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Estate of George W. Ragean, [presumed] Deceased


Petition of A. J. Lee for letters of administration on the estate of George W. Ragean, deceased. 15 December 1856.

Bond of A. J. Lee, admr; $700. Sureties: John M. Durrett and J. B. York. Approved 29 December 1856.

Inventory returned February 17, 1857, by P. A. Watson, H. C. Daggett, and William Thomas: 320 acres land, his own headright which is all the property.

Petition of admr to sell the land of G. W. Reagan, deceased, containing 320 acres the Peters Colony Headright ... the only property found belonging to said Decd. 28 April 1857.

Report of A. J. Lee, Admr, that on the 5th day of June 1858 S. Gilmore, CJ, approved an account for $22.00 in favor of said A. J. Lee for locating and surveying land. Filed 5 Oct. 1858.

Report of admr that on 7 July 1857 he sold to Michael Ditto, for $862.40, the following described tract of land: 308 acres "The same being apart of the Peters Colony headright of said Ragan dec'd situated in the cross timbers in said county [Tarrant] beginning at D. H. McClures SW cor and Wm Oneals NW cor and Geo. W. Coonorods SE cor a stake whence a P.O. by S83:7 N Then W 950 v to F. W. Hendersons NE cor a stake whence a P.O. by N 65 v [or W] 133 then South 1900 v to the SW corn of a twelve acre tract deeded to James Harrison out of the same tract. Thence N 260 v to Harrison NW cor Thence E 260 v to Harrisons NE cor at stake in the E boundary line of original survey Thence N 1640 v to the place of beginning. The condition of said sale... purchase money should be paid 13 months after the date of said sale. And M. T. Johnson and P. A. Hudson executed with said Ditto their joint and several promissory note on the 7th day of July 1858. Filed 29 Nov. 1858.

Petition of A. J. Lee, admr, for discharge, stating he proceeded to conduct said estate according to law. "Since which time it has been ascertained that the said Ragand is living."

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