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Estate of William Norris, Deceased


Petition of Kesiah Haworth and Rebecca Norris for letters of administration on the estate of William Norris, deceased. Filed 11 Feb. 1856.

Petition of J. A. Long, one of the securities of the bond of Kisiah Hayworth and Rebecca Norris, administratrixes of the estate of William Norris, deceased, to be released from such security. He further asked to be released from further liabilities on the bond of Kesiah Hayworth, admx of the estate of Solomon Haworth, deceased. Prayer granted. Filed 23 Sept. 1856.

Exhibit of Kesiah Haworth and Rebecca Norris, admxs. List of claims against estate presented within the first twelve months after grant of letters, which have been accepted and allowed: Advertising in the Dallas Herald; Mortimer Elliston for braking prairie; Jas and Neal Lorry [?] for stake and riding fence; Henry Hardesty for 2 coffins; J. H. Hughes for shrouding; Mr. Rush for making Rail; Roberson; Morehead; Tarrant County for Lots in Birdville; M. B. King; Wm Quayle; Court in the Sigler cas [case]; Walker and Farly; R. B. Siglers judgment; G. W. Allen. Stating that there is no funds in admxs hands to pay debts against the estate, they petition for order to sell 119 acres land situated in Tarrant County adjoining the town of Birdville and known as part of a survey made by virtue of said Wm. Norris Colony headrigbt certificate and patented to him.

B. F. Walkers Guard[ian] Report. Filed 23 Oct. 1876.
An Exhibit of the Estate of William Norris Decd.

The 320 acre Survey of Wm. Norris lies 2 miles S.E. of Birdville on the waters of Fossil Creek about the year 1854 Wm Norris sold to Rush Wallace 60 acres of said Survey on the eastern part of the 320 acre survey Known as the Stanley survey claimed by him and said Wallace that sale left 340 acres in Norris tract it proved afterward one Martin owned the survey and Wallace's title was imperfect which he himself afterward acknowledged Martin recorded the deed in Fort Worth. Finally the sheriff of Tarrant Co. about 1869 executed said 320 acres of Land for the debts of said Martin and sold the same to one T. Butler I went and seen Wallace and warned him of the sale that 80 acres proving defective deducted of the 340 acres leaves 260 acres in the survey. 200 acres belong to the widow Norris leaving only 60 acres to be divided among 4 heirs  Namely Kesiah Walker; Rebecca Hightower; Mary Manship and Jane Melton these 4 were daughters and heirs of William Norris dec My wife Kesiah Walker bought the right of Rebecca Hightower and Wm. Manship, son of Mary Manship Deceased. Mary Manship left 3 children this leaves 1 share and 2/3 of a share to be divided the Express wish of the heirs that is Mnship and Melton that their portion of the land be taken of the North portion of the tract, commencing at the North Western corner of the Wallace 60 acre survey then west with Jones' S line to Fossil Creek. S/ B. F. Walker, Guardian of the late Rebecca Norris.

A penciled paper captioned "Description of Land" refers to 200 acres of the Wm Norris Survey, beginning at the N W corner of said Norris 220 acre survey [boundaries described], and on the reverse side, also in pencil, is the following charts
( Kesiah Walker
( Rebecca Hightower sold to Kesiah Walker
( ( Wm Manship to K. Walker
Wm. Norris ( Mary Manship----- ( Rebecca Manship sold to T A Butler
( ( Jas Manship sold to T A Butler
( Jane Melton

Appraisers Receipts.
From Sam Boaz to S. Terry, admr of Rebecca Norris, dec'd, for services as appraisers of estate.
From I. D. Parker, for his services in appraising estate, to S. Terry, admr estate of Rebecca Norris.
From Wm. Henderson, for his services in appraising estate.
[It is obvious that the above papers belong to the estate of Rebecca Norris, deceased. However, they are filed in the packet with those of her husband. Recorded in Old Estate Record Book, 1855-1859, is the bond of Kesiah Hayworth and Rebecca Norris. Securities were James A. Torrey and Lewis G. Tinsley. Another paper recorded shows that Rebecca Norris (at same point--the date not recorded) relinquished all her right to administrate on the estate of "my deceased husband W. Norris." The relinquishment was witnessed by Kesiah Cox.]

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