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Estate of John H. Miller, Deceased


Petition of Marshall M. Miller, of Tarrant County, for letters of administration on the estate of John H. Miller, deceased. He recites that John H. Miller died in the State of Louisiana in August 1864, intestate, that he left property in said county [Tarrant} and at the time of his death his domicile was here, that applicant was the brother of said Miller, dec'd. and the widow... is absent from the State and does not desire to administer on the estate. Filed October 9, 1866.

Bond of M. M. Miller, administrator; $2500. Sureties: W. P. Miller and James L. Miller. Approved 29 October 1866.

Inventory and appraisement made by J. H. Elliott and J. M. Lay. Included: 10 horses, 68 head cattle. household effects, and 130 acres land. Sworn Jan. 1. 1867 before J. A. Cornelius, J. P., Precinct 6.

Account of J. H. Miller with J. A. Cope, $246.40, approved Jan. 29, 1867. Account sworn by J. A. Cope before A. Howard, J. P., Precinct 6. At bottom: This is to certify that on this 15th day of Feby 1868 I gave to J. L. Miller acting agent for M. M. Miller a receipt for one hundred dollars in greenback money applide to the above. said receipt bearing the same date as this. S/ J. A. Cope. and one hundred dollars is all the money that was paid by me to the said Cope, on said date.
S/ James L. Miller.

March the 31st 1868 this is to certify that I received one receipt J Aleck for forty dollars in greenback this the day and date above written, on the within judgment.
S/ James L. Miller Oct. 3. 1868. [Another notation indicating payment by James L. Miller. agent of M. M. Miller, adm'r of the estate of John Miller, for $100.]

Petition of M. M. Miller, a resident citizen of Dallas County, for reimbursement of funds paid out on note of John H. Miller "for the amount specified in the certificate of Robert Grounds, J. P. Petitioner signed the note only as surety, and he has paid off the judgment." [Exhibits show that the note was made to Wm C. Hart on 18 Sept. 1860, and later placed in the hands of Robert Ground. J. P., for collection. The latter is identified as of Dallas County in Feb. 1867.]

Bill of sale of property of the estate sold by adm'r 13 Jan. 1867. Buyers: Isaac Goodnight, John Curry, Jennie Miller, Jesse Ramsey, Robt. Grounds, Joel Hancock, Nick Curry, Riley Fields, E. J. Emmons, W. P. Miller, Robt Damiel, and J. L. Miller. At a continued sale on 30 January J. L. Miller, Jennie Miller, and John Grounds were buyers. Sworn before Wm C. Wolff, N. P., Dallas County, Texas, Feb. 15, 1867. Filed Feb. 19, 1867.

Statement of Money Paid out by M. M. Miller as Adm'r Estate of J. H. Miller, Deceased. No file date.
Paid: Hendricks & Smith; W. B. Tucker, Co. Judge; James H. Smith, Judge and clerk's fees; R. W. Durrett. sheriff's fees; J. A. Cope account; G. Nance, clerk's fees; J. A.. Cope. Guardian of the minor heirs of Ell Merrell. Dec'd (1-18-1869); E. J. Emmons. account; C. W. Berry, acct.

Petition of Jennie Miller (by A. G. Walker, Agt) for letters of guardianship on the person and property of Mary John Miller, and also for the sale of the estate of ______ Miller, dec'd. Dated 26 day of October 1869. [It is not clear whether the children are Mary and John, or one child named Mary John.]

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