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Estate of Mary Ivins, Deceased


18 October 1850. Archibald Robinson applies for letters of guardianship of the estate and person of Lenea Ivens, minor.

30 October 1850. Archibald Robinson makes guardians bond in amount $525, with E. S. Terrill and John B. York, securities.

29 Dec. 1850. Archibald Robinson, guardian of Linna Ivins, of Tarrant County, reports that he "has been to Grayson County in search of the property taken from Lemuel J. Edwards of Tarrant County as the property of Mary Ivins Dec'd late of said county... said property has been Administered on as the property of Abraham Evens Deceased late of the County of Grayson by E S Harris a copy of the appraisement bill is here with presented and the balance of the property the undersigned can get no further account of the lot of hoggs he learns was given into the possession of the above named Felix G. Beasley and there can be no further account got of them. There is a considerable of other property represented by the Citizens of said County of Grayson as belonging to the Estate of the Said Abraham Evans Deceased the reputed father of the Said Mary which property has been in the possession of the Said E S Harris and cannot be found at this time. The undersigned [Archibald Robinson] think it is advisable to commence suit against the said E S Harris... and the said F G Beasley.... Dec. 21, 1850." The copy of the appraisement bill, referred to above, dated March 25, 1850, on estate of Abraham Evans, deceased, returned by Felix G. Beasley, Elias Jordan, and George Shields to C. J. ONeal, C.J., Grayson County, was certified by Henry Slack, Clk. Property included livestock and household goods.

27 Jan. 1851. Guardians return shows "no property or money came to my hand as yet sence my last inventory returned belonging to the Estate of Mary Ivins dec...."

29 March 1852. Archibald Robinson petitions to be discharged from guardianship of the minor Liney Ivins, stating that he has received no property nor effects nor commenced any suit for the property.

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