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Estate of John M. Monahan, Deceased


Jan. 26 1882.  John Sheehan, nephew of deceased, petitions for probate of will in Tarrant County since he is legatee of real estate in the State of Texas.  Will dated 8 Oct 1875, Louisville, Ky, names sister Ellen and husband Eli Slake of Williamsport Wash Co. Md., their children, John M., Charles T., Thomas E., Eliza F. Duffy, Mary Jane Dugan and Genevieve Stake; children of deceased sister Mary McIlheney (Charles T. and John); Helen L. Turner, (granddaughter deceased sister Mary McIlheney,) niece Letitia McIlheney (for support of deceased's half brother Milton); Charles T. McIlheney, John M. and Frances Sheehan; children of deceased sister Mary McIlheney; remainder in trust for nephew Edward Minahan (who changed his name) until age 25.  Monaham died 10 Dec 1881 in Kentucky.

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