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Estate of Jeremiah Howerton, Deceased


16 July 1851. Frances M. Howerton [be] informs A. F. Leonard [clerk] "at home" that he will apply to the chief justice at the next term of probate court for letters of administration on the estate of Jerramiah Howerton, deceased.

25 Aug. 1851. Francis M. (X) Howerton states that "I now of no person who intends to administer on the Estate of Jereymiah Howerton Deceased except my Self the widow of the Deceased has rezined her write in my favour...."

19 Sept. 1851. Francis M. Howerton makes bond, as administrator, in amount $800, with E. S. Terrill and Hiram Blackwell his securities.

27 Sept. 1851. Inventory returned by Mercer Fain and Walter Beal. Included were carpenter tools, farm equipment, books, livestock, household goods, etc.

29 Sept. 1851. Frances M. Howerton is [again] appointed admr. by S. Gilmore, C.J. "In testimony whereof I have set my official signature and affixed the seal of said court at office at Daggetts Store...." S/ A. F. Leonard, Cl CC TCT

24 Nov. 1851. Elizabeth Howerton indicates that she wishes to take from the property [as her part] certain livestock and household goods [part too dim to read]. in another paper, filed same day, and signed: Elizabeth Howerton Marriton Howerton, certain items are specified as for sale--"the carpenter tools and Broad ax, three gunes and two gune Barrels and one waggan and one lot of Books the steal traps two." [Was Marriton Howerton, whose signature appears above, the same as Francis M. Howerton?]

28 Tan. 1851 [should be 1852]. Buyers at sale of personal property belonging to estate of Jeremiah Howerton, held on December 25, 1851: Joseph Mundon (6 Volms Clarks commentary), J. G. Boydson (1 lot of Sunday books), Robert Growns (I Bible Dictionary), W. D. Beal, William Low (the auctioneer), James Holland, Jason Watson, W. C. Hart, Robert Ground, S. Baggett, W. A. Nail, C. W. Hart, Hardin Wright, Thos. Hart. Among articles sold: farm tools, square, plane, chistl, Gimbles and Compass, guns, wagon.

6 May 1852. E. S. Terrell, "security for Frances M. Howerton for his faithful administration of the Estate of his father now being administered in the County Court of Tarrant County [asks] to be released from the Security of said Administration."

6 May 1852. The court summons Frances M. Howerton to "show cause if any why he should not give new security on his Official Bond and to show cause if any why he should not return an additional Inventory of the Property in the Estate and to render an account of all his acts and Deeds in the premices and due returns make according to law."

31 May 1852. Sale bill of property sold by F. M. Howerton on May 10, 1852. Buyers: E. W. Nail, M. J. Brinson, Elizabeth Howerton, E. W. Nail. Wn Anderson Cryer; M. J. Brinson, Clk.

June Term 1852. F. M. (X) Howerton petitions for compensation for his services and necessary expenses, and for discharge of further duties as administrator. He gives an account of his administration [the two sales mentioned above, except in this account the name of the buyers differ in this respect, only: Joseph Mundon is Joseph Minden; W. D. Beal is W. S. Beall].

27 Sept. 1852. Elizabeth (X) Howerton makes oath as administrator protem of the estate of Jeremiah Howerton, deceased, and makes bond. Filed on the same day was the bond made by Elizabeth Howerton as administratrix in the amount of $800, with John J. Goodwin, John W. (X) Milsap, and F. M. (X) Howerton, securities. [It is not clear whether this bond should have indicated that it was given in the capacity of administrator protem, or whether she was required for some unexplained reason to make a new bond, as shown by the succeeding papers. in the body of this bond, John W. Milsap is referred to as W. Milsap.]

30 Sept. 1852. Elizabeth Howerton states that she will "apply at the next term of county court ... for Letters of Administration on the Estate of Jeremiah Howerton Deceased...." [This paper may precede the papers filed 27 Sept., and have been separated from the others. It is possibly the same term of court.]

27 Dec. 1852. Elizabeth Howerton qualifies as admrx of the estate of Jeremiah Howerton, dec'd, and makes bond in amount $500, with John (X) Milsap and Hiram Blackwell, securities.

25 April 1853. Elizabeth Howerton states "that she is charged in her years allowance for support for her self and family with a bed at $7.00 which she never got. Also I dollar two much for I lot of hogs as the inventory will show." She petitions the court to grant her the amount of $8 to supply the deficiency.

30 May 1853. List of the property of the widow taken as her allowance ... 2 mares, 5 cows and calves, 16 head of hogs, 1 lot of castins, 1 trunk, and 1 pickle stand.

30 May 1853. John Harrison and Jonas Harrison "have agreeable to an appointment" met on the 28 day of May 1853 to appraise one cow and calf, two heifers and one gun. Sworn before Joseph Wilson, acting Justice of the Peace.

29 Aug. 1853. F. M. Howerton petitions the court to order the distribution of the estate, and that he be released from all further liabilities as security of Elizabeth Howerton, admrx.

26 Sept. 1853. Elizabeth Howerton, admrx, makes her annual report, and petitions the court to appoint commissioners to divide the remaining portion of the estate among the legal heirs. in her report she states she has sold some stock and farm equipment, and holds notes on A. B. Bone, F. M. Howerton, and J. Watson. Vouchers show payments made to B. P. Ayres, J. B. York, L. Finger, Wm Anders, Jonas Harrison, John Harrison, and J. Watson.

28 Sept. 1853. To the Sheriff. Elizabeth Howerton, Admrx of the estate of Jeremiah Howerton, deceased, has filed an application for partition and distribution of said estate. [You] are commanded to summons F. M. Howerton; Elizabeth Colbey, wife of A. Colbey; A. B. Howerton; Dorothy Ann Anderson, wife of Wm. Anderson; the Heirs of T. J. Howerton – Elvisa R. Howerton and Josephine Howerton to be and appear at the November term ... Monday the 28 day of November ... to show cause if any they have why such partition should not be held...."

[Individual citations show that Elizabeth A. Colby, summoned in February 1854, was a resident of Red River County, Texas. The citation to Dorothy Ann Anderson identifies her as the "Heir of T. J. Howerton." This may be inaccurate, and the result of the unpunctuated sequence in which heirs shown above. The citation to Elvisa [or Elvira] R. Howerton identifies the administratrix as Elizabeth R. Howerton.]

Feb. 1854. Voucher showing payment to F. M. Howerton "twenty six Dollars and 80 cents by virtue of an execution I held against him. On the same date [not specified] paid Asariah Howerton 26 dollars and eight cents by virtue of the same execution. [No signature.]

1 March 1854. Citation issued to Micajah Goodwin, Wm. Thomas, and Louis Finger, commanding them to meet at the house of Wm. Anderson and proceed to divide the estate of Jeremiah Howerton deceased, among the legal heirs and representatives.

31 July 1854. M. Goodwin, William Thomas, and Lewis Finger, commissioners appointed to partition the estate, report the following division, after paying one note F. Howerton, and $187.60 to Sheriff York:
T. J. Howerton Deceased three children, N. E. Howerton and Katharine Howerton, minors (Elizabeth Howerton, guardian), and Lucy Ann Howerton, minor, Ellis County (Samuel Miers, guardian)--cash, $26.80.
Elizabeth Colbey, Red River County, Texas--cash, $26.80.
Elvery R. Howerton and Josephene Howerton, minors (Elizabeth Howerton, guardian) --
Elvery R. Howerton, cash and livestock, total $26.80.
Josephene Howerton, cash, livestock, and plow, total $26.80.
F. M. Howerton of Tarrant County--cash $26.80.
A. B. Howerton of Tarrant County--cash $26.80.
D. A. Anderson, Tarrant County, sundry articles and cash, $26.80.

1 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to A. B. (X) Howerton, for Elizabeth Colby's portion of estate: $26.80.

26 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to Elizabeth Howerton, guardian, for Nancy Howerton, $8.87-1/2 in full of all demands up to this date.

26 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to Elizabeth Howerton, guardian, for Catharine Howerton, $8.87-1/2 in full of all demands up to this date.

26 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to Elizabeth Howerton, guardian, for Josephine Howerton, $26.80 in full of all demands up to this date.

26 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to Elizabeth Howerton, guardian, for Elvira R. Howerton, $26.80 in full of all demands up to this date.

26 Aug. 1854. Voucher showing payment to William Anderson for Dearthia Ann Anderson, $26.80 in full of all demands up to this date.

28 Aug. 1854. Elizabeth Howerton submits her final report as admrx of the estate of Jeremiah Howerton, dec'd, and asks for discharge from any further duties as administratrix.

The final report shows, in addition to payments shown in vouchers 1-6, above: No. 7. to Saml Myres--$8.87-1/2; No. 8., to A. B. Howerton, $26.80; No. 9, to F. M. Howerton, $26.80.

1 Dec. [torn]. Elizabet [torn] erton applies for appointment as guardian of the person [torn] property of Lucy Ann Howerto_ mino [torn] heir of J. Howerton Deceased.

25 Dec. 1854. Elizabeth Howerton is appointed guardian of the person and property of Lucy Ann Howerton, minor heir of J. Howerton, deceased, and makes guardians bond, with John Millsap and William Anderson securities.

25 Jan. 1855. Voucher showing payment to Samuel Myers, guardian, for Lucy Ann (X) Howerton, $8.87-1/2, in full of all demands up to this date. [Jan. 25 is date filed.]

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