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Estate of Isaac Power, Deceased


Inventory of the Community Property of Isaac Power, deceased and Mary J. Power. Filed Feb. 25, 1867. Rejected. [At bottom: no good]

At February term 1867 comes Mary Power wife of Isaac Power Dec'd praying your Honors to Render a full Inventory of all the property Belonging to the Estate of Said Isaac and Mary Power. To wit, 1215 acres land; 30 head oxen, 500 head cattle, 5 head work oxen, 11 head hogs, 1 plow, 30 bushels wheat, 2 hoes. Amount of Notes and Accts Due Said Estate: 1 note on Hawkins & Lilly principal [and] Int. $194. One note on James Hudson $15. InDetinees of Said Estate: To N. Byer (20.00), To Burial Expences in green back (40.00); To Coffin Spicer (7.00)

Warrant of appraisement issued 25 March 1867 to J. D. Hudson, M. Ozee, and J. M. Tucker, to appraise the estate of Isaac Power, deceased. J. C. Hollomon, Shff, returned the warrant with notation that it came to hand. April 29th and executed same day by reading to J. M. Tuck (Sic) and J. M. Hudson in person. M. Ozee excused from services by the Chief Justice.

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