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Estate of Margarett J. Potts, Deceased


Application of Margaret Walker for letters of administration on estate of Margarett J. Potts, deceased. 26 Dec. 1852.

Bond of William A. Walker, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Margarett J. Potts, deceased; $1350. Sureties: Daniel Barcroft and Hamilton (X) Bennett. Approved March 1, 1853.

Citation issued February term 1853 to H. Bennett, Te____? McKinney, and J. B. Hibbert to meet on the premises of said estate, proceed to appraise the same, and due return make.

Petition of W. A. Walker, administrator, for sale of property of deceased to pay debts and expence of administration. The estate is indebted to: Thos H. Williams, M.D.; Witt & Hoffman; L. J. Wilson; and W. J. Duvall. No date.

Petition of Solomon Haworth and D. Barcroft to reznise [resign] and for Wm. A. Walker, admr of the estate, to give new bond and security "as we are not willing to stand any longer as security for him. Filed 30 may 1853.

Citation to Wm. A. Walker to appear at Birdville on Saturday the 4th day of June 1853 to give a new bond. Executed 30 May by J. B. York, Sheriff, by reading to the defendant on the same day.

Bond of Margaret Walker, administratrix de bonis non with the will annexed: $1350. Sureties: J. B. Hibbert and Owen Blacker. Approved 30 Jan. 1854.
Vouchers, showing payments made by the estate of Margarett J. Potts:


to Thomas H. Williams; "for medical services rendered them (W. W. and Margaret J. Potts) personally. $75.00. Sworn before John W. Elaston, J.P., Birdville, Texas. April 2, 1853.


to Sanders Eliott; account.


to B. P. Ayres, C.C., "for Bennett and Minter as Chief Justices fees when acting as Chief Justice."


to court fees, for B. P. Ayres, Clk.; Jason Watson, C.J.; and J. Tracey Morehead, C.J.

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