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Estate of John T. Morehead, Deceased


Petition of J. Tracey Morehead for letters of administration on the estate of John Morehead, "one of the Meir Prisoners, the clerk of the county of Tarrant will please advertise the same." Dated 7 June 1858. Filed 10 June 1858.

Bond of J. Tracey Morehead, administrator of the estate of John T. Morehead, Dec'd, "one of the Mear prisoners." Sureties: I. D. Parker and Wm Quayle. Approved 28 June 1858.

Annual Account of administrator. He reports receipt on Noy. 12 of "cash reed as pay of said Decedent in the Meir Expedition. cr[edit] $605.00." Filed 22 Dec. 1858.

Administrators report. Filed 22 December 1863. He reports "cash Recd from the state of Texas. $605.00," and payment of court fees. Further, he petitions the probate court for order authorizing him to pay over to ____[?] State Treasury the amts Due the Legatees in his hands that he Does not Legally Represent. S/ Jas T. Morehead, admr of John T. Morehead.

Unofficial papers, undated and unsigned, entitled "Heirs of John T. Morehead Decd."
1. Tilman's Heirs: Sarah A. Dryden
Hadapee Rufner [or Hadasee Rufner]
2. Sarah L. Wilson
3. Ann E. Lentz
4. Wm G. Morehead
5. Jas T. Morehead

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