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Estate of Jesse A. Hanley, Deceased


Petition of J. S. Hanley and Arkamisku Hanley, of Tarrant County, who represent that "on the 11th day of January A.D.1859 Jesse A. Hanley departed this life who was the husband of said Arkamisku and the son of the said J. S. Hanley, and that said decedent left an estate in lands and livestock, and debts due to and from said estate, and that... decedent left no will... known to your petitioners; besides said decedent has an infant heir and child." They ask that J. S. Hanley be granted letters of administration. S/ J. S. Hanley, Arkamisku Hanley, per A. Y. Fowler, Atty. Filed 21 Feb. 1859.

Bond of Joshu S. Hanley, adm'r; $8000. Sureties: Thomas Dromgool and William Little. Approved 28 Feb. 1859.

Appraisal of property made by E. A. Jackson, Wm. M. Crawford, and J. W. Chapman, included one book Shakespears Woorks, Pilgrims Progress, and Historical Collections, sheep goat Jack, 44 head stock horses, one negro wooman, one negro boy, one negro child, farm equipment, and 320 acres land. Filed 28 March 1859.

Additional inventory filed by J. S. Hanley: the schedule of property of which the decedent owns one half interest therein jointly with petitioner. He prays for order to sell the family of negroes heretofore mentioned in joint custody in June 1859. Also, to sell the undivided half interest in 320 acres land belonging to the estate of J. A. Hanley deceased to satisfy the debts of said estate, to wit, "320 acres - James Reasoner preemption on Seacamore Creek at Tributary of the Clear Fork of Trinity in Tarrant County, Texas [it being the tract] transferred from Rickles to J. S. and J. A. Hanley Beginning at the N.W.Cor. Jesse Barttell [Bartlett] 640 acre survey...." Filed 25 April 1859.

Petition of J. S. Hanley to sell 320 acres land belonging to the estate and to administrator, on which James Reasom [Reasoner?] presently lives on Seycamoor Creek at Tributary of the Clear Fork in Tarrant Co. it being the land transferred from said Reason to John Rickles and from Rickles to J. S. and J. A. Hanley, beginning at the N.W. corner Jesse Barttel1 [Bartlett] 640 acre survey on the first Tuesday in June, 1859. No date.

Buyers at sale held 30 May 1859:
Hanley, Mrs. J. S. Gilleland, D. C. Hanley, C.
Hanley, Mrs. A. Hanley, Josh Jackson, Andrew
Mulkey, Phill Blackwell, J. F. McNeal, D.
Bear, Jacob Harwick, Martin Grant, George
Ransom, J. R. Crawford, Wm Chapman, J. W.
Ransom, David York, John B. Minnick, J. A.
Kennard, A. D. Durrett, J. A. Crawford, J. J.
Rekles, John Wilson, O. Sherry, J. W. A.
Crawford, R. B. Evans, Sam Mullenhaus, Daniel
McNeal, Heck Riddle, C. F. Fairer, C.
Crawford, J. N. Holwin, C. Dromgoole, Thos.
Slone, Arch Smith, A. B. Gilleland, J. T.
Huffaker, J. P. Asberry, J. W.

Petition of S. A. Hanley for widow's allowance to be set aside for her and her child [specific items requested] in lieu of the balance that she would be entitled to by law. Filed 20 Aug. 1859.

Bill of Sale of personal property sold 30 August 1859 to Jas. T. Alford and Thos Dromgoole. On reverse side of this paper is the beginning of a letter, which reads:  My dear Cosin I received your letter and am glad to hear you are well    i am not well.   I want you to come to Texas   if you could see Texas once more you would be delighted with it.   I am not moody [?] yet I want to see you

Administrator's Report. Filed July 30, 1859.
Report of Assets: Securities
Asbury, John Asbury, A.
Crawford, James Crawford, Robert and Wm
Hanley, S. M. Dromgoole, Thomas
Hufacre, J. P. Wilson - Martin Harwick
McNeal, H. Kennard, A. D. and McNeal, D.
Hanley, J. S., Jr. Dromgool, Thos
Hanley, S. M. Dromgoole, Thos
Hodge, Warren, Gray, H. B. and Mulkey, P. A.
Chapman, J. W. Asbury, Jeremaih
Mulkey, P. Mayfield, L. and Beachl--[?], W. P.
Smith, A. B. Durrett, G. and Hawkins, A.
Durrette, J. A. Hawkins, R. A. and Durrett, L. [G?]
Crawford, Robert Crawford, Wm M. and Crawford, T. J.
Alford, James P.
Gilleland, J. S. Gilleland, D., Harwick, Martin, and Mullenhouse, D.
Riddle, Charles Mills, T.
Bear, Jacob Mullenhouse, D.
Blackwell Harwick, M. and Ledbetter, Isaac
Wilson, O. [i not dotted] Harwick, M. and Led I.
Dromgoole, Thomas Hanley, S. M.
Millenhouse, D. Rickles, J.
Rickles, ? Mulenhouse, D.
Gray, Burt Hodge, Warren and McNeal, D.
Ransome, D. G. Ransome, J. and Sloan, A. M.
Harwick, Martin, Crawford, Wm M. and Carroll, Joseph
McNeal, D. Ransom, D. G. and ______ J. B.
York, J. B. Tucker, W. B.
Hall, E. S. Farmer, G. P. and Wetmore, L.

Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$7339.36

Three debts due were left by the decendent in his lifetime in the State of Mississippi per collection. App. $600.00 report as doubtful/ above good 10% interest.

Those having claims against the estate:
Rickles, John Wilson, O. Wheatley
Sloan, A. N. Ransom, D. G. McCoy & Nicholson
Souers, A. Dishman, John Crevens?, John E.
Hoover, George Wilkins, Clement McNeal, Duncan
Daniel, E. A. Gandy, Aaron, claim rejected and in court suit.
Judgment to J. S. and ? Hanley by A. J. Bushe has been carried to Supreme Court.

Judgment issued out of district court in favor of R. A. Lemmon against J. S. and J. A. Hanley. 18 October 1860.

Petition of R. A. Lemmon to have administrator make annual report. William Little is dead. Thomas Dromgold is insolvent.

Petition of R. A. Lemon, by his attorneys, Terrel & Dade, to have J. S. Hanley dismissed as adm'r. He represents that adm'r has not complied with orders made by the court at the last term and that sureties offered are not together or separately worth the sum of $8000. Filed 27 Nov. 1860.

Additional inventory of Joshu S. Hanley, adm'r. Included were horses and 43 l/2 acres land, a part of the J. L. Bennet 640 acre tract. Requests that he be permitted to sell.

Bond of Joshua S. Hanley, adm'r; $8000. Sureties: M. D. Scott, Thos Dromgoole, James P. Alford, and J. M. Evans. Approved 31 Dec. 1860.

Return of sale of 43 1/2 acres on Clear Fork of Trinity at public sale held January 1, 1861. Sold to Joshua S. Hanley, Sr., for $43.50, he being the best and highest bidder. Terms: six month note, with J. W. Chapman and J. L. Purvis securities.

Administrator's report of claims rejected and now in suit:

R. A. Lemmon's note dated 20 Feb. 1858; R. A. Lemmon's note dated 29 Oct. 1855; Aaron Gandy note dated Feb. 20, 1858. D. B. Hartzell judgment; G. H. Tarplay judgment. Filed Jan. 1861.

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