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Early Probate Records

Estate of Wiley W. Potts, Deceased


Application of Wm. A. Walker for probate of the will of Wiley W. Potts and also the will of Margarett J. Potts, and for letters of administration with the will annexed. Filed 31 Jan. 1853.

List of property sold by admr at sale held 22 October 1853 on 12 months credit. Buyers: John Walker, Joseph Dunham, Owen Blacker, Pleasant Smith, W. A. Bates, J. W. Pirge [or Birge], W. D. Borns, J. W. Burge, Vincent More. Filed Nov. 1, 1853.

Annual settlement of Margaret Walker, admrx. She reports that she paid the following: J. A. Hust, Silas Dean, Richd Gossett, J. C. Armstrong, and W. J. Duvall. Filed 31 July 1854.

Appraisement of a house on the land of Wiley Potts, deceased,$30.00; by Smith Drew and D. C. Henderson. Sworn before E. A. Bates, J.P. 2 Oct. 1854. Filed 30 Oct. 1854.

Statements of F. Wilcox and W. H. Boswell, dated 29 March 1858: They are "willing for Margaret Walker to retain the money that is due the Estate of W. W. Potts that is due to be paid by John H. and J. A. Walker." [Franklin Wilcox and W. H. Boswell were sureties on the bond of Margaret Walker, guardian of Wiley W. Potts, minor heir. The new bond was approved on above date.]
Vouchers showing payments made by estate of Wiley W. Potts:


to W. J. Duvall; for account dated Dec. 17-Dec. 27, 1853. Included were slippers, hose, nails, domestic, cambric, lace. Dec. 27: lumber furnished for coffin.


to C. C. McKinney; account.


to J. C. Armstrong; being the account in full of Doct. J. C. Armstrong.


to Richard Gossett; for "services render his Brother while in his last sickness." Rejected by W. A. Walker, admr, on Nov. 1, 1853, "because I don't think it is just." Paid 14 July 1854 by Margaret Walker [widow of W. A. Walker who died between Dec. 14 and 26, 1853].


to Silas Dean for account of L. J. Wilson for making a coffin for Mrs. Potts in December 1852. The account was assigned by L. J. Wilson to Silas Dean 26 Oct. 1853.


to J. A. Hust, Assr and Coll.; state and county taxes for the years 1854 and 1855.


to A. C. Walker; "the District Surveyor's fees, patent fees and my fees for getting two land patents for the hrs of sd decedent." 18 Sept. 1857.

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