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Estate of John Myres et al, Minors


13 May 1868. Notice of W. S. Graves that "there is now in your county 6 children without any lawful guardian of the following name and age

William Myres - born 12 Dec 1850
Mahala Emiline Myres - born 12 March1852
Eliza Jane Myres born 17 April 1856  [lined through]
Samuel Myers was borned 13 April 1858
Lavinia Myers borned 17 Aprl 1856
Eliza Jane Myers borned 8 Feb 1856
Samuel Myers borned 13 April 1858
John Myers born 2 June 1860.

W. S. Graves would be a verry good man I think for a guardian lettis of guardianship."
Filed 14 May 1868.

Petition of James Alman of Tarrant County for letters of guardianship on the person and property of Levina Myres, Samuel Myres, [and] John Myres, minor heirs of Sarah Myres, dec'd. He respectfully shows that Levina Myres, age 12 years, Samuel Myres, aged 10 years, and John Myres, age 8 years who also reside in Tarrant County, minor heirs of Sarah Hamilton, formerly Sarah Myres, late of said county... has no Legal Guardian, that they own a small amount of personal property -- they have neither father nor mother living and your petitioner is the nearest relative living that is of age to act as Guardian for said minors.... S/ Jas Alman, per G. Nance, atty for petitioner. Filed 28 May 1868.

Jas. Alman vs. W. S. Graves. In the estate of the minor heirs of Sarah and James Myres, deceased. Jas Alman files his objection to application of W. S. Graves for letters of guardianship of Wm Myres, Mahala E. Myres, Levina Myres, Eliza J. Myres, Samuel Myres, and John Myres, for the following reason 1st applicant does not state whether heirs has any estate of note. 2nd does not show the residence of the applicant, and does not pray for the appointment of any person and that the notice required by law has not been given and that William, Mahala J. and Elizabeth J. is over the age of 14 years, and has the right to choose their Guardian that a part of said minors... reside in Parker County. He asks that Graves application be dismissed and that said Jas Alman be guardian of ther person and property of Levina E., Samuel and John Myres.

Bond of William Graves who has been appointed guardian of the person and estate of Vina, Samuel, John, and Eliza Myers, infant heirs of J. Myers, dec'd; $300. Sureties: B. G. Lawrence and Absalom Cruse. Approved 30 May 1868.

"At May term 1868 guardianship of the person and property of Vina, Samuel and John Myers was granted to W. S. Graves. Letters issued April 1?, 1869."

Citation issued 4 January 1871 to W. S. Graves, Guardian of Joseph [sic] Myers, to appear at March term to render his annual account. Citation returned by T. B. James, Sheriff, unexecuted. "Def't is not to be found in my county. March 1, 1871."

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