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Early Probate Records

Estate of Solomon Haworth, Deceased


Application of William Norris for letters of administration on estate of Solomon Haworth, deceased. Filed 11 June 1855.

Relinquishment by Kesiah Haworth, the surviving widow of Solomon Hayworth, of "all my right of administration in favor of Wm Norris.'' Dated June 5, 1855. Filed 25 June 1855.

Bond of Wm Norris, administrator estate of Solomon Hayworth, deceased; $3000, Sureties: John W. Elliston and J. B. York. Approved 25 June 1855.

Citation, issued 26 June 1855, to James Hardesty, Sen., Isaac D. Parker, Senr, and Simcoe Popplewell, to appraise estate of dec'd.

Inventory and appraisement made July 18, 1855, by appraisers (as cited above) included personal property; 480 acres land including the homestead; and 160 acres on the river. Filed 31 July 1855.

Hayworth Sale List. Buyers: S. Popplewell, John Akers, G. W. Allen, Wm C. Trimble, John A. Hust, Wm Quaile, Levi Franklin, James Moonaham, J. J. Mooneyham, Thos Aker, S. Hale (also Haile). Recorded 27 Aug. 1855.

Application of W. C. Trimble for letters of guardianship for Martha Trimble, "he being the Grand Father of sd Ward." Filed 27 Aug. 1855.

Bond of Wm C. Trimble, guardian of Martha Hayworth; $1000. Sureties: J. A. Hust and G. W. Allen. Approved 24 Sept. 1855.

Petition of Kesiah Hayworth for her dower or distributive share of her deceased husband's estate. Filed 27 Nov. 1855.

Bond of Kesiah Haworth, admrx of the estate of Solomon Haworth, deceased; $2000. Sureties: James A. Torrey and Lewis G. Tinsley. Filed: 25 Feb. 1856.

Petition of Win C. Trimble to correct proceedings. At September term he was appointed guardian of the person and estate of his grandchild, Martha Haworth.... He finds the application and notice theron and the minutes of the court as kept by the clerk give the name of said minor as Martha Trimble, but order of appointment ... in the said Bond ... Martha Haworth.

Petitioner requests that the records and papers be corrected so as to give the true name as Martha Haworth. S/ Wm C. Trimble, Guardian, per Norton, Atty. Filed 27 March 1856.

Report of Wm. C. Trimble, guardian, that he has possession and control of the person of Martha Haworth, a minor, is providing a support for her [but] no property has come into the hands of said guardian of which he could return an inventory, the estate of her father not having been fully administered and no partition made. He requests that he not be required to return an inventory until said estate is partitioned. Filed 27 March 1856.

Inventory and Appraisement Bill [no date; not signed or approved] including "480 acres of land including the homestead pt of Colony right of deceased [and] 160 acres land pt of the headright of Wm. C. Trimble."

Exhibits A, B, and C. Inventory and appraisement of the property and a List of the Claims due.
28 April 1856. Real property: The land including the Homestead 480 acres and one hundred and sixty acres in the West Fork of the Trinity River Bottom. Personal property: livestock, household articles.
Exhibit B. Claims due the estate by: William C. Trimble, for building a house, dated 1854; G. W. Allen; J. Akers, admr estate of P. Everard, dec'd, for six days service appraising and dividing P. Everard's property. Notes due by: Thomas Akers, Wm. C. Trimble, J. J. Mooneybam, Hurst, Wm Quayle, G. W. Allen, John A. Hurst, J. J. Mooneyham, and William Norris. Total amount of estate: $2597.99. Filed 28 April 1856.

Exhibit of Claims and Condition of Estate. List of all claims presented within 12 months after the original grant of letters to Kesiah Hayworth, and allowed by her and rejected by her. Paid: J. M. Lucky for Burial trimings; Dallas Herald for advertisement; L. J. Wilson for a coffin; G. W. Allen for medical services; M. B. King for legal services; B. Tucker for season of mare; William C. Trimble for sundries, rejected. Exhibit setting forth fully the condition of the estate. The real property as to lands is in safe condition numbering six hundred and forty acres as described in exhibit filed 26 April 1856. Suit was instituted at Spring term of District court 1856 by Wm C. Trimble against Kesiah Haworth admx ... for specific performance and a decree of title [to be] granted by order of the District Court for one hundred and sixty acres of land to said Trimble and a decree of Title [was?] granted to one hundred and sixty acres of land to Kesiah Hayworth and the heirs of Solomon Hayworth. [In] District Court, Spring Term 1856 suit was instituted by Kesiah Hayworth admx against Wm C. Trimble for debt in assumpsit... yet pending. An account against Thomas and John Akers, Admrs. of P. Everard dated Sept. 1853 is barred by limitations; an account against G. W. Allen is collected partly by settlement of medical bill ... and balance due on property ... received on Franklins note. There is due to estate since Aug. 1, 1856, a promissory note given by G. W. Allen, by Thomas Akers, by John A. Hurst, by Wm A Trimble, by Wm Quayle, by J. J. Mooneyham. Filed 10 Sept. 1856.

Citation issued 23 Sept. 1856 to Kiziah Haworth, admx, to show cause if any why she should not file a new bond. J. A. Torry has filed a petition praying to be released from her bond. Executed by Wm. B. Tucker, Shff, J. B. York, Dept.

M. B. King Claim in Open Account. Birdville, Aug. 4, 1856 April 26, 1856 - July 1856. M. B. King ... Atty ... instituted suit in assumpsit in District Court against W. C. Trimble ... [in?] defence of suit brought by Trimble in District Court against K. Hayworth for specific performance; collecting seven promissory notes due to William Norris original Admr and Kesiah Hayworth admx.

Further Exhibit Third Regular Term of Probate Court. Since letters of administration were granted to Wm. Norris original administrator.... A list of all suits that have been instituted against Kesiah Hayworth admx.... Spring term of District Court 1856 by Wm C. Trimble ... for specific performance and a decree of title granted by order of the District Court for one hundred and sixty acres of land to said Trimble and a decree of title granted to one hundred and sixty acres of land to Kesiah Hayworth and the heirs.... Suit instituted in the District Court Spring Term 1856 by Kesiah Hayworth admx ... against Wm. C. Trimble for debt in assumpsit ... and is yet pending in the District Court. Filed 26 Sept. 1856.

Bond of Kesiah Hayworth, admx of estate of Solomon Hayworth, dec'd; $5200. Sureties: John W. Elliston, James M. Lucky, Thomas Akers, and M. Elliston. Approved 11 Oct. 1856.

Petition of Kesiah Hayworth, widow of Solomon Hayworth, deceased, for guardianship of the persons of her minor children. She states that "she has two orphan children one aged three years named Sarah Anne Hayworth, one aged one year named Rebecca Nancy Hayworth both of whom are heirs and children of Sol. Hayworth dec'd.... The said children are entitled to [blank] dols. worth of real estate in lands...." Filed 31 Dec. 1856.

Petition of W. C. Trimble, guardian of Martha Hayworth, heir of Solomon Hayworth, deceased, for a full and complete division of the estate, both real and personal. S/ Wm C. Trimble by Atty. Sigler & Boyle. Filed 26 Jan. 1857.

Oath of Kiziah Hayworth, as guardian of the person and estate of Sarey Ann Hayworth and Rebeca Nancy Hayworth. Filed 25 Feb. 1857.

Appraisement of the lands of S. Hayworth, deceased – the said land belong to the minor heirs: 480 acres in the homestead... section 12, Range 5 West; also 160 acres in Sec. 10, same Range. Returned April 27, 1857, by Simcoe Popplewell, William E. Parker, and L. G. Tinzly. Filed 27 April 1857.

Wm. C. Trimble vs. Kesiah Haworth. Cost Bill. Wm Quayle, Clerk of the District Court, certify that Wm C. Trimble has paid the above Cost Bill and by the Decree of the Hon. the District Court Kesiah Haworth is to pay half of it in the Course of Administration.... Birdsville, Aug. 15, 1856.

Petition of Kesiah Walker, formerly Haworth, for a division of the estate, allowing petitioner her share or dower out of the same. Petitioner would also pray to he allowed to sell and dispose of her part of said land.

"Palo Pinto County Feb. 18/58. The undersigned ... relinquishes up to B. P. Walker, her husband, the guardianship of her two children, the minor heirs of Solomon Haworth decd and prays the court to appoint him the said B. F. Walker guardian of said children." S/ Kisiah Walker.

Petition of William C. Trimble, guardian of Martha Hayworth, for dismissal of S. Popplewell as commissioner to partition and distribute the estate of Solomon Hayworth, dec'd, and appoint in his stead A. G. County. Petition granted. May term 1858.

Decree for partition, issued Dec. 8, 1858. The following persons are entitled to distributive shears in said estate Kisiah Walker, widow of the said decedent, residing in Tarrant County who is entitled to one half of said Estate; and Martha Hayworth, a minor of said Solomon Hayworth of whom Wm C. Trimble is Guardian, resident in Tarrant County who is entitled to one sixth part; and Sarah and Rebecca Hayworth minor heirs of whom B. F. Walker is Guardian, who reside in the County of Tarrant are entitled to one sixth each.... And it appearing that said Walker is a party interested in said distribution E. L. Withers is hereby appointed Guardian Ad litem to represent said Sarah and Rebecca in said partition.... The following land[s] are subject to partition ... 480 acres ... a part of the headright of said decedent situated two miles East of Birdville, and 160 acres a part of the Headright of Wm C. Trimble lying the West fork of Trinity River about 4-1/2 miles from Birdville.... James Hardesty, Hogue, and S. Olinger are appointed commissioners to partition the land, and return writ of partition at December term.

Report of Commissioners to partition land. Filed Jan. 1859. James Hardesty and S. Olinger, two of the commissioners appointed at December term, and E. T. Withers who acted in lieu of Mr. Hogue (E. T. Withers acting as surveyor and Hardesty and Oliver as chain carriers), report two tracts of land, apportioned as follows: To Kesiah Walker, late widow of Solomon Haworth, 220 acres including the homestead bounded by land of Simcoe Popplewell, Isaac D. Parker tract – sold to him by Hamilton Bennett, and a tract sold by said Bennett to Solomon Hayworth. To Rebecca Hayworth, 85-1/4 acres of the 480 acre tract and 53 1/3 acres of the 160 acre tract. To Sarah Hayworth, the following of the 480 acre tract: 70 acres and also 15-1/4 acres in the timber; and 53-1/4 acres of the 160 acre tract. To Martha Hayworth 70 acres and 19-1/2 acres in the timber, from the 480 acre tract, and 53 1/3 acres of the 160 acre tract. S/ James (X) Hardesty, Syl Olinger, E. T. Withers.

Petition of B. F. Walker, guardian, to seel about 107 acres on the West Fork of the Trinity, it being a part of the 160 acres known as the Trimble survey. The minor heirs has not the means to pay the debts against their estate ... support and education without selling a portion of their land. Filed 28 Feb. 1859.

Report of sale by B. F.,Walker, pursuant to an order of county court at August term 1859, of 107 acres land, part of the headright of W. Trimble, to Keseah Walker, the highest and best bidder. Filed 31 Oct. 1859.

Annual exhibit of B. F. Walker, gdn, on estate of Sarah and Rebecca Hayworth. He report 106-1/2 acres sold Oct. 1860, and 170 acres, the headright of Solomon Hayworth, deceased. Paid out: fee to R. B. Sigler in the case of Wm C. Trimble, school bill for Sarah 1860, and court fees. Filed 25 March 1861.

Final account of William C. Trimble, guardian, reporting that he has in his possession three pieces of land of about 160 acres, that said ward has lately become of age and married and he has turned over all of said property to her and her husband, and has taken their receipt, which is made a part of this report: "Tarrant Co Tex. Jan 1, 1866. We have this day received of Wm C Trimble all of the property belonging to Marthy Hayworth consisting of land, horses and cattle." S/ Janes Holley, Martha Holly. Attest: J. P. Simmons. Report made Jan. 10, 1866.

Petition of B. F. Walker, guardian of Sarah and Rebecca Haworth, for order to sell land. "Whereas the said minor heirs received from the Estate of Bethena Trimble Decd, wife of Wm. C. Trimble Decd, 25 acres of land, 12-1/2 acres to each child,,, he solicits an order be granted to enable him to sell [the] land for the purpose of paying expenses of obtaining the land, G. Nance fee against said children. Filed Sept. Term 1866.
Vouchers, showing payments made by estate:


to W. B. Tucker, for the season of one mar[e] in 1854.


to J. A. Hust, Assr and Coll., for state and county taxes for the year 1655.


to J. M. Lucky & Co, for Burial trimings, 21 April 1855.


to Simcoe Popplewell, for appraising property.


to James Hardesty, for appraising property. ii 18, 1854, for


to G. W. Allen. Acct for Aug. 19, 1853 - April 18, 1854, for "visit daughter, Pill, pres and med Lady, visit child night ...." Notation made on this voucher by M. B. King, attorney admx D.B.N., "Paid the within account by Giving up to Green W. Allen his certain account which was due to Estate ... at the request of Admx." May 26, 1856.


to Henry Hardesty, for making coffin, April 21, 1855.


to S. Popplewell for 2 days service in appraising property of minors.


to Wm Quayle, Clk DC of TC, for cost in a case wherein K. K. Hayworth was plaintiff and W. C. Trimble defendant.


to J. J. Courtenay, "five dollars for inserting four succession notices in settlement in the Birdvill Union."


to L. Steel, Assr and Coll., state and county tax for 1856, per J. B. York, Dept.


to M. B. King, attorneys fees.


to W. B. Tucker, Shff, for serving citations.


to John W. Elliston, for account 1851 Jan - Dec. 2, 1854.


to J. A. Hust, Assr and Coll., state and county tax for 1854.


to M. B. King, for legal advice and services rendered in a suit brought by G. W. Allen against estate in a plea of debt.

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