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Guardianship of James M. Kerr, Minor


Petition of James M. Kerr, a minor residing in Tarrant County, who is over the age of fourteen and under the age of twenty one, to be permitted to choose and select a guardian for himself. He has considerable property coming to and belonging to him.

S/ Jas. M. Kerr,

per Lewelling & Welch

David Kerr*

*placed in this position

James M. Kerr vs D. A. Kerr. The plaintiff in this cause who is now upwards of eighteen years old deposes and say he knows of no person by whom he can prove fully and satisfactorily to this court that the defendant in this cause who claims to be the natural guardian of this affiant is mismanaging his the plaintiffs estate now in his Defts bands which accrued to this affiant from his Grand Father, but by his own oath. Dec. 31, 1855. Filed Jan. 1, 1856.

Bond of Ferdinand C. Willbern, guardian of the person and property of James M. Kerr, minor; $5000. Sureties: E. Andrew (X) Jackson, John W. Smith, and Daniel Muhlinghaus. Filed 5 Jan. 1856.

Bill of expenses of F. Wilborn and James Kerr [for trip] from Texas to Carroll County, Mississippi and back from 14 Jan. to 19 March 1856, for lodging, hotel, steamboat, Vicksburg expenses, Yazoo Packet, Yazoo Bell for Read River, boat for Shrifsport H. M. Wright ... depocicion paper in Missisipi, copy of fills [files] of the Land. Recd of the Estate of Torner Porsen Decd for James M. Kerr his intress in a negro.... S/ F. C. Willbern. 28 April 1856.

Memorandum. F. C. Wilburn Guardian act with James M. Kerr. Oct 27, 1856 Rec of the Estate of Joseph Person Decd.... [Expense of second trip to Mississippi, for clothing, travel expenses etc., including plugs of tobacco. 8 Oct - July 2 (the year not stated)].

Petition of F. C. Wilburn for discharge as guardian of James M. Kerr. His ward has arrived of full age on the 23rd day of July 1857. There is no further need for his services as guardian.

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