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Estate of William K. Hudson, Deceased


Petition of John D. Hudson for letters of administration on the estate of William K. Hudson, deceased. Dated 21 January 1860.

Inventory returned by A. A. James, Isaac Power, and Jesse Teague. Included were 20 head stock cattle, road waggon, 2 yoke work oxen, 14 head sheep, and one improvement on school land.
Filed 26 March 1860.

Report of John D. Hudson, adm'r that he has paid notes held by E. M. Daggett, Isaac Power, Parker & Holt, Field & Holt, R. H. King, Field & Kennedy, and A. M. Truit. Filed 25 March 1861.

Final Account of "property that has come into my hands there having been no sale made of any." Filed December 30, 1861.

Vouchers, showing payments made by administrator:
- to T. M. Matthews, for payment of medical bills from August 23, 1859 to September, 1859.
- to Dr. T. M. Matthews, for visits and medicine on December 28 and December 30, 1859, and on January 2 and 3, 1860 for visits and detention [detained] all night: medical services during last illness. [A notation in corner of this statement: "Lives near Joel Snider."]
- to Truet Store, for note of Wm K. Hudson in amount $290.60, dated Nov. 7, 1859.
- to Feild & Kennedy, account.
- to R. H. King, for mending shovell and stirrups. 8 Jan. '59.
- to Wm Quayle, court costs. Receipt states, "Rec'd 26 Oct. 1861 of J. D. Hudson through the hands of James Hudson."

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