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Estate of J. F. Mosier, Deceased


Petition of A. C. Mosier and A. H. Boyd for letters of administration on the estate of J. K. Mosier, deceased. They recite that one J. K. Mosier departed this life in Tarrant Co., intestate, on the 16th of October 1867, and that on the 19th day of November 1867 his widow relinquished her right of administration on the estate of the decedent. Filed 25 November 1867.

I, Rebecca Mosier, Relick and late wife of J. K. Mosier deceased of the County of Tarrant ... relinquish my right to administer upon the Estate of my late husband J. K. Mosier deceased to A. C. Mosier and A. H. Boyd, or who ever else the Court may appoint, this November 19th 1867.
S/ Rebecca Mosier. Filed 30 December 1867.

Order of appraisement issued Jan. 18, 1868, to J. A. Hurst, Wm Cockrell, and H. gragan? Inventory and appraisement pencilled in at bottom of this order and on reverse side. Included: 320 acres of land, stock cattle, hogs, farm equipment, etc. No file date.

Report of personal property sold, in obedience to an order of court at June term, 1868, on 22 August 1868. Buyers: A. J. Jasper, R. C. Ford, M. Telley, T. W. Mosier. Filed 28 Sept. 1868.

Application for sale of 120 acres of land and annual report of claims. Filed 26 Oct. 1868. Claims accepted and allowed by the court: accounts in favor of --allin & Fuller; Sulavan; A. H. Boy [Boyd?; Roy?]; one acct of A. H. Mosier for burial expense. A sum of $145 still owed by estate. Petition of adm'rs to sell at the court house door 120 acres of land in Tarrant Co. on the west fork of Trinity, the North End of a 320 acre Survey in the name of Solomon Davis (Survey No. 4141) the same was patented to J. K. Mosier assignee of Solomon Davis. Filed.

Report of sale of 120 acres of land to the highest bidder, T. W. Mosier. They further report that the remaining 200 acres has been set aside to the widow. They have divided the balance of funds among the heirs: A. C. Mosier, guardian for J. A. Mosier; A. C. Mosier; and Mary Hedges. [The payments were equal.]

Citation issued Jan. 4, 1871 to A. C. Mosier, guardian of the heirs of W. E. Mosier, deceased, to appear in court on the second Monday in March 1871. Notation by T. B. James, Shff, T. E. Cross, Deputy, "The within name Dft is not to be found in my county." March 13, 1871.

A. C. Mosier   Dear Sir    Please send me fifteen Dollars in greenback. I am going to start to greenville tomorrow and am out of money. Yours as ever. S/ B. F. Barkley.
Vouchers, showing payments made by administrators:


to Doctr R. L. Sullivan, for prescriptions and medicine for self, wife, and daughter during the year 1867. The account is identified as that of Judge Mosier, and the affidavit of Dr. Sullivan refers to him as Judge Mosier, deceased. It is signed R. L. Sullivan, M.D.


to J. B. Boyd, account for medical services in October 1867. Sworn before Ryan Harrington, J. P., Beat 2. 24 Oct. 1868.


to Mullins & Fuller. Acct sworn 17 May 1867 by J. B. Fuller before J. A. Cornelius, J. P.

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