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Estate of William McNutt, Deceased


Bond of James M. Crofford, administrator estate of William McNutt, deceased; $1000. Sureties: Wm M. Robinson and M. W. Ellis. Approved 26 July 1858.

Inventory and appraisal made 10 Sept. 1858 by James Young and William D. Hudson, and W. A. Kimbrough. Total value: $280., plus $12 (sundries). Filed January 1859.

Additional inventory made at October term 1859: 160 acres land lying "East of J. M. Crawford." S/ James Young, W. D. Hudson, and W. S. Kimbrough. Sworn before J. M. Crofford, J.P., 31 October 1859.

Petition of Jas M. Crofford, admr, to sell 160 acres land belonging to estate to pay debts and settle estate. Filed 31 October 1859.
Sale Bill of the personal property. Filed 1 January 1859.
Buyers at sale:
E. McNutt Mr. Crawford Wm Hudson
Jas McNutt Mrs. Crawford F. A. Fort [or Fox]
H. McNutt J. M. Crawford Miss McNutt

Administrator' s report of sale of 160 acres land. He "has advertised and sold according to Law in the Lawn of Fort Worth on the 6th day of Dec'r the 160 acres of Land the Settlers Claim of said Deceased," and that said land was at said sale knocked off to G. Nance for $110.00.

Final account of administrator made at September term 1860 included report of sale of land; burial expense; account of Turner and Daggett; medical bill paid Bose - $5.00; and Dr. Hill's acct - $13.00.

Final account of administrator, filed 25 March 1861. He reports payments to Banes & Jewel; Turner & Daggett; Dr. Hill medical bill; Hiram McNutt - $70.00; Emily McNutt - $70.00; J. A. McNutt - $86.00; Buzby - $95.00.

Final Report of J. M. Crawford, administrator
He reports payments to Benge & Jewel; Turner & Daggett; Dr. Hill medical bill; E. M. Daggett; Hiram McNutt - $95.00; Emily McNutt - $70.00; J. A. McNutt - $70.00; Douglas Buzby - $95.00. After paying justices fees balance in hands of admr - $172.85. [He then] paid: Francis Crofford - $95.00; Emily McNutt - $25; James McNutt - $9.00. Balance on hand: $43.85.
Vouchers showing payments made by administrator of estate:
to Benge & Jewel, for 7 yds Jacenet per? J. W. Gans? at 45 cents and 7 1/2 yds at 18 3/4 cents. Caption on reverse: "Amount of bill for buryal expences of Wm McNutt."
- to James Hill, for visits to Mr. McNutt on March 1st, and medicines for two weeks for self - $10.00; on March 15 April 14, prescriptions for Self, by son. Affidavit made by James Hill, M.D. before Charles Gilden, Not. Public, Parker County, Texas, on 4 December 1858.
- to Emily McNutt, $103.70 "it being the amount of my intrust in the estate of Wm McNutt." Receipt dated 27 Jan. 1862.
- to E. M. Daggett, for pair shoes purchased Jan. 8, 1858.
- to H. A. McNutt, $103.75 "it being the amount of my intrust in his estate." 15. Nov. 1861.
- to Jas. A. McNutt, as attorney for D. H. and M. M. Busby $103.75 "in full of the intrust of D. H. and Margaret M. Busby in the estate of Wm McNutt this 13th day of Jan. 1862."
- to Jas. A. McNutt, $103.75, "it being the amount of my interest in the estate of Wm McNutt, dec'd this 13 Jan. 1862."

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