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Estate of Samuel C. Henderson, Deceased


Application of E. M. Daggett for letters of administration on the estate of Samuel C. Henderson, deceased. Feb. 16, 1856.

Bond of E. M. Daggett, admr; $4000. Sureties: C. M. Peak, J. Purvis, and A. V. Johnson. Approved 25 Feb. 1856.

Appointment of appraisers: William Sanderson, James Ayres, and Pleasant Moore. March 18, 1856.

Application of Robert W. Henderson for letters of administration. He represents that he is a brother of Samuel C. Henderson, deceased. March 19, 1856.

Shelby County, Texas. May 25, 1855. Samuel C. Henderson, of Shelby County, purchased of William H. Hewett, Sr., one road waggon for which he gave his note, and to secure the payment thereof gave a lien on the said wagon and team and on a bounty land warrant which he placed in the hands of A. M. Truitt, and in the case of his death the said Hewitt was given full power to take possession of the wagon and team and the land warrant which called for one hundred and twenty acres, and to dispose of same, "and the ballance to turn over to my brother R. W. Henderson for the benefit of my Heirs...." Witnesses were M. A. Yates and E. G. Dysart.

Proved Feb. 22, 1856 by oath of E. B. Dysart, and recorded in Book L, page 561, Shelby County. Endorsed by William H. Hewitt, Sr., as paid in full on October 29, 1856. Filed 22 Feb. 1856.

John M. Henderson. Mortgage. Filed 19 March 1856.
John M. Henderson to Thomas H. Lister (Lester, in affidavit) and Samuel Farrar; a tract in Tarrant County, Texas, it being 320 acres off the north end of a survey made by virtue of the headright of John M. Henderson for 640 acres. If Samuel C. Henderson and R. W. Henderson shall pay Thomas H. Lister three promissory notes signed by Samuel C. and R. W. Henderson then this obligation shall be null and void. 19 February 1855. S/ John M. Henderson by Saml C. Henderson, his atty. Witness: L. Fleasey.

Rec'd Sept. 3, 1857 ... on within mortgage
Affidavit of Thomas B. Lester and Samuel Farrar, sworn 25 Sept. 1856 as to authenticity of above mortgage before Richard B. Roberts, Clk of County Court, Shelby County.

Bond of Robert W. Henderson, admr. in place of E. M. Daggett, resigned; $4000. Sureties: John M. Henderson and M. T. Johnson. Approved April 1, 1856.

Inventory made March 28, 1856, by W. A. Sanderson, James H. Ayres, and Plsent (X) Moore. Included: livestock; 320 acres land. Filed April 1, 1856.

Report of sale of personal property sold at B. P. Ayres, Tarrant County, on April 19, 1856. Buyers: M. T. Brinson, L. Wetmore, E. M. Daggett, and James Mathews. Filed 25 April 1856.
Annual Exhibit for the year 1856. Filed 30 March 1857. The estate is indebted to:
William Wagstaff Snider P. More, admr of
          V. Shoutts
Thomas Hagood John Bowls
Charles Turner Thomas H. Lister Brinson & Slaughter
James H. Ayres Farrar and Lister William Blackburn
L. T. Casey E. B. Dysart Julian Feild
A. V. Ragland S. McLamore B. F. Powell
Riersen William Hewett
H. L. Brooks V. V. Straw

Inventory of the property besides the property inventoried by E. M. Daggett, former administrator: fee bills as [?] chief justice of Shelby Co.; a bond for a town lot in the town of Shelbyville assignee [assigned?] to decedent by Franklin L. Farror; a steer sold to C. Turner.

Petition of administrator to sell 320 acres land, a part of the headright of John M. Henderson, to satisfy a mortgage upon said land and to sell a town lot in the town of Shelbyville. Petition granted. March term 1857.

Administrator's report of sale of land to M. T. Brinson. Filed May 1857. Approved 26 May 1857 by John Farror and Isaac G. Bowman, com'rs and acting C.J.'s, Tarrant County.

Final Exhibit. Debts collected by admr from: Brinson and Slaughter; Wetmore and Dagget note; Marhew and Ayres; Ayres and Daggett; and Daggett and Slaughter.
Paid: Morehead and Walker; Julian Feilds; M. T. Brinson; Brinson and Slaughter; Lister and Farrow; and W. B. Tucker. Filed 29 March 1858.

Vouchers, showing payments made by estate:


to Julian Feild, for purchases made Jan. 8, 1856: cotton velvet, lace, cotton flannen?, coffin screws. Account sworn by W. L. Adams before Jno. P. Smith, N.P. Receipt of payment signed by Wm. Bosseare [or Boisseure].


to Micajah Linsen for note dated 29 May 1855. Account sworn by Jackson J. Straw before A. MeLamore, C.J., Shelby Co.


to L. M. Cravins (also Cravens), account in amount $41.80 for visits and medicine Jan. 22 and 24. Sworn 6 March 1856 before Silas Estes, J.P. [on reverse side: "This is M. J. Brinson's." Another paper, partially torn, said to be Dr. Cravin's account, indicates that his account was assigned to another.]


to C. C. and J. L. Moore & Bro. Note dated 9 March 1854, sworn by John L. Moore 5 March 1856 before John M. Durrett, J.P., Fort Worth.


to Wm Blackburn of Hill County. Note dated 12 Jan. 1856, in which Sam'l Henderson promised "to deliver to Wm. Blackburn at his house 700 pounds of good flower." [Blackburn appears to have paid $25 in advance.] Account sworn before Joseph P. Wier, N.P., Hill Co,, Texas on 4 October 1856.


to J. P. Sublett, for note dated 23 Aug. 1855. Sworn by E. M. Daggett.

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