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Estate of A. C. Nethery, Deceased


Petition of B. L. Samuels for letters of administration on the estate of A. C. Nethery who died (day and month blank) 1862.

Bond of B. L. Samuels, adm'r; $15000. Sureties: L. E. Holt, A. D. Johnson, and E. H. Culbertson. Approved 31 Dec. 1862.

Bond of B. L. Samuels, adm'r; $20,000. Sureties: J. B. Russell, S. Gilmore, and M. L. Wood. Approved 23 Feb. 1863.

Inventory returned 30 March 1863 by W. B. Tucker, S. L. Ferrill, and G. W. Stover (or Stoner). Included a blacksmith shop and lot. Filed 30 March 1863.

Claims against estate of A. C. Nethery presented by John A. Wims, J. G. Craig, Juliett A. Fowler, addx. of the estate of A. Y. Fowler, R. H. King. A. D. Johnson, J. E. Brandon, M. V. B. Powell judgement, F. M. Durrett, and John Asburry. Filed 27 April 1863.

Certified copy of the proceedings in the case of S. A. Carpenter for the use of M. V. B. Powell vs. A. C. Nethery supplied by Joshua Addington, J.P., Pct. 5, as of record in his docket book. Action was brought 27 Oct. 1860. Citation to Nethery executed Nov. 1860 by Pat Roy, Constable. Again in 1861, April 6, execution returned held up by John W. Berry. Robert B. Boyd, constable, executed citation on Oct. 18, 1861. On 8 July 1863 A. N. Denton, atty for M. V. Powell, made affidavit that the claim was just, and on 6 Dec. 1864 the claim was paid to A. N. Denton, atty. No file date.

Receipt of A. C. Nethery for one horse furnished by W. O. Yantis to William Belew, "a member in Capt. A. C. Nethery's Company Texas Mounted Volunteers for which I am to draw the first pay due Belew, he having already given me power of attorney, and send to Yantis by the first opportunity." S/ A. C. Nethery.

Administrator's bill of expense and commissions. He enumerates expense to Waco on business for estate, 6 days traveling to Waco, traveling to Dallas, etc. In the margin of a duplicate, undated, copy, in a different handwriting, is the following observation: "Many fools in this world See Marques and Burtchart in the CSA killing Yankies."

Report of sale in 1863. Blacksmith Shop tools sold to satisfy the vendors lien by R. H. King, a part of the purchase money; one Beef Steer to CSA; sold shop rent from Keith; Received of J. F. Ellis, for hire of Boy Frank, $60; sale of Boy Frank to F. Knarr, $4030. Filed 28 March 1864.

Administrator's report of claims against estate held by
I. G. Craig, note J. C. Terrel, H. Johnson,
Estate of A. Y. Fowler, note S. Terry
A. D. Johnson B. L. Samuel
J. E. Brandon S. Tunnell
M. V. B. Powell judgment J. L. Purvis
J. M. Durrett, acct L. J. Edward
John Asbury, note H. Johnson
April Term 1864

Report of adm'r of cash in his hands. He further represents that S. Gilmore as adm'r of the "estate of J. B. Yaus hold a note against the Estate of A. C. Nethery dec'd... and your petitioner holds a claim against the Estate of J. B. York which is now in suit pending in the District Court of Tarrant County...." Filed 30 May 1864

Petition of John A. Wims and D. H. Hammer for order of sale of one lot ... of land in the town of Fort Worth ... lying north of the public square ... fronting on the square fifty feet and running back one hundred feet and the same upon which the livery stable stands formerly owned by Nethery & Tennelly. Petitioners hold a joint mortgage against the estate, to secure the payment of two notes, one executed by Nethery to J. A. Wims, agent for his wife Frances C. Wims, for $1059, and also, one note executed to D. H. Hammer, for $500, due 15 January 1860. Filed Jan. Term 1866.

Petition of R. Ward, a resident of Edgefield District, South Carolina, for order of sale of a house and lot in the town of Fort Worth upon which he holds a mortgage. He represents that, in his lifetime, on the l0th day of December 1860, A. C. Nethery made and executed and delivered his certain promissory note to petitioner. November Term 1866.

Report of administrator that in pursuance of an order issued at November term of court to sell the following property and discharge a mortgage debt due R. Ward: a house and lot situated in the town of Fort Worth on the N.W. corner of the Public Square, bounded South by J. B. Dixon's lot and Sten House, West by F. Knaar's property, East by Public Square, North by _____ Street. Property was appraised at $1500 and on the first Tuesday of January 1867 was sold at the Court House door in Fort Worth for cash to satisfy the mortgage, when same was bid off by R. Ward for the sum of $1125, he being the highest bidder. Sworn before J. P. Smith, N. P., at his office in Fort Worth on 30 January 1867.

Report of adm'r that in obedience to an order made by the court at Dec. term 1866, ordering adm'r to sell one house and lot in Fort Worth known as the Nethery & Tennelly Stable to satisfy a mortgage in favor of D. H. Hammer and F. C. Wims, the Livery Stable was bid off by Francis A. Wims and D. H. Hammer at $225, and the 292 acres land in Wise County was bid off by C. G. Payne at $25. Filed 28 May 1867. [In Feb. adm'r had reported this land sold to David Man---?]

Final account of adm'r. Filed 27 July 1868. He reports amounts paid out to R. H. King; Benge & Jewel; I. G. Craig, B. L. Samuel; J. M. Durrett, John E. Brandon; J. C. Terrell; Estate of A. D. Johnson; Estate of A. Y. Fowler; J. L. Purvis; and sale of house to Terry. He reports credits: by value of the Brandon house which had previously been sold to D. H. Hammer; by value of store house and lot mortgaged to R. Ward; by value of livery stable mortgaged to Wims and Hammer. On reverse side: Sale Bill. Dated July 20, l863. Buyers: A. D. Johnson; H. B. Marshall; E. Henry; C. M. Peak; S. Terry; J. M. Lilly; E. S. Terrell; A. Anderson; J. F. Ellis; Jas. Marquess; F. J. Jones (or Janes); E. M. Daggett; F. Knarr; "Sold Hous ? known as Green Tiger to Stephen Terry. "The house and lot purchased by Brandon as ----? in this inventory was held by deed by D. H. Hammer executed in the lifetime of decendent."

List of accounts. No date.
J. L. Purvis; L. J. Edwards; P. Isabel [Isbell]; Jos E. Terrell; Harrison Johnson; S. Terry; Stephen Tunnell; B. L. Samuel; W. Mason, Jas Shults. E. Henry; Jas Marquess; Stephen Terry green Tiger $57.00.

Note from James Vance in favor of A. C. Nethery & Tennelly. Dated Oct. 25, 1863. Also, note from G. W. Prutt [Pruitt?] to A. C. Nethery. Dated 27 Nov. 1861.

Vouchers showing payments made by administrator:
- to J. C. Andrews, for purchases made in 1860.
- to Roger Q. Tandy, $950; note dated Oct. 3, 1859. Debtors are called A. C. Nethery & Samuel Tennelly "both deceased." Pencilled observation: Mr. Zadde make Mr. Alfort pr Bnds ? Dec. 12/64. On reverse side: James P. Alford Hempstead
- to Paul Isbell.
- to Ibby G. Craig, note
- to A. D. Johnson [paid to his estate] for furnishing Mrs. Koonce with following articles: flower, cornmeal, two loads wood.
- to Dallas Herald for advertising for six weeks.
- to L. J. Edwards.
- to R. H. King, payment of notes given by A. C. Nethery to King on 20 April 1860 and 1 March 1861 in consideration of property in town of Fort Worth on the west side of town "known as the house and lot formily occupied by your petitioner [King], as a Blacksmith Shop...."
- to William B. Young
- to W. L. Ferguson, account from May 2, 1859 through Feb. l8, 1861. Included were licenses for retail (83.33), drugs and medicine, etc.
- to John Farrar.
- to J. M. Durrett.
- to Mrs. J. A. Fowler, admrs of A. Y. Fowler, deceased.

Receipt to B. D. Samuel from the Steamer Pacific.
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