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Estate of F. M. Howerton, Deceased


Petition of James H. Hill for letters of administration on the estate of F. M. Howerton, who died in the year 1857, that he may be empowered to execute to the heirs of H. Couch, deceased, a deed to 220 acres land which said Howerton, deceased, sold to J. F. Lefave [?] and said Lefave [?] sold to said Couch. Filed 21 December 1857. "Continued to Jany term."

Petition of Charlotte Couch [her name deleted by marking through it] that A. N. Curry be appointed administrator of the estate of Fra[n]cis M. Howerton, deceased. She states that Howerton, a citizen of this county, died in January, 1857; there has been no administrator as yet appointed; the surviving wife of the said Howerton refuses to administer on the estate; and there is unsettled business between her and the estate which cannot be legally settled without an administrator.
S/ A. N. Curry. Filed April 26, 1858.

Bond of A. N. Curry, administrator on estate of Marion Howerton, deceased; $500. Sureties: William C. Lowe and Charlotte Couch. Approved 31 May 1858. [Charlotte, widow of Henderson Couch, who died March 5, 1857, was by October 26, 1858 Charlotte Curry.]

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