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Estate of Joseph L. Purvis, Deceased


Petition of J. N. B. Williams for letters of administration on the estate of Joseph L. Purvis, late of Tarrant Co., who died intestate on the 24th day of December 1865, leaving property consisting of horses, cattle, etc. Filed 15 March 1866.

Mary E. Purvis, widow of Joseph L. Purvis, to John. L. Purvis, power of attorney empowering him to act for her and in her stead, to collect and payout and to ask, demand, and receive any monies due her late husband. Dated 26 January 1866.
Witnesses: B. F. Johnson and W. C. Craig.

On reverse side: A List of papers of Jos L Purvis Decd: Peter Shutts to I. R. Vernoy; P. Moor Dr to R. M. King; Franklin Johnson; Dr. Shelton Dr to I. R. Vnoy; 1 note on John Farrar; J. D. Crages; 1 acct on Wiley Gilmore: 1 acct on C. Turner: 1 note on A. J. Oliver payable to Vernoy; 1 note on W. F. Adams to R. H. King; 1 order given by S. Terry; 1 order given by J. D. Fergerson.

Bond of J. N. B. Williams, administrator; $1600.
Sureties: E. M. Daggett and _? R? Fergerson.
Approved 26 March 1866.

Petition of administrator to sell all the horses belonging to the estate to satisfy debts. There is danger of their estraying. Also, to rent out the blacksmith shop and tools. Filed 25 September 1866.

Petition of [blank} Purvis, widow of Joseph L. Purvis. dec'd. for revoke of order given at Sept. term to sell horses, for the reason that the allowance for petitioner and ber child has not been set apart. S/ C. G. Payne, Atty for Plnff. Dated 27 Sept. 1866. Filed 27 Sept. 1866.

Affidavit of Elizabeth Kitchens that "she is not due the Estate of Joseph L. Purvis, Dec - anything." Sworn 2 May 1866 before J. N. B. Williams, J. P.

Report of administrator that on August 8, 1866. he rented to B. Bolerner [Berliner] one blacksmith shop situated in the town of Fort Worth, together with all the tools and appurtenances for the term of twelve months. [Contract apparently rejected by court in favor of public outcry.]

Administrator reports that he has, pursuant to an order from the court, rented to W. Frank Adams one blacksmith shop and tools for a term of twelve months from and after the 8th of Oct., said Adams being the highest and best bidder. Filed 23 Oct. 1866.

Annual report of administrator. Filed April Term 1867. He report claims presented within last twelve months, and funds received, and disbursements. He has received monies from B. Berliner, W. F. Adams, and D. Wiggins. He has paid the Dallas Herald for publication and other administrative expenses. He reports notes and accounts due from John L. Purvis, M. J. Brinson. Col. Nat Terrv, J.? Samuels, E. Mitchel.

Bill of Cost. Filed Jan. 2, 1867.
J. B. Alexander Exectrx
A. M. Alexander and
James P. Dumas vs. J. N. B. Williams, adm'r.

Petition of Mary Purvis, widow of J. L. Purvis, for sale of a certain house and lot in the town of Fort Worth known as the King Shop [blacksmith shop] with the tools thereto belonging in order to pay the balance due her for support as ordered by the court. S/ C. G. Payn, atty for petitioner. Filed 23 Aug. 1867.

List of Accounts. [No file date. This may have been part of an annual report made by adm'r. Names of those shown in accounts, without duplications.]:
W. M. Milwee John Morrow J. M. Burkart
Jas W. Bradner James Ventioner C. J. Louchx
H. Jefferson T. M. (or W) Bradner W. H. Milwee
T. W. Mann B. F. Barkley A. G. Walker
G. Nance - delivered
to E. M. Orrick E. Nance Wm York
John Webb James Christwell W. H. Overton
E. M. Orrick Jefferson Earl J. D. Ferguson
M. F. Morgan,
for W. H. Moore J. S. Morris A. C. Andrews
Roberson & Adams Jas F. Ellis Jessie R. Conner
W. B. Lorance T. H. Byas David Moses
J. E. Brandon L. Oldham E. Otley
James M. Townsend Wm Plummer C. B. Daggett
David Mauch T. J. Thompson S. Elliott
E. Rogers George Slocum D. Mauk
J. S. Morris Nicholas Byas (Bezar?) John Sanders
A. Curry H. Baker A. C. McCaws
G. A. Jennings Wm Linn David Smith
T. W. Oldham H. Holland S. W. Hilburn
Henry Jefferson W. H. Richardson Wm Lynn
L. B. Criswell F. M. Burk A. G. Walker
T. W. Mann S. Elliott Burts & Vanzant
Anderson Cobble A. Rucker Wm Jennings
U.S.C. T. A. Brown David Moses
J. B. Edens W. F. Bamburg Seaton Eddy
Ed Alford C. Poyner G. W. Ferriss
J. W. Morrow J. H. Shelton J. F. Calloway
John Boon J. L. Tinsley Henry Coker
Jeremiah Asbury W. T. Janes M. H. Moore
T. W. Morris B. F. Hudgins Sheriff, Johnson Co.
J. E. Brandon Richd Byas J. B. Foster
Thos Jefferson Henry Jefferson L. Grismley (sic)
W. F. Cooly Jas. Hudson Alexr Allen
J. W. Chatman J. W. Chatman Shff Parker Co.
J. S. Morris Wm Harrison D. C. Harrison
J. B. Andrews J. M. Throop W. M. C. Haworth
James Weimbley Wm H. Davis S. Elliott, Shff
B. F. Andrews Joshua Addington D. Wyler?
Gillespie Mr. Gray Dr. J. J. Inge
W. Blocker Wm B. Tucker Dr. John F. Shelton
John E. Hood, alias H. Hood
Samuel Hood Wright & Mitchel Levi Mitchel

Letter from A. Stutts of Gold Reagan, Moore County, North Carolina, dated May 2, 1857, addressed to Mr. Joseph L. Purvis and John Purvis: Dear Sirs. I once moore take the pleasure of Riting a few line to see if I can find you. I have Rote so many times to you and I got no answer that I give it up, that you did not intend to answer my letters or that you were all dead. then I Rote to Abxr McNeell to no what had become of you and got no answer from him. I yet would not give it up. I then Rote to the post master at San Augustine Texas - to no what had become of you. He Rote to me and told me that you had left there and gone to a place neear fortworth Taurant County and I now send my letter to see if I can find you theare if it finds you I can say to you that we are all in common helth with the exseption of your sister. She is now confind to the Bed but is giting alonge as well as could be exspectted after having a fine son last Saturday night - hoping those few lines may find you and find you all well - I will not Rite along letter as I am not surtin this will find you if it doz Rite to me and I will give you all the news of this contry. I have anotion of travling to your state next winter if nothing happens. Brother Ransom Steell [Stull?] is now living in Alabama and I exspect is now on a visit to Texas - after he returns and gives me the Strict accoun of that State I may come to look out place to moove to and if I come I shall call and see you I will say to afew words about your Lots of land you hear it is much worsted the timber is all cut off of it that is worth anything of note Mr. Martine Wil1son is living on it and I am told he has rewnd it very much. Your sister Cary ses you must give it to her to put with her part of land and it all will sell better - and allso Mary Luiazer and Sarah Louvena [?] ses you must give it to them I think you had better give me apower of atturney and let me sell it for you and send or bring you the money tho do as you think proper with it I exspect to sell Carys part as it is in two small apiec for to settle on of its self Mary and Sarah ses again give it to them and for you to come hear and see them and they will give you three times as much and perhaps go back to Texes with you. Frances is dead and her many run away from hear. You mother and all you connections are all well - times hear is hard as to many matters provisions is scarce [?].... After you Rite to me I will no whare you are and then I will Rite to you and tell you all the nuse.... James Cavness has set his time to die that is after corn is laid by he as big afool as he was when you left hear and Just as contrary you no as much or moore than I can tell you about him Mary Lueazer and Sarahlouisa ses you must Rite to them and tell them why you have not answered their letters they Rote to you Dirrect your letters to Gold Reagon Moore County N. C. I will close my letter by saying I am yours with Respect untill Death.
S/ A. Stutts

[Note: It is not possible to tell if the writer's name was Steel. Stull, or Stutts.]
Vouchers, showing payments made by administrator:
- to Henary or Hilary Hatcher (both spellings used).
- to Frank Knarr, for repair of plow for Dalton (acct confirmed with Mrs. Knarr. March term 1868.
- to E. M. Mitchell, for making coffin Dec. 25. 1865.
- to J. N. B. Williams, accounts 1862 through 1865 [appears to be physicians statement.]
- to J. W. Oliver, note.
to W. T. Ferguson, acct [general store or drug store] from June 17, 1859 through May 12, 1864, One entry reads, "Ink and pencil per daughter."

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