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Estate of Alfred D. Johnson, Deceased


Petiton of John A. Wims and Henry C. Johnson for letters of administration on the estate of Alfd D. Johnson, deceased. Filed 16 July 1864.

Inventory of the real and personal estate of A. D. Johnson, deceased, made August 5 and 6 1864 by E. M. Daggett and Nathl Terry. Very large inventory. Included: 410 acres land the Hume [Home?] tract and 320 acres timber land; one Bird Net, 3 maps, and slaves: man named Walker, man named Beverly, man named Dick, man named Bailey, man named Henry, man named Jim, man named John, woman named Jimsey, woman named Ann, woman named Ellen. woman named Nancy, woman named Susan, woman named Louisa, woman named Arelia, boy named Danl Webster, girl named Molley, girl named Sophia, girl named Victoria. Notes on E. S. Terrel, Wm M. Crawford, and H. C. Johnson.

Notice of publication in the Dallas Herald for four successive weeks of intent to partition and distribute estate among the heirs entitled. Issued 13 August 1864.

Report of sale of personal property on the 9th and 10th of September 1864 at the late residence of deceased to the highest bidder at public Out Cry. Purchasers:

W. B. Young Hugh Roberts
S. Terry S. Elliott
J. J. Inge Wm S. Johnson
Col. Nat Terry M. J. Brinson
Thomas Morris G. Nance
A. J. Lee Wm P. Burts
A. T. Andrews Coleman D. Johnson
Noel Burton John Garann? [Garman?]
Alford Bayles J. W. Smith
F. M. Christian James Cutney
David Mauk C. Duff
Dr. C. M. Peak S. Gilmore
Nicholas Oldham L. H. Brown
Wm F. Adams Mrs. Trimble
Dr. J. N. B. Williams Mrs. Hudson
Ferguson & Burts Wm Deskins [Deakins?]
E. M. Daggett Mrs. Listin
Ben Bedford S. Boaz
W. B. Tucker Saml Sealy
W. T. Ferguson Jimey Johnson
Wm ? H. Armstrong Jo Young
      [or Mrs. H. Armstrong?] Mrs. Eggleston
Thomas A. Moody J. B. Edens
Capt. Garman G. W. Jack
F. C. Wims Allen Russell
Mary C. Colier R. Vickory
Charles B. Daggett

Filed 25 Sept. 1864.

Petition of H. C. Johnson to pay into the County Treasury the amount required by him by law, and that he and his surcurities be released from their bond. He recites that "your petitioners Estrayed according to Law a certain Horse [described] on the 23rd day of August 1861.... At the time the said horse should have been sold the Legislature had suspended the Law authorizing the sale of Estrays, and your petitioner Rode said horse to the army and that the time said property was authorized to be sold your petitioner was still in the Army and could not sell said horse as required by the Law." S/ H. C. Johnson, by G. Nance, acting for him. Filed 3 Oct. 1864. Oct term 1864.

Purchasers at sale held at the residence of deceased 17 October 1864: A. J. Lee, S. Terry, Charles Turner, C. Collins, Mary C. Collins, F. C. Wims, Wm S. Johnson, W. T. Ferguson, Jenny Johnson, W. P. Burts, and A. Bayles. Adm'r further reports that there was certain property on the inventory which was not sold but disposed of as follows: one work horse apportioned to Mary C. Collin to make her equal with the other heirs by an advancement made by her father valued at $100; one horse to Wm S. Johnson to make him equal in said advancement valued at $100. Also one grey horse charged to H. C. Johnson by consent of heirs at $100; Said horses was not taken in the division of the horses among the heirs. The balance of the horses wer awarded by order of the cou[r]t on Monday 17th day Oct. 1864 equally between the heirs. There was one table appraised that belonged to Mrs. Collin. One pepper mill which did not belong to the estate valued at 75 cents. One large Looking Glass broke before the sale valued at $1.50. Four hundred lbs of sugar to be divided between the heirs. The boards and shingles was reserved to improve the Houses. One Ward Robe belonging to Caly and Billy Johnson valued at $20. The Bed Stads and the Beds and all the clothing inventoried wer given to some the heirs to make them equal in the advancement. One saddle appraised that did not belong to the estate... One foot AAz that belonged to James Marquis.... The wool and cotton were used for the family. Filed 31 Oct. 1864.

On the same day adm'r reported names of those who gave notes for their purchases at sales held Sept. 9 and 10 and Oct. 17. A comparison of the names shows that Mrs. H. Armstrong was Mrs. Hibernia Armstrong; Ben Bedford was B. C. Bedford; Thomas A. Moody was called T. O. Moody. One J. C. Gardner is listed by adm'r as having given a note. He may have been the purchaser shown as Capt Garman or John Garann?

Petition of Frances C. Wims, wife of J. A. Wims; H. C. Johnson; Mary C. Collier; and Louisa Lee, wife of A. J. Lee, all of Tarrant Co. and heirs at law of A. D. Johnson, dec'd, for partition of the negro property of deceased.

Undated paper, listing slaves of Alfred D. Johnson, deceased. Walker, aged 70 years; Bob, aged 38 years; Beverly Lee, aged 36 years; Dick, aged 32 years; Bailey, aged 27 years; Henry, aged 24 years; Jim, aged 17 years; John, aged 12 years; Jenny, aged 36 years; Ann and child, aged 29 years; Ellen, aged 26 years; Nancy and child, aged 22 years; Susan, aged 19 years: Louisa, aged 15 years; Arelia, aged 11 years; Daniel Webster, aged 5 years; and Molly, aged 3 years. On reverse side, Value of horses given to the following: Jas R. Johnson, 62.50; to Mrs. Lee, 62.50; Mrs. Wymns, 50.00; H. C. Johnson; 87.50; C. D. Johnson, 75.00; Mrs. Colier, 62.50; W. S. Johnson, 62.50.

Petition of the heirs of A. D. Johnson for partition and distribution of all the lands belonging to the estate. Adm'rs represent that H. C. Johnson is one of the heirs and that J. A. Wims is the husband of Frances C. Wims who is also an heir. Further, H. C. Johnson, Luisa Lee, F. C. Wims, wife of J. A. Wims, Mary C. Colier, C. D. Johnson, and William Johnson, resident citizens of Tarrant County... and James R. Johnson, resident of [place not stated] are the lawful heirs of said estate. August term 1867.

Commissioners Report. The George W. Coonrod tract... granted from the state by Letters Patent No. 487, Vol. 10, 3d Class, 320 acres, we divide into six parts numbered from one to six parts... and allotted to Francis C. Wims lot No.1, beginning at the N. E. corner of the survey... containing 53 1/3 acres; to Mary Collier, lot No.2, beginning at the S. E. corner of Lot No.1, 53 1/3 acres; to Henry C. Johnson, Lot No.3...; to William S. Johnson, thru Stephen Terry his legal guardian, we allotted Lot No.4; to Coleman D. Johnson, thru C. G. Payne, his guardian ad litem, Lot No.5; to Louisa M. Lee, Lot No.6. We further report that after four days effort to find or ascertain the boundaries and corners of the Home Tract purchased of M. T. Johnson, having called a competent surveyor to our assistance, we were unable to do so. We can not ascertain how much or what land is embraced in the tract. We have consequently been unable to make any partition and distribution of the same. S/ John M. Durrett, Jas M. Townsend, and J. P. Smith. 2 October 1867.

Report of administrators. Filed 24 January 1868. They report one account on E. S. Linvill?; has collected from D. Mauck and W. F. Bamburg. Paid out: to F. M. Christian, bureal expenses, $280.; to I. R. Vannoy, account. "Your reporter shows further... that the Confederate States pressed from your reporter and for Tithe due .95. Bushels of wheat, and sold in the County of Tarrant for the support of indigent families 277. Bushels all of which has never been paid for, or any part thereof, save and accept $200.00...."

Notes due estate: A. Bales, D. Inge, and C. B. Johnson. He has collected from: A. J. Wright, for C. Turner, N. C. Johnson, P. A. Hufman, D. Wiggins, J. C. McConnell, Tarver for house. Paid: Dr. T. M. Mathews, Dr. Ing, Dr. Burts, Dr. C. M. Peak, and Dr. Williams. Also to heirs: Jas R. Johnson, M. C. Collier, C. D. Johnson, H. C. Johnson, W. S. Johnson, and M. L. Lee. List of Claims: I. R. Vannoy, Confederate Claim, and F. M. Christian, $280; J. Adding [sic] , T. A. Walton, Thos M. Matthews, D. C. Harrison, Estate of J. C. Andrews, J. K. Mosier Acct.

"All personal property that was not sold has been partitioned among the heirs and 320 acres of Land G. W. Coonrods Headright the same has been done by your Honorable Court. The Home stead of about 410 acres was reported by the Comrs appointed by the Court that the same could not be divided, and I have rented a part of the farm and one house to repare the fences around the said farm. I have also rented an old house at $4.00 per month. The rent for the past two years has not been paid. Suit is pending against David Wiggins for the Rent for the year 1866. for 1867. I rented the same to G. G. McConnell and has not been able to collect the same as yet. 27 Jan. 1868.

Estate of A. D. Johnson, dec'd. In Acc't with S. Terry, Trustee." Filed 24 Feb. 1868.
C. M. Peak Brinson & Terrel Wm M. Robertson
Julien Feilds Turner & Daggett Benge & Jewell
James Marquis James R. Johnson Wm Quayle, Clks fees
A. D. Johnson to S. Gilmore, C. J. fees W. L. Brisendine
       buy sheep. Lee Oldham Mrs. E. A. Johnson
Sam to buy pork W. L. Brisendine John A. Wims
P. H. Tyler J. C. Andrews Brinson & Slaughter
M. T. Johnson J. W. Chapman S. C. Webber
R. H. King H. K. Maples

Expenses to Dallas Co. to see Crockett
Expenses to Dallas Town
Paid for Jas R. Johnson
Paid for Harrison Johnson
Paid Maples for concrete house.
Received payment from T. J. Menford
Received payment from S. W. Johnson.

Final account of adm'r. Filed 13 April 1870.
[Repeat of earlier accounts with following additions]:
He has collected from: R. Peet; Mrs. Knarr; Anderson Terry; J. C. Gardner; M. C. Ewen [formerly Mary C. Collier (see estate of J. L. Collier, dec'd)].
He has paid: Joshua Addington; J. B. Edens et al.
Vouchers, showing payments made by estate:
- o R. W. Tannahill, Confederate Collector, District 33 and 34; tax.
- to Jos. M. Morris, legal holder of 2 notes given by A. D. Johnson to L. Oldham.
- to H. C. Daggett, taxes for the years 1864 and 1866.
- to J. A. Hust, taxes for the year 1865.
- to D. C. Harrison, note.
- to T. A. Walton, for visit and consultation with Dr. Peak.
- to Swindell & Lane, per A. B. Cory, for adv. citation.
- to Isaac R. Vannoy, for repair of farm equipment (1863-64).
- to J. K. Mosier, for season of one mare.
- to F. M. Christian, acct; includes one coffin ($250.00) purchased May 11, 1864.
to Swindell & Lane, per Paul Isbell, for advertising administration of the estates of J. C. Collier and Alfred D. Johnson, dec'd in the Dallas Herald for six weeks.
1861.A. D. Johnson B. L. Samuels, Dr.
To Cash Loaned in No. O. [or N. C.]


To Cash Paid passage from N C to Shreveport


To Cash Cash Loaned at Shreveport


1bb. Sugar?  306 lbs at 5


To freight on same and storage

1. 25

Hauling same from Shreveport



Cr. by Cash at Fort Worth



Administrators of A. D. Johnson were ordered to pay the above claim to G. Nance "who is fully authorized to collect and settle the same." 12 Jan. 1866. The account, on 7 March 1866, was ordered, by G. Nance, to be paid to Turner & Daggett. On Nov. 12, P. B. Smallwood, acting for Turner &; Daggett, credited the account with 3 beef steers received from Dr. Williams.
- to J. C. Terrell, for services as attorney in Justice Court in case of Andrews and Weims [Wims]; and for services as atty in District Court in case of Andrews, Adm'r vs Weims. One note was assigned by Terrell to S. Loving; the other to R. Berliner.
- to Joshua Addington, acct from March 1861 through January 1863. The entry dated Jan 1, 1863 reads: 1 spinning wheel; Repair on Reaper, a Fine Coffin and Case (40.00); cash loaned (30.00), coffin for negro child (4.00)
- to Dr. Thomas M. Matthews, Rusk County. Acct from May 21 through Sept. 23, 1861, includes visits and medicine to woman Jenny; quinine for son; visit to Boy Tim [Jim?]; prescription for Beverly; and medicine for Cully [Cally?]. Sworn by Thomas M. Matthews 26 Dec. 1864 before L. D. Stephens, Mount Enterprise, Rusk County, Texas.
- to W. T. Ferguson, acct from Oct. 1863 through Aug. 10, 1864. Included: plank to make coffin ($5.00) purchased on Dec. 24, 1863.
- to J. N. B. Williams, for visits and prescriptions.
to C. M. Peak.

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