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Estate of W. G. Huffman, Deceased


Petition of P. A. Huffman and Leigh Oldham for letters of administration on the estate of Wm. G. Huffman "who was a citizen of this county, and died in Collin Count [y] Texas on Monday the 14th of Aprile 18662 [sic]...." Filed April 28, 1862.

Bond of P. A. Huffman and Leigh Oldham, administrators; $4000. Sureties: W. P. Burts and B. C. Bedford. Filed 27 May 1862.

Inventory and appraisal. Returned 3 June 1862 by James P. Alford and W. B. Tucker. Included: 4 Boxes paprs [itemized]; 1 book Moors Poems; 1 book Byrons Poems; 1 book Calhouns Work; 1 book Burns Work; History of France; Worcester's Dictionary; Marintine [sic] Law; Story on Bills; Smith on Contracts; United S. History; Trunk; Horse; Saddle and Blanket; Bridle. Sworn June 2, 1862 before R. W. Tannahill, C.J. Filed July term 1862.

Administrators report of additional claim of estate: the balance on P. A. Huffman's note. The amount assumed by P. A. Huffman for R. M. Gano - $890. July 1862.

Letter from Fred W. Moor, Chief Clerk and Act'g Commr, General Land Ofc, enclosing J. B. Martin's two certificates - as the land surveyed by them are on Older Surveys. Dated Sept. 22, 1866.

Petition of P. A. Huffman for an order to sell and transfer the following property: "One land certificate issued from the Gen Ld Office of Texas to James B. Martin for 160 acres of Land. Issued Dec. 21st A.D. 1855 No 9/769. Also one other certificate for the same amount and to the same party No 9/770. Filed 21 Oct. 1866.

Report of administrator of sale of Two Land Scrip of W. G. Huffman - one bought for 13 cents an acre, the other for 15 cents an acre. Filed 31 October 1866.

Final account of P. A. Huffman, adm'r estate of W. G. Huffman. Report of amount paid out by vouchers [no individual vouchers have been preserved in this packet]. Payees were: Dr. Shelburne, A. Rhine, Dr. G. W. Paterson, Leigh Oldham, Alfred Herington, Harrison' s note, J. S. Huffman act, John Crosier, John F. Huffman, I. A. [or J. A.] Walton, E. L. Huffman, Silas Herington, and crossed out: note to Raney. Filed August 29, 1867.

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