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Estate of Oliver Wiley Harris, Deceased


Petition of John A. Mugg for letters of guardianship upon the persons and property of Eli B. Harris, Susan B. Harris, and Wm. H. Harris, heirs of W. Harris, deceased - the application for said letters to a former term of the Probate Court having been lost or misplaced. S/ J. A. Mugg. Filed 31 Dec. 1866.

Petition of J. A. Mugg, for letters of guardianship. He states that Eli B. Harris, Susan B. Harris, and William F. Harris, minor heirs of the late Oliver W. Harris of Denton County are now in your county. He asks for letters. [Not filed. This is perhaps the application he misplaced. The caption of the first petition, above, calls the deceased Wiley Harris.]

Inventory and appraisal of property belonging to the heirs of O. W. Harris. deceased, names as follows Sarah C. Harris, Eli B. Harris, Susan B. Harris, and William H. Harris. Returned 5 August 1867 by A. Halford and J. H. Hallford Filed 30 Sept. 1867. Hallford

Receipt of John A. Mugg, guardian, for property received from J. P. Harris, adm'r of the estate of O. W. Harris, dec'd ... in lieu of the $200 allowance for the maintenance of Sarah C., Eli B., Susan B., and Wm H. Harris. Filed 25 March 1867.

Guardians report for the year ending Jan. 1868. Minors: Sarah C.. Eli B., Susan B. , and Wm H. Filed 30 March 1868.

Notice by B. F, Barkley, Judge, that at the Decr term 1868 of county court the guardianship of the property of E. B. Harris, minor heir of O. W. Harris, Dec'd, was granted to C. B. McDonald.... April 1869.

Annual report of H. O. Troop, gdn of the person and property of S. B. and W. H. Harris, minor heirs of O. W. Harris. deceased. He reports cash received May 12, 1870 from C. B. McDonald, adm'r of C? A. Harris, $129.86, the same being said wards part of the personal effects of their mother C. A. (or E, A.) Harris, deceased. Also 183 1/3 acres land, a part of O. W. Harris.... Sworn by H. O. Throop 16 March 1871. Filed 23 March 1871.

Receipt of O. P. and L. E. McDonald for the one third undivided interest of the T. M. Hood 480 acre survey, and also one bed and bedding received from H. O. Throop. Jan. 1, 1871. Filed 23 March 1871.

Citation issued 12 Nov. 1872 to C. B. McDonald, Adm'r of the estate of O. W. Harris to make his final settlement.

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