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Estate of J. C. S. Hood, Deceased


Petition of Mary Olinger, of Tarrant County, for letters of guardianship of the person and property of Mary Hood. "She is the mother and only surviving parent of Mary Hood who is a minor about twelve years of age, and who has property in... Tarrant and is without a legal guardian." S/ Mary Olinger, per Atty. Filed Nov. Term 1859.

Bond of Mary Olinger, guardian of Mary S. Hood; $300. Sureties: Syl Olinger, John Akers, and J. D. Henry [?]. Approved Nov. Term 1859. Filed 27 Feb. 1860.

Petition of H. Calloway for partition of the estate of J. C. S. Hood, deceased. H. Calloway states that "he has purchased eleven undivided shears of 220 acres of land in said [Tarrant] County on big fossel Three quarters of a mile North East of the town of Birdville it being a part of Mary Linch head Right there being twelve shears to wit Mary Olinger formerly Mary Hood intitled to one half J. E. Hood O. U. [or O. N.] Hood, Sam'l Hood, Isabel Bierd formerly Isabel Hood, Roxey Edwards Formerly Roxey Hood [and] Mary Hood minor heir." He asks the court to "partition his said eleven shears to him and that Mary Olinger guardian of Mary Hood, minor heir be made a party to said partition and that the court appoint a committy to set aparte the said Eleven shears...." S/ H. Calloway.
[On reverse side]: "I Mary Olinger do hereby waive service on the within Petition and consent that said Petition be acted upon at this the Feb Term of said Court." S/ Mary Olinger, Guardian of the Person and Property of Mary S. Hood. Dated Feb. 28, 1860. Filed 27 Feb. 1860.

Partition of the estate of J. C. S. Hood, deceased. Issued March 6, 1860. Acted on at April Term 1860. B. F. Barkley, B. B. McGuire, and J. E. Cook appointed by the court to partition and distribute 220 acres land, a part of the Mahula Linch [headright], or appraise, as the case may require, and make their report to the court at the next regular term.
[On reverse side]: Report of the commissioners that the land "cannot be partitioned fair and equal and we appraise the interest of the Heir Mary Hood at $82.22 it being $4.54 per acre for 18-1/2 acres her share in said Land...."

Final account of Mary Olinger, guardian of the minor heirs [sic] of J. C. Hood, dec'd, in which she reports assets that came into her hands:
Syl Olinger, note on sale of land....


Inst [interest] on same 4 y. and 6 mos....


Whole amount of assets....


She has paid to Mary S. Hood, the legal heir, 93.33.
Receipt of Mary S. [or L.] Hood for this amount.
Filed 20 October 1865.

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