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Estate of Daniel McFarland, Deceased


County Court, Tarrant County, in Vacation May third 1858. Bond of Samuel Evans, administrator pro tem; $2400. Securities: Lawrence Steel and Thomas M. Matthews.

Bond of Samuel Evans, Administrator; $2400. Sureties: L. M. Robinson and N. M. Clifford. Approved Sept. I, 1858.

Letters of administration issued to Samuel Evans as admr estate of Daniel McFarland, dec'd, approved 27 Sept. 1858.

Order of appraisement to A. B. Fryrear, N. M. Clifford, and John Dishman. Filed 29 October 1858.

Inventory and appraisement returned by N. M. Clifford and A. B. Fryrear. Total value: $2174.98. Sworn 8 November 1858 before J. S. Brown, J.P. Included was "1 house mad of logs - 45.00."

Letter dated February 24, 1859, from James Dalrymple of Jacksonville, Texas, to Mr. Evans. He states substantially that as one of the heirs to the estate of the late Daniel McFarland of Fort Worth he has been empowered to make settlements for the N. Carolina heirs. He wished to know when Mr. Evans will be ready to settle with the heirs, the probable amount of the estate, and the requirements of an agent to settle for the absent heirs. He has learned that Mr. Archd McFarland will attend to the claims of the heirs in Louisiana "and for my identity, I would refer you to him...."

Letter dated March 14, 1859, from Archd McFarland, of Downsville, Louisiana, to Mr. S. Evans. He states, "I wrote to you a short time after I returned from Texas and have not recd any answer yet. I have written to N. C. and have got the precise age of Brother Daniel he was Born in Moore County, N. C. September the 5th 1807. You can have this inscribed on his Tomb in a form to suit your own tast. please don't neglect having his grave fixed by the time I come which I expect will [be] about the first of Sept. that is Iff you can have the business wound up anytime next Fall my object for going out So Soon is on acct of my health it improved it So much last fall I am very anxious to take another Tour through Texas I expect to stay longer the next time and Travel over more of your country.... I am Teaching School yet. My school will be out in July.... Give my best respects to Mr. Clifford and family and except [sic] the Same your self...."

Power of attorney executed in Union Parish, Louisiana, 19 Sept. 1859. Malcolm McFarland and Flora McFarland, wife of Robert T. Johnston, all residents of Union Parish, empower Archibald McFarland to receive the several distributive shares that may be coming to them as heirs of Daniel McFarland, deceased, late of Tarrant County, Texas. Malcomb McFarland is a brother and Flora is a sister of deceased. Witnesses: Charles H. Raley, Israel Honeycutt, and Isaac C. Mayes, J.P.

Power of attorney, executed in Union Parish, La., September 20, 1859. in which Susan M. McFarland empowers Archibald McFarland to act in the interest of her minor children, Malcomb L., Mary A., James W., and Harriet E. McFarland, heirs to the estate of Daniel McFarland Dec'd, late of Tarrant Co., Texas, "said Susan M. McFarland being the mother of her said minor children and surviving spouse of John McFarland Dec'd being a Brother of the Deceased Daniel McFarland and said minors being the issue of the marriage between the said Susan M. and John McFarland Decd...." S/ Susan M. McFarland, Natural Tutrix Witnesses: Jacob Shlenkes (Shankles in body), George A. Killgore, and R. W. Futch [?], J.P.

Copies of transcribed records (five pages) from union Parish, in support of the claim of the minor heirs of John McFarland, deceased, as heirs to the estate of Daniel McFarland, deceased, indicate that John McFarland died in the month of August, 1852 and that his surviving wife, Susan Menerva McFarland was appointed administratrix of his estate, and guardian of his five minor children, who were Malcomb Leander, Mary Ann, James Ware, Harriet E., and William Duncan McFarland.

Administrator's statement of the condition of the estate. He reports amount of sale bill ($248.59); amount of notes and orders (1927.18); and amount of the above collected (1446.15). Sworn 26 September 1859.
Sale Bill of D. McFarland's estate.  Filed 26 Sept. 1859.
Purchasers were: P. Stringfied A. E. Toller
Charles Wood S. W. North
B. Bransom N. M. Clifford
W. H. Coltharp Bone

On second page, in pencil, the names read: P. Stringfield, Charles Wood, B. Branson, Wm. H. Coltharp, A. E. Toler, S. W. Short, and N. Clifford.

Receipt dated November 3, 1859, Tarrant County, Texas: "I Archd McFarland one of the Heirs of Daniel McFarland as Agent for myself and Malcom McFarland Flora McFarland and Her Husband Robt T. Johnston and Susan M. McFarland Equaly to be divided -- betweene the four. Have Received of Samuel Evans Administrator... the sum of Four Hundred and Twelve Dollars which is equal to one Hundred and Three Dollars to Each one of a for Said Heirs...."

Citation issued 7 June 1861 to Samuel Evans summoning him to appear in court on the last Monday in June 1861 to make his annual report.

Annual report of Samuel Evans, Admr. Filed 2 December 1862. He reports that he has 8paid A. McFarland; James Dalrymple; A. C. Richey for tuition; and C. M. Peak for advertisement. There are notes due from J. A. and J. S. Hanley.

Citation issued 2 January 1868 to Samuel Evans, summoning him to appear on the last Monday in January 1868 to answer order of the Probate Court. Executed 22 Jan. 1868 by M. G. Ellis, Deputy Shff.

Final account of Samuel Evans, admr. Filed 14 July 1868. He reports credits by "claims not collected which he considers worthless which herenwith returned in to Court." Notes on:
Charles Wood Wm Wood J. R. Hawkins
J. S. and J. A. Hanley R. L. Franklin S. B. Reace
R. Lane

He has paid to heirs of estate as per vouchers:
To A. McFarland, $402.00; to James Dalrymple, 4 mules at $125.00 each - $500. [Jas Dalrymple gave Samuel Evans a receipt dated Nov. 28, 1859 "for four mules which he is to sell and account to administrator for." Nothing further has been located in regard to James Dalrymple or "the N. C. heirs."]
Vouchers showing payments by administrator:
- to A. C. Richey, for "tuition, 100 days at 7 ½.... $7.50.
- to Latimer & Swindell, for advertising ... $7.00.
"Dew George R. Mannen, one Hundred and Seventy five Dollars. To be paid out of the money belonging to the Estate... when the estate is settled." Note signed by admr on Nov. 3, 1859. [but only the notation administrator remains. The signature itself has been torn out.]
-   "Dew William B. Mannan, Seventy five Dollars, to be paid out of the money Belonging to the Estate... when the Estate is settled." [signed by administrator. Signature torn out.]

Also in the file, an order of J. R. Hawkins, dated Jany 15, 1856: "Mrs. Samuel Hensley pleas pay D McFarland Twenty one Dollars that Being the amount of the note I held on you payable to John Robertson that was Destroyed or lost and this shall Be a receipt against said Note and oblige."

Account Book, partially burned, and some pages blank, found in the original papers, Tarrant County, Texas. This book is believed to have been used by Samuel Evans in collecting debts due the estate of Daniel McFarland, deceased. On page 8, below the account of J. E. Philips, is the following notation: seteled by note Aug 20, 1858 Samuel Evans, Adm'r. Notations on other accounts show how account was handled, but do not bear the signature of Samuel Evans. However, the accounts in this book include names of other persons known to have had contact with Daniel McFarland in one capacity or another. Some of the accounts are included in an index on page 30. This index appears to include only names of those accounts which were at some point unpaid, as those marked "paid" are not on this list. The following names appear in the ledger. When the index gives the name differently, it will appear here in brackets to show the discrepancy.
Edleman, David Armstrong Colltharp
Picket, John Stephenson Clifford
Evans, Samuel McKinsey, Jesse Robertson, J. M.
Toland, Dr. Reynolds, A. M. Narbo, Peter
Reese, Elizabeth Wattson, Joab Haris
Riddle, Hiram Shanan, George R. Murphy, W.
Toler, Thomas U. Clifford, N. M. Hudson, James
Reynolds, V. Martin, Charles Little, W.
Nichols, William Shanan, W. R. Tarant C. Texas
Johnson, S., Slack, W. W. - - Deer Crek Lodge
- - by Nicholds Granbary, G. B. Stone, William
Wood, Charles Dunaway, H. W. [T. W.] Doget, Mrs.
Wood, William Slack, W. W. Colins, W. L.
Gracy Wood, Whorton More
Evans ,Jesse Reese, Elisabeth Mores
Dodson, Joel, Atcharson, W. C. Ratliff, G.
- - by Ker, Jo - - [Atchison in index] Stone, Green
Click, John Watson, Joab Stone, Wm
Ker, David Watson, R. J. [or I.] Evans
Philips, J. E. Pendleton Stone, Green B.
Evans, Samuel, Admr Watson, R. J. [or I.] Moore
Keer, David Gracy, Emery Friorer, A. B.
Hunton, J. C. Gracy, C. T. [or J.] Callthorp, W. [W.H.]
Collins Hunton, John C. Moore, J. S. [or I.S.]
Bransam, Ben Arnold Johnson, S.
Toler, T. H. Evans, S. McSpadden, T. S.
Stephenson, J. B. Johnson, Simon Brown, J. [or I.]
Stephenson, James Foster, John Ratlif, G.
Gentry, W. P. Dishman, John James, E.

The last two names, G. Ratlif and E. James, are shown on the index as on page two. The extant pages of this ledger begin with page 3.

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