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Guardianship of Ann Louisa and Judith Amanda Lacy. minors


Application of Nancy Lacy for guardianship of the person and property of Ann Louisa and Judith Amanda, the minor heirs of James Lacy, deceased. Filed 29 January 1855.

Bond of Nancy Lacy [guardian] of the person and estate of Ann L. and Judith Amanda [torn] heirs of James Lacy deceased. Sureties: George W. Lacy and Edward Hovenkamp. [Date torn.]

Report of Nancy Lacy, guardian, that she paid out one hundred dollars for land bought for minor heirs of James and Elizabeth Lacy, deceased. Nov. 24, 1856.

Citation issued 8 Dec. 1858 to Nancy Lacy, guardian of L. and J. A. Lacy, to appear at December term of court and show cause why she has not returned a list and inventory of the property of her wards and to show cause why she has not rendered her annual exhibit.

Annual return of Nancy Lacy, gdn, in account with said ward, for the year ending Dec. 31, 1858. Receipts: for hire of black girls.... Paid out: for shoes, fabrics, 1/3 quire paper, Geography and Atlas, Philosophy, medical services, tuition for 5 months.

Petition of Joseph F. Jones for appointment as "Guardian of the person and property of Ann L. and Judith A. Lacy minor heirs of James Lacy deceased in the place of Nancy Lacy dismissed at the Jany term. Filed 27 Dec. 1858.

Bond of Joseph F. Jones, guardian of the minor heirs of James Lacy, deceased; $3000. Securities: A. J. Jasper and H. Crowley. 31 Jan. 1859.

Petition of Jos. F. Jones, gdn, for an order to refund to Nancy Lacy, former guardian, [money] paid out of her own funds for taking care of her wards. [No date.]

Inventory and appraisement of the estate of A. and J. Lacy, minor heirs of James Lacy, deceased: one Blk woman (Lizz) and infant (Bill); notes on Cummins Ogwin & Co. and A. G. Walker; one hundred dollars vested in a tract of land on which Mrs. Nancy Lacy resides in Tarrant County; one feather bed and bedding in the care of Mrs. Nancy Lacy their former gdn; total in this state $1151.44. one house and lot in Sardis, Mason County, Ky..... Ten acres of land on Absalon Creek in Mason County, Ky. ... a residue of their Fathers estate in the hands of Henry Jefferson of Mason County, Ky.... An interest by will in their uncle Isaac S. Reed's estate...(in Mason County Ky). An interest in the estate of their Grand Father John M. Reed of Mason County, Ky. amounting to about $800, said amount (as the will directs) is to remain at Interest in Mason County Ky until the minors becomes of age or is married. Controlled by Emery Whiteaker, Chief Justice of Mason Co. and present Executor of the will. Total in Mason County, Ky $1658. S/ D. C. Trigg, A. J. Jasper. 25 March 1859. Filed 28 March 1859.

Report of guardian, J. F. ,Tones, that he has received A. G. Walker's note, has paid Wm Quayles, G. Nance, and J. S. Hogan tuition. Filed 28 May 1860.

Petition of Robert K. Mays and Ann L. Mayes his wife for final settlement of the estate of James and Elizabeth Lacy, deceased. They respectfully represent that: they are lawfully married to each other.... Ann is of lawful age, being married and twenty one years of age.... J. F. Jones is the legal guardian [of Ann L. Mayes and Judith A. Lacey] and legal holder of the said Ann and Judith's property. The said Ann and Judith (the latter being a minor) are full sisters and the only heirs at law of James and Elizabeth Lacey deceased; there exists in said county and in the State of Kentucky property belonging to said heirs. The estate of said James and Elisabeth Lacy deceased is not indebted to anyone. Your petitioner Ann L. is entitled to her full shair of the property.... S/ J. C. Terrell, Atty for Petitioner. Filed 10 Nov. 1867.

Citation issued 23 Jan. 1868 to J. F. Jones, gdn, to appear at Feb. term court and answer above petition. S/ L. H. Brown, Clk. Executed 25 Jan. 1868 by M. L. Morgan, Shff Tarrant County.

Judith A. Lacy, Account. Dec. 17, 1860, paid N. Lacy; 26 Dec. 1860 and Feb. 4, 1864: paid D. K. Tannehill. 1862, tuition; Feb. 1859- 8 Nov. 1867, board.

Ann L. Mays, Account. Included 15 months tuition paid to J. S. Hogue; 1859-67, W. Lacy per order court; 1861 and 1864, D. K. Tannehill.

Decree issued February term 1868 to J. F. Jones, guardian:
"It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said Ann L. Mays, ward is over the age of twenty one years and lawfully married to Robert K. Mays, it is therefore ordered that the guardian immediately turn over and deliver to the said Ann L. Mays, child and heir at law of the said James and Elizabeth Lacy deceased ... all of the property ... to which she is entitled as heir ... it being one undivided half of all of the estate...." Filed Feb. term 1868.

Report of Joseph R. Jones, guardian. Cash received from:
A. G. Cummons (1 Nov. 1859); A. G. Walker (28 Nov. 1859); H. Dye of J. Lacy Estate (20 Dec. 1860); -T. M. Murchison (25 Dec. 1860); H. Dye of I. S. Reeds Estate (10 April 1861); D. K. Tannehill (4 Feb. 1863); A. G. Walker (25 Dec. 1863); A. J. Jasper (25 Dec. 1864); and R. K. Mays (25 Dec. 1865); W. L. Jones (from 1857 to Jany 20, 1858). "Further report cash on hand in Confederate notes." Filed 24 Feb. 1868.

R. K. Mays et al Vs George W. Lacy. Petition. No. 915. Filed Sept. 7, 1871. In District Court Nov. Term 1871. To the Hon. Hardin Hart Judge of the 14th Judicial District. The Petition of R. K. Mays and Ann L. Mays his wife and W. W. Mays and Judith Mays his wife all of whom reside in Dallas County Texas and one plaintiff herein, complaining of George W. Lacy, a minor who resides in Tarrant County Texas and is made defendant herein respectfully states and charges. That Nancy Lacy late of Tarrant County, died intestate in Denton County Texas on the 1st day of April 1870, having title to three hundred and twenty acres of land in Tarrant County, Texas the same granted to A. H. Huitt [?] by letters Patent No. 244. Vol. 13, 3rd Class issued on the eighth day of April 1856....Said Plaintiffs charge that the said Nancy during her lifetime and at her death held 9/39 or 49 9/39 acres of said 320 acres of land in trust for the said Ann L. and Judith Mays in equal half parts for they say that the said Nancy Lacy purchased said 320 acres of land of one A. J. Ball on the 1st day of January 1856 for the consideration of seven hundred dollars; and they here charge that at the date of said purchase the said Nancy was the legal guardian of the said Ann L. and Judith who were then minors, and as such guardian held in her hands certain funds, money, belonging to them and that out of said funds, the said Nancy paid one hundred dollars of the 650$ paid for said land, and that the said one hundred dollars of their money was so paid by the said Nancy as an investment of their own money ... and that although the said Nancy took the deed to said land in her own name and neglected, so far as they are informed, to execute to them any deed.... That the said Nancy died leaving neither husband nor children surviving her, and that the said Ann L. and Judith mays and Geo. W. Lacy were and are her grandchildren and only surviving heirs. The said Ann L. and Judith were the daughters, children, of James Lacy who was the son of said Nancy, and who died in the State of Kentucky about the year 1851, and the defendant Geo. W. Lacy was the son, child, of Geo. W. Lacy, a son of said Nancy and that he died in Tarrant County, Texas on the [blank] day of [blank] 1856, leaving the said defendant his only child. That said Ann was married to said R. K. Mayes on the 15th day of Novr 1863 and the said Judith was married to the said W. W. Mayes on the 21st day of July 1870. That the said Geo. W. Lacy, defendant is a minor under 21 years of age residing with his mother Mary A. Tannihill in Tarrant County, Texas.

The plaintiffs charge that they are entitled as tenants in common in right of the said Ann L. and Judith to 6/39 or 49 9/39 acres of said 320 acres of land, and that they the said R. K. Mayes and Ann L. his wife in right of the said Ann L. and W. W. Mayes and Judith his wife in right of the said Judith and the said George W. Lacy have ever since the death of said Nancy ... been and now are severally seized in fee of and in the remaining 33/39th or 270 11/13 acres of said 320 acres of land and premises in three equal individual parts or share as tenants in common

Pray for a decree of court establishing their title to said 6/39 interest to wit 49 9/39 ac of land ... and that a commission of Partition may issue out and under the seal of this court directing to certain commissioners therein named to divide and allot the said tract of 320 acres into three parts as follows ... into two equal parts of 14/29 of 320 acres each equal to 114 34/39 acres and one part of 11/39 of 320 equal to 90 10/39 and that one full part or share or fourteen thirty ninths of the 320 acre tract be allotted and set apart to Plaintiff Ann L. Mays and that one full part ... of 14/39 of 320 acres be alloted ... to Plaintiff Judith Mayes and that the other part of 11/39 of the 320 acres be allotted and set apart to the defendant George W. Lacy.... S/ Henrick and Smith, Attys for Plff.

Citation issued 7 Sept. 1871 to Shff to summon George W. Lacy to appear in District Court on second Monday in November 1871 to answer petition of R. K. Mays et al. Executed by T. B. James, Sheriff.

Statement of A. T. Howell, guardian ad litum for defendant, George W. Lacy, that "the matters ... set forth in Plaintiffs petition are not sufficient in law for him to have and maintain his suit. Further the said guardian ad litum denies all ... allegations in Plaintiffs petition and calls for strict proof. Filed 20 Nov. 1871.

Citation issued 15 March 1872 to J. F. Jones to appear and give evidence in a cause pending in District Court in which R. K. Mays and others are plaintiff and G. W. Lacy is defendant.

In the cause of Geo. W. Lacy a minor by his guardian ad litum G. L. Howell, an attorney of the court ... "the jury ... to wit C. J. Loucks and eleven others ... find all the facts as Stated in the plaintiff petition to be true.... Said Plaintiff are entitled in right of the said Ann L. and Judith to one seventh equal to forty five and five sevenths acres of the three hundred and twenty acres.... Nancy deceased at the time of her death held the same in trust for them...." W. L. Jones, Danl. Trigg, and S. C. H. Witten were appointed commissioners to make the partition. Jury foremen: C. J. Loucks.

Order to Commissioners, W. L. Jones, Danl Trigg, and S. C. H. Witten, to partition land. The plff, R. K. Mays et al are entitled in right of said Ann L. and Judith to one seventh equal to forty-five and five sevenths acres of the following described land: 320 acres in Tarrant County on the waters of the West Fork of the Trinity River about 10-1/2 miles North 80 E from Birdville known as the Survey No. 96 by virtue of Certificate No. 181 issued by Thomas Wm Ward Commissioner of Peters Colony on the 7th day of May 1850. Beginning at the South West corner of G. W. Couch Survey No. 12 and the NW corner of this survey.... Thence East with the South line of said 1900.8 vs. the N.W. corner of V. J. Hutton W. line.... Thence W ... a stake the N.W. corner of W. G. Matthews survey No. 115.... Thence North to beginning.... Said Nancy at the time of her death held the same in trust for them and ... all the right title and interest in the said 320 acres be and the same is divested out of the said George W. Lacy and forever invested in the said Plff. in right of said Ann L. and Judith. You are therefore authorized ... to divide said 320 acres into three parts as follows to wit one part thereof to consist of 5/14 of the whole equal to 114 2/7 acres ... as the share of Ann L. Mays; one part thereof to wit 5/14 of the whole equal to 114 2/7 acres ... as the share of Judith Mays; and that one share or part 4/14 of the whole or 91 3/7 acres as the share of George W. Lacy. Filed 16 April 1872.

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