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Estate of Alexander J. Hood, Deceased


Application of Mary Hood, the surviving widow of Alexander Hood, for probate of the will of Alexander Hood, deceased. Filed 30 July 1855.

[The original will of Alexander Hood has not been located. It was, however, recorded in Old Estate Record Book, 1855-1859, page 12]: Last Will and Testament of Alexander J. Hood, of Tarrant County. Dated June 12, 1855. "Unto my wife, Mary Hood all my personal property During her widowhood. and to have control of and use my real Estate to the benefit of herself and my children during her widowhood but should she marry again then and in that Case, she is to have a childs part Equal with my Children to (wit) Thomas Jefferson Hood and Martha Adline Hood and should I have a Posthumous child It shall share equal with the rest and I [overwritten at this point] want, my wife to be the Executrix of my last will and that she shall not be held to security for her acts as such My real Estate is not to be sold until my children shall become of age, or should Mary."
A. P. Leonard
B. J. Foster
S/ Alexander Hood

Petition of William Eves, a resident citizen of Tarrant County, for letters of guardianship of the person and property of Thomas J., Martha A., and Sarah ,J. Hood, minor heirs of Alexander Hood, deceased. He recites that the minors, residing in Tarrant County, "are owners of personal property and 160 acres of Land in said County and said minors has no Legal Guardian." Filed 27 April 1863.

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