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Early Probate Records

Estate of Lucinda A. Martin, Deceased


Application of Charles Martin, the surviving husband of L. A. Martin, for letters of administration. Filed 17 Oct. 1855.

Application of Charles Martin for letters of guardianship for L. A. Martin, "your petitioner being the father of said ward." Filed 17 Oct. 1855.

Bond of Charles Martin, admr of estate of Lucinda A. Martin, dec'd; $5000. Sureties: Lawrence Steel and William Stone. Approved 29 Oct. 1855.

Bond of Charles Martin, guardian of the person and property of Lucinda A. Martin, the minor heir of Lucinda A. Martin, deceased. Sureties: John C. Dishman and Hiram Riddle. Approved 31 Dec. 1855.

Appraisement of the property of Lucinda A. Martin, as shown to them by the administrator, by A. W. Reynolds, Wm Stone, and Hiram Walker: Edmond, a negro man; Sarah, a negro woman; Simon, a negro bay about 15 years old; a brown mare 6 years old; saddle and blanket; a bead and beadclothes. Total value: $2275. Filed 31 Dec. 1855.

Petition of John C. Dishman, one of the securities on the bond of Charles Martin as Gardain of the person and property of Loucinda Martin, minor heir of Loucinda Martin Decd for release from said bond. Granted. Filed 13 Sept. 1856.

Bond of Charles Martin, guardian of Lucinda A. Martin, minor; $5000. Sureties: Wm M. Crawford and E. B. Woodrome. Approved 16 May 1857.

Bond of Charles Martin, guardian ... $6000. Sureties: E. M. Daggett and Lawrence Steel. Approved 28 Feb. 1859.

Petition of Charles Martin for release from administration, as estate has been fully administered, and all debts against estate paid, and for more particulars "reference is made to my Report in your Court, as Guardian of Lucinda Martin, minor heir and only Legal representative of said Estate...."

Exhibits of Charles Martin for the years 1856 through 1861 show receipts for hire of negroes (4 papers).

E. B. Woodsan and William M. Crawford [sureties] authorize the court to settle with Charles Martin as guardian of Lucinda A. Martin. [No date.]

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