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Estate of Peter Harmonson, Deceased


Petition of W. P. Harmonson, of Denton County, Texas, in county court of Tarrant Co., who states that Peter Harmonson departed this life in Tarrant County on the 9th day of January 1865. He asks that executors mentioned in will of Peter Harmonson be issued letters testamentary.

Bond of W. P. and Z. J. Harmonson, executors; $10,000. Sureties: H. B. Selby and Josephus Reed. Approved and filed 15 March 1866.

Will of Peter Harmonson, of Young County, Texas.
Items 1 and 2.[Refer to decent burial and payment of any debts due.]
Item 3.I will and bequeath to my wife Ann Harmonson.... all my ready money that I have on hand, together with all my household and kitchen furnature, wagon and oxen and all my farming utensils of every kind and also all my Beaf cattle, from two year old and upwards, together with her own stock brand thus on hip, and also all my horses that I have on hand. and also my negro woman Mary, during her natural lifetime, and also my double-barrell shot gun, and my Six Shooter and my silverheaded cane.
Item 4.I will to Zerril J. Harmonson my oldest son my sharpshooter. and also one half of my stock cattle, after my wifes beeves is taken out as Bequeathed in 3rd Item and in consideration of the said cattle I will that Zerril do give or pay to my oldest daughter Mary Robinson five hundred dollars, after he gets the cattle. and Mary calls on him for the same.
Item 5.I will to William Perry Harmonson my youngest son. .. my two tracts of land lying on and near the Brazos river at the round timbers one tract in Throckmorton county of three hundred and thirty acres and known as Survey No.5, and also one Survey in Baylor County known as Survey No.6. of one hundred and fifty acres as pattent showes, and also my Negro woman Marry (and her increase if any) after the death of my wife Ann, to the said Perry and the natural heires of his body (the negro women is given) and also the one half of my Stock cattle, after the beaf is taken out as in Item 3rd and also my Blacksmith tooles, and I will that the said Wm Perry Harmonson pay to Missourie Cox his Sister the sum of five hundred dollars when he comes into persession of said cattle, I wish Z. J. and Wm Perry my sons to geather and devide all my stock cattle equally between them.
Item 6.I will to Thomas Mounts and his heires by my daughter Evoline Jane one town Lot in the town of Belknap Young County Texas designated on the town plat of said Town as Lot (2) Two in block No (12) Twelve.
Item 7.I will to S. A. Venters to the use of Permelian Ann Venters five dollars beleaving her grand Mother will give the little dear Permelia a good portion.
Item 8.if theire is aney goods or chattles land or tenamants belonging to me that is not mentioned as desposed of, I will all to my wife Ann, to her own use and benefit.
Item 9.I ... appoint and constetute Zerril Jackson Harmonson and William Perry Harmonson to be my legal Executors to carry out the above and foregoing will... this the 30th day of August 1863.
Witnesses: John C. McComas and George Hunter [both of whom signed by mark]. Proved in county court, Tarrant County, 26 February 1866. by oath of J. C. McCommas, one of the subscribing witnesses.

W. P. and Z. J. Harmonson, Executors. report that there was. at the original grant of letters, suppose to be six hundred head of cattle, mostly in Young County, which they have not been able to collect, and which has been exposed to the depredations of the Indians, and the number cannot now be correctly estimated. There has been no final distribution of the estate.... The lands are situated on the extreme Frontier of the State.... We have not been able to fully administer the estate for the reason that it is situated in what is now an Indian Country and cannot oweing to the condition of the country be controlled by us. We therefore... ask an extension of time.... Sworn to and subscribed before A. Robinson, J.P., Denton Co., Texas, 23 March 1867. Filed 25 March 1867.

Annual report of executors filed March 30, 1868. The business of the estate is still unsettled; the assets consist in stock cattle running in an Indian Country, mostly in Young County.... "We have paid since our last Report $500.00 to Mary Robertson of the State of Arkansas agreeably to the terms of the will as per voucher etc."

Third Annual Exhibit. Filed 29 March 1869.
W. P. Harmonson reports that in compliance with the provisions of the will... [he] and Z. J. Harmonson divided the livestock... and paid Mrs. Missourie Cox Five hundred dollars.... There is still due to George White a balance of about $400 for which he holds a promissory note.... Sworn 29 March 1869 before A. G. Walker, Co. Clk, Tarrant Co. Attached: Receipt of Missourie (X) Cox for $500 received from W. P. Harmonson, "that being the portion willed to me by my Father, Peter Harmonson, this the 14th day of November 1868." Witnessed by Wm W. Floyd? and John Howard.

Annual exhibit filed March 28, 1870. Executors have paid George W. White. Property and effects have been disposed of according to terms of the will. No other claims outstanding.
Vouchers showing payments by executors:


to Mary Robinson, $500. S/ Mary Robinson, by James C. Harris, Denton County, Jan. 21, 1868.


Thos A. Mounts, the sum will ed him. S/ Feb. 8, 1871.


to P. A. Bates and R. H. Bates, "the sume willed to me by the said Peter Harmonson. this March the [blank].


to Ann (X) Harmonson. March 26, 1866.
Estate closed November 1871.

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