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Estate of George W. Lacy, Deceased


Petition of Mary E. Lacy for letters of administration on the estate of George W. Lacy. She "is the widow, and is thereby entitled to administer...." Filed 13 June 1855.

Bond of Mary E. Lacy, admx,- $6000. Sureties: Capt. Wm Quayle and Jno. W. Boyle. Filed 26 June 1855.

Inventory and appraisement of the property of George Lacy returned by I. D. Parker, Simcoe Popplewell, and James (X) Hardesty. Included: 160 acres at $5 per acre; one share and a half of mill property being all of his interest in same; 160 acres in the prairie north of Birdville at $2 per acre; and 49 acres in the timber at $2 per acre. Filed 30 July 1855. [The warrant to appraisers identifies I. D. Parker as Isaac D. Parker Jun.]

List of notes and accounts against the estate ... which has come to hand and allowed by the admx. In favor of: A. M. Leake, Isham Crowley, E. Hovenkamp, S. L. Glassford, B. F. Crowley, R. Higdon, J. F. Jones, J. M. Lucky, Thos Allen, and N. Lacy. Filed 31 Jan. 1855.

Petition of Mary E. Lacy to sell personal property, as well as interest in a mill. "Decedent died leaving an undivided interest (it being three tenths 3/10) in a mill known as the mill of M. L. Franks & Co...." Petition granted. Filed 31 July 1855.

Notice by Mary E. Lacy that she will offer for sale on Tuesday, the 2nd day of October 1855, at Birdville, one and a half share of the mill on the West Fork, about five miles south E. of Birdvill and known as the mill of M. L. Franks & Co., being 3/10 of said property; also personal property consisting of household furniture, etc. Sept. 8, 1855.

Report of sale of above mentioned 3/10 interest in the mill to A. F. Leonard, it being the entire interest of decedent. Buyers of other property: H. J. Farly, Dick Allen, and D. York. Filed 29 Oct. 1855.

Petition of Mary E. Lacy to sell 160 acres of prairie near the town of Birdville it being the west quarter of Section 30 in Township one E. of the base; also 49 acres of timber belonging to said Prairie tract. Filed 26 Feb. 1856.

Petition of Mary E. Lacy for property, or the value thereof, to be refunded to her. The appraisers "appraised some of the separate property of your petitioner, to wit one mair and colt and one bed and bedding...." Filed 26 Feb. 1856. "Petition granted. Revoked so far as it pertains to the allowance of the $130 for the widow. May 26, 1856."

Admx reports sale at court house door in Birdville on April 1, 1856, of 160 acres land 1-1/2 miles N. of Birdville in Prairie; also 49 acres of timber land about 3 miles East of said Prairie to A. J. Ball, the highest and best bidder. Filed 28 April 1856.

The Estate of G. W. Lacy, Dec'd, in A/C with A. F. Leonard as Partners in the Firm of M. L. Franks & Co.

The account names the partners and the amount of money each put into the firm on June 9, 1855, as Leonard ($1435.69), J. A. Hust ($920.70), M. L. Franks ($816.92), and G. W. Lacy ($1244.44). obligations of the firm prior to July 18, 1855, when Leonard began paying off the indebtedness, totaled $1064.25, including taxes for the year 1855. Itemized separately were expenditures by the firm from July 18 through October 3, 1855. Individuals and firms paid during this period were:
Joseph Holland Bledsaw D. Tramble
Thos Allen Higdon Woodall
C. Smith S. Glassford Hill
J. Culver Sol Davis W [or Wm] Holland
Pewit Lucky Franks
Rogers Whiten Burg O'guins
Simmans H Burgoon Black
T Holland Grider Bufford
D. H. Therman J. L. Therman L. Dodg
B J Foster Dunlap E West
Gold & Donalson Watson Robinson
Ellison Smith Hugba & Wilson Baird & Cummins
T H McKinney & Quail Field & Steel Tarry
Jerre Culver Mrs. Green Mrs. Parker
J. Smith Nat Robinson Witts
Dock Allen Whitenburgs W [or Wm] Burns
Millikin Oguin Wm Burnett
Bob Johnson Jesse Allen
A. G. Walker Wm Starr Mrs. Burnes
Dodge Brickle Hughs

"Dec. 1855. To Amt paid Barnent Leving and Harwood on a Judgment obtained on a note given to E. Hovencamp for the third of his share of the mill of M L Franks & co.
half of Principle Intrust and cost





The above account was rejected at June term of court by Mary E. Lacy, but on July 5, 1856 approved by J. Tracey Morehead, C.J. on Jan 1, 1857, Mary Lacy allowed the account "as a second class claim."

Petition of William Quayle and J. W. Boyd, securities for Mary E. Adams, formerly Mary E. Lacy, admx, to be released as securities. Dated April 2, 1857. Filed 6 April 1857.

Citation issued 9 April 1857 to Sheriff of Denton County to summons Mary E. Adams, late Mary E. Lacy, to appear and show cause why she should not enter into new bond as admx. Executed 17 April 1857 by C. A. Williams, Sheriff, Denton County.

Exhibit of Mary E. Lacy, admx. Claim against estate presented and accepted by her during the first twelve months of admin. by: Isham Crowley, Anthony Leake, M. Goodwin, Samuel Glassford, James W. Wright, Tim Mayhall, R. Higdon, Green Allen, Hughs and Wilson, T. J. Allen, Ben Crowley, Nancy Lacy, Joseph F. Jones, P. Whittenburgh, Sam Glassford, E. Hovenkamp, Gibson - assignee note of C. Lacy. Second year: A. F. Leonard ... by the advise of Boyler & Sigler, attorneys. She reports money received on the property sold by order of court from A. J. Ball, Dick P. Allen, and J. York, and that she has paid Nancy Lacy, J. M. Lucky, P. Whittenburgh, Latimer & Swindell, and H. J. Farley. Filed 19 May 1857.

Bond of G. Nance, admr de bonis non of the estate of G. W. Lacy, dec'd; $3200. Sureties: C. C. Lacy, J. B. York, L. Steel, W. B. Tuck[erl and Wm Quayle. Approved 15 June 1857.

Order of sale of tract of land containing 160 acres lying on the West Fork of Trinity River to satisfy the claims of Timothy Mayhall and Isham Crowley. S/ G. Nance, Clk, per Thos M. Matthews, Deputy.

Petition of A. F. Leonard for court to order G. Nance, admr, to give credit for claims he holds against estate. G. Vance, admr, holds an execution, issued Feb. 2, 1858, against petitioner and his securities, J. A. Hust and H. Crowley, for $2000 for the payment of said estates interest in the mill property of M. L. Franks & Co. Petitioner was one of the members of the said firm ... and holds claims against said estate of $1000, which amount was paid on the indebtedness of said firm by him prior to the sale of the mill property which was legally proven up and allowed by the former admx. Nance refuses to give any credit on said execution. Petitioner prays that the debts due him be offset against said judgment or so much thereof as he may be entitled to. [Summary of two papers, one filed 22 April 1858; the other, signed by Henricks & Morehoel [Morehead?] & Ferris, filed 29 June 1858.]

Account of Nance vs. Leonard on judgment obtained July 3 [1857] in amount $1741.50, plus Damages Supreme Court, and records of payments and accumulated interest.

Jno. G. Gibson vs. Mary E. Lacy and A. F. Leonard. District Court, July 5, 1856. Defendants failed to appear and answer. Court ordered that plaintiff have and receive of defendants the sum of $141 principle and the further sum of $5.64 interest and all costs, and that the judgment be certified to the county court for observance. Transcript of the minutes certified by Wm Quayle, District Court. Filed 6 July 1858.

Petition of Isham Crowley that an order be granted for sale of property upon which he holds a mortgage.... He holds a claim secured by mortgage or lien on 160 acres land adjoining A. F. Leonard on the north and known as the May ____? tract [Mayhall tract? Ink smeared.] S/ J. W. Oliver, Atty for petitioner. Filed 27 Sept. 1858.

Petition of A. F. Leonard for admr to make out his exhibit so the court will know how to make its orders. Filed 27 Sept. 1858.

A. F. Leonard vs. G. Nance, Admr.
In answer to plaintiffs petition for exhibit by admr and pro rata distribution: petitioner has no right to petition for same; petitioner is not in fact ... a creditor of estate nor has he any interest whatever in same; claim of $701.54 is not identified.... S/ Terrell & Dade, Atty for Admr.

Summons issued 4 Oct. 1858 to Mary E. Lacy to appear at October term of court. Executed 12 Oct. 1858 by Joe C. Carter, Sheriff, Denton County.

Isham Crowley vs. Mary E. Adams. Answer of Mary E. Adams, by her attys [names illegible]. "Croly holds no lien or mortgage on any land owned by said Lacy deceased. That is said Croly ever held a lien on said land the same has been satisfied.... Said land is her property and cannot be sold legally to satisfy the debt of said Croly.... Petitioner prays that the land ... be permanently set aside for the use of said Mary E. Adams .... Land is the land said Lacy decd last resided upon and said Mary ... claim the same as her homestead." Filed 25 Oct. 1858.

Report of final settlement by G. Nance, admr, and petition for discharge. He reports having collected of A. P. Leonard by suit.... He has paid first class claims in obedience to order of court at June term 1858 to H. Goowin, Samuel Glassford, L. J. Wilson, Hughes & Wilson, J. Smith, A. Leak, J. F. Jones, B. F. Crowley, G. W. Allen, J. S. Wright, Gibson, T. Mayhall, S. Gilmore, J. T. Morehead, D. O. Norton, and Mary E. Adams. Also paid Isham Crowley, A. F. Leonard, and E. Hovenkamp. Filed 31 Jan. 1859.
Vouchers, showing payments by estate:


to Joseph H. Jones, for pole and chains. Sworn-30 July 1855 before L. J. Wilson, J.P.


to John E. Smith. Account dated 31 July 1855, for stalking plow. Approved 28 Sept. 1857.


to A. J. Ball, assignee of Nancy Lacy, for cash lent [by Nancy to estate], Nov. 19, 1855.


to Latimer & Swindell, for advertising administrator's notice in the Dallas Herald [two payments; one to H. J. Fairly, agent, and one to R. B. Sigler, agent].


to Peter Whitenburg for making 1 coffin. Affidavit of P. Wittenburg sworn Dec. 8, 1855.


to Samuel Glassford, for note in amount $39.92.


to G. W. Allen; medical account.


to Hughes & Wilson; account [general store].


to T. J. Allen; account [general store].


to M. Goodwin, note dated 3 March 1855.


to A. F. Leonard, for cash paid J. G. Gibson on a note given to E. Hovencamp for his interest in the mill of M. L. Franks & Co., for $150, by G. W. Lacy.


to S. Gilmore, C.J., in administration of estate.


to Edward Hovankamp, for plough.


to H. Crowley for A. F. Leonard; pro rata distribution of estate; $100. Nov. 15/58.


to Ishem Crowley, as a pro rata distribution on the claims against estate. 29 Nov. 1858.


to D. O. Norton, for service in collecting in the case of G. Nance, admr, vs. A. F. Leonard et al, in District Court Tarrant County, and Supreme Court.


to Mary E. Lacy, the amt of her percentage an admx of estate.


to Wm Quayle, C.J., fees for 1859. Rec'd 24 Feb. 1859.

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