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Estate of John W. Hughes, Deceased


Petition of Mary (X) M C Hughs for letters of administration on the "estate of my Decd Husband, John W. Hughes...." May 21, 1856.

Bond of Mary Mc Hughes, administratrix of the estate of John W. Hughes, deceased; $4000. sureties: James H. Hughes and Joseph M. Looney. Approved 30 June 1856.

Inventory and appraisement of the property of John W. Hughes, deceased, as returned 27 July 1856 by J. M. Loony, Jasper Campbell, and M. W. Davenport. Included: waggons; horses; oxen; stock cattle; 320 acres land; set blacksmith tools; farm equipment; household and kitchen furniture; cooking stove; much fabric; 26 pair silk gloves; ceiling wax; hair dye; damask table cloths; gun locks, waffle irons, blank books, Geog and Atlas; Andrews Latin Reader; Davies Legendre and Bourbon; Olneys Geography; Greek Testaments; McGuffys 3rd Readers; Smiths Grammer; Parkers 1st Les. Philosophy; Greek Readers; Chemestries; Websters Dictionary; set knfs and fks, etc. [five pages; perhaps the stock of a general store].
Names of persons with accounts dues Isaach Bine; Wm B. Hughes decs [decd?]; A. J. Calwell; J. M. Looney; Wm H. Clanton; Mr. Johnson; Mr. Thomson; A. J. Foster; Mr. Decker; Walter Morgan; Rachael Partery; Saml Freeman; M. W. Davenport; Mary Barnes; John Freeman; P. J. Medlin; note on F. C. Howeth. [H. J. Fairly certified that he certified Jno. W. Looney as one of the appraisers.] Filed 28 July 1856.

Petition of Mary M. Hughes, admx, to sell perishable property.
S/ Mary Mc Hughes. Filed 28 July 1856. Petition granted.

Affidavit of John Collins. Henderson County, Texas.
I, John Collins, of said county ... swear that when John W. Hughes left the County of Henderson last Fall be was owing me an open account as follows vis for one broad brim black hat for self bought at my store on the 18 Septr 1855. Nov 19/55 Contra Novr 19/55 amt from Smith for Davenport.... Hughes left with me for sale on commn... He instructed me to use the nett proceeds first to balance his open account and then place the remainder on 'his note.... His instructions were complied with long before I learn of his death vis by the 21 January last.... S/ John Collins.
Being familiar with the business of John Collins I ... swear that the above statement of account is true.... S/ Thos. F. Murchison. Sworn before E. J. Thomson, C.J., Henderson Co.

Buyers at sale of goods, wares and merchandise August 12, 1856:
S. H. Hope; J. H. Condred; John Harper.- Wm. H. Clanton,, H. Hurse; J. O. Chitwood; G. W. Hope; A. S. Leonard; A. F. Leonard; A. S. Harris; J. A. Freeman; V. J. Hutton; S. Drew; L. Franklin; A. Newton; J. Cates; D. C. Henderson; B. J. Foster; Wm Hall; W. M. Davenport,. W. E. Allen,- Wm. Bosson; E. A. Bates; S. Welton?; T. A. Graves; A. Thomson; J. F. Byrd; A. Christean; A. J. Partin; H. Decker; Wm Quail; J. R. Hughes; P. J. Medlin.
Annual Exhibit of estate. Filed 27 July 1857.
Accounts due estate by:
S. J. H. Hope John Harper G. W. Hope
W. H. Clanton H. Hursse A. S. Harris
A. S. Leonard J. O. Chitwood S. Drew
J. A. Freeman A. P. Leonard J. Cates
M. W. Davenport V. J. Hutton D. C. Henderson
L. Franklin A. Newton W. E. Allen
B. J. Foster W. Hall S. C. H. Witten
L. [?] W. Bosson E. A. Bates J. F. Bird
T. A. Graves A. Thompson A. J. Parten
A. Christian Wm Quail J. H. Hughes
H. Decker John Dove J. Condra
P. J. Medlin

E. H. Horrell vs. Estate of Hughes. Tarrant County, Texas.
Four pages showing that suit was brought in District Court of Anderson County, Texas at spring term 1856 by Crawford & Taylor to collect on a note given 25 October 1855 by J. H. Hughes, and co-signed by E. H. Horrell. The suit was dismissed as to Hughes, and judgment rendered against Horrell. On November 1, 1856, Joseph A. Crawford made affidavit that he was one of the firm of Crawford & Taylor at the time a promissory note was executed to them.... Horrell was only the security for said Hughes ... Hughes being the principal in said note. Sworn before James E. Teague, N.P., Beat 3, Anderson Co. On 13 Nov. 1856, Edward H. Horrell made affidavit that the estate of J. H. Hughes was justly indebted to him. Sworn before James E. Morris, N.P., Kaufman Co., Texas. Mary Mc Hughes, admx, J. W. Hughes estate, accepted the claim on March 5, 1858.

Final return of administrator. Filed 27 January 1859. Mary Mc Hughes presented vouchers showing payments made by estate
- to J. Tracey Morehead, court fees.
- to John Collins, for note dated Xmas/55 for $107.02.
- to A. F. Leonard, at Grape Vine, note due Feb. 1, 1856.
- to J. D. Alexander, account from March 5 - April 5, 1856, for "visit per Lady, med; med per Frances [?]. sworn before E. P. Tuck, J..P., Pct 3, Denton Co., 20 Oct. 1856.
- to R. C. Montgomery, of Athens, Henderson Co.
- to John Collins, of Athens, Henderson Co., a note of hand due Decr 25/55 executed at Athens by J. W. Hughes on Novr 10, 1855.
- to M. W. Davenport, note dated 28 Feb. 1856.
- to James Cate, note dated 22 Dec. 1855.
- to Wm H. Robinson, M.D., for "visit Self 12 miles, med. and attention all night" in March 1856.
- to A. F. Leonard, for "rent of the store for two months. Woodson and Mitchells Tonic medicine.
- to Isaac Parker for E. H. Horrell account.
- to Wm Quayle, court fees. March 1, 1859.

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