of Martha Gore, dec'd: $2500. sureties: A. G. Walker, F. W. Solles, and Joshua S. Hanley. Approved 29 April 1861.

Letter from M. S. Givens to A. G. Walker: Pairis texas /4/69

Mr. A. G. Walker Dear Sir

I write you a few lines for the purpose of finding out whare Elen Gore is as the administrator requested me to find out whare she is as She has something coming to her from Aunt Robertsons estate and he wants to know what to do about this matter and let me know as soon as posible Mr. A. G. Walker I want you to find out whether I can get Elen or not

Dear Eilen I want to see you and I would like very much to have you to live with me

please answer this as soon as convenient.

Signed/ Your Aunt M. S. Givens

The folded letter from M. S. Givens is captioned: Mrs. Givens to Ellen Gore. Ans'd 13th 1869.

Below the caption is the following: "Mrs. Givens, Lousa [?. Louisa or Laura] Robertson and Mary Ellen Gore's Grandmother, were all sisters and daughters of all Mrs. Patience Sugg of Henderson Co., Ky but who died at her Daughters Mrs. Robertson in Hopkins Co., Ky --near Providence leaving Mary Ellen the $380. odd. She was the Great Grandmother of Mary Ellen."

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