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Estate of John S. Roy, Deceased


Application of Jane Roy for letters of administration on the estate of John S. Roy, deceased. Filed 1 October 1855.

Bond of Jane (X) Roy, administratrix. Sureties: Jason Watson and S. H. Tummins. Approved 29 October 1855.

Petition of Jane Roy, admx, for an order to sell so much of the estate as will be sufficient to pay the debts and expense of administration. The following claims against the estate have been presented, but not accepted, not being proven or sworn as the law directs: J. H. Hill, Wallace, Jason Watson, Messrs Brinson & Slaughter, Joel M. Lilly, and Caruth & Bro. Filed Nov. 26, 1855.

Appraisement list and inventory, made 23 Nov. 1855, by S. H. Tummins and Richardson M. Elliott, included 320 acres land, one improv[e]ment on public land, livestock, grain, farm tools, household and kitchen furniture, etc. Total value: $1363. Filed 27 Nov. 1855.

Administrator's report of sale of 120 acres land [being the] East end of the North half of Section 17 Township 2 South Range 3 West, at Birdville, on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1856, to W. M. Ball and G. W. Tummins. Filed 30 Jan. 1856.

Petition of Jane Roy for order to sell at private sale the improvement made on public land belonging to said estate. Filed 25 Aug. 1856.

Report of sale of the improvement on pub[l]ic land to Elijah W. Ellis on 30 Aug. 1856. Filed 19 Sept. 1856.

"Johnson Station Texas. Feby 12, 1857. I hereby notify you that from this day I will not stand as security for Mrs. Jane Roy" as administratrix ... and ask for discharge." S/ Jason Watson.

Petition of John A. Hust for letters of administration on estate of J. S. Roy, deceased in place of Jane Roy removed. Filed 7 March 1857.

Bond of John A. Hust, admr de bonis non; $3000. Sureties: A. F. Leonard and D. C. Hust. Approved 30 March 1857.

Exhibit of all assets of the estate of John S. Roy to 24 May 1857, by admr de bonis non: Notes on W. N. Beall, George W. Tummins, Jason Watson, and S. H. Tummins. [no file date]

Petition of Jane Roy for letters of guardianship of the person and estate of A. H.; J. C.; M. R.; Uz [or U. Z.]; J. W.; and Mary A. Roy, minor heirs of J. S. Roy, deceased. Filed 27 July 1857.

Bond of Jane Roy, guardian of the person and property of A. H. Roy, M. L. Roy, U. Z. Roy, J. W. Roy, and Mary A. Roy, Minor heirs of J. S. Roy, dec'd; $400. Sureties: Israel Earle(s) and J. A. Hust. 31 Aug. 1857.

Petition of G. W. Tummins for an order authorising and requiring John A. Hust, admr, "to make me a deed to the N. Half 60 acres of the one hundred and twenty acres sold by order of the court, at administrators sale Jan. 1, 1856 ... now paid for by me." Petition granted. Filed Nov. 30, 1857.

Petition of W. M. Beall for an order authorising and requiring John A. Hust admr ... to make a deed to the South half of the one hundred and twenty acres of land sold by order of the court at admrs sale on 1 Jan. 1856 "which Land is now paid for by me." Petition granted. Filed 30 Nov. 1857.

Petition of Jane Roy for order authorizing John A. Hust, admr, to pay her in money the amount of the following accounts so she can pay the debts contracted by her for the minor heirs: Turner & Daggett, J. H. Hill, S. B. Russell, and M. Ellmore for schooling. Filed 23 Feb. 1858.

"Fort Worth Feb 23, 1858 J. A. Hust, Esq.
Mrs. Roy presented a petition asking an order of the court for you to pay her an amount of money expended for the benefit of the minor heirs. Court was adjourned yesterday evening therefore it could not be acted upon. You can pay her the money and it will be acted on at the next Term of the court. I see no imprepriety in pay her the money." S/ S. Gilmore, C.J.

Annual report of J. A. Hust, admr, and petition for final settlement. Paid: the Caruth account; Suggs atturney fee; Jane Roy, gardeen; A. J. Lee; Dr. Walles; P. T. Moorehead; R. J. Farley; Chares [Charles] Turner. Filed 29 March 1858.
Vouchers, showing payments by estate:


to J. Tracey Morehead, C.J.


to H. Caruth & Brothers, for general merchandise [purchased] Mar. 4, 1855. Sworn by Walter Caruth, one of the firm of W. Caruth & Brothers, before Geo.[?] H.[?] Baird, N.P.


to John R. Wallace, Birdville, for visits and medicine for self and son on Sept. 13, 17, 18, and 19, 1855. $56. Appended: Received on the above account in full $44.37,


Jany 14, 185? [smeared].


to Brinson & Slaughter, for flour sacks, linen, hookes, eyes and thread, boys hat, Saleratus, etc. purchased 3 July 1855. Account sworn by M. J. Brinson.


to J. M. Lilly, for tuition of 3 schollars 3 months. Dated Sept. 1855. Sworn before Stephen B. Russell, M.P.


to Jason Watson, March 2-May 7, 1855: for sharp plough, mending shoes, ironing singletree.


to J. H. Hill, for visit to slf and medicine on Sept. 20 and 22, 1855. Sworn before Isaac W. Lowe, N.P., Jan. 1857.


to A. J. Lee, ballance on account. Sworn before A.M. Keen, N.P.


to Turner & Daggett, for note of Jane Roy, gardeen of the heirs of John S. Roy dec, dated Jan. 1, 1858. Directed to Mr. J. A. Hust. S/ W. H. Moornets [? ].


to W. L. Sugg, for bringing suit vs Tummins


to N. P. Clark, Publisher of the Southern Journal, for publishing in that paper notice of final settlement of estate.


to A. F. Leonard, for going to Watsons for papers and writing and takeing the acknowledgement of two deeds.


to Jane Roy, gardeen. $70. March 29, 1858.


to Jane Roy, gardeen, $56.36. Rec'd 26 July 1858.

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