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Estate of S. M. Jemison [Jamison], Deceased


Petition of Mary R. Jemison for probate of the will of Samuel M. Jamison, deceased. Dated May 18. 1863.

Will of Samuel Madison Jamison "made by him in Yell Co Arkansas on the fourth day of September... [1862] (for this reason, vis, that he is on his way to join the army that is contending in defence of the Southern rights and having a wife whose residence is in Tarrant Co. Texas that he desires that in case of his death that she shall be the entire owner of his effects therefore in order that his desires from dieu reflection being in good health and possessed of his reason of mind as well as free from any compulsion other than his own views of a wifes rights over and above what the Statute of the State wherein she lives provides for

Therefore in conformity with the above I S. M. Jamison do bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary R. Jamison all my possessions consisting of lands negroes Stock and dieus to be her property without any administration in case of my death to holde to give to sell to collect receipt or in any way dispose of free from any executor other than may bee chosen by her selfe. . . . "
Witnesses:   Joshua T. [torn] S/ Samuel Madison Jamison
M. E. Dyer

Deposition of the witnesses. Joshua Toomer and M. E. Dyer in probate court. Yell County, Arkansas, that "they were well acquainted with Samuel M. Jamison in his life time that on the fourth day of September ... 1862 these affiants were called upon and requested by the said Samuel M. Jamison to witness his last will and testament ... that [he] was over the age of twenty one years and that ... he has since departed this life in Tarrant County, Texas, to wit. on or about the fourth day of January ... 1863."
James G. Galt. Clerk.

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