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Estate of Henry Russel, Deceased


Petition of S. B. Russell for letters of administration on the estate of Henry Russell, Deceased. Filed March 14, 1860

Bond of Stephen B. Russell, adm'r; $3200. Sureties: I. I. Curry and Jesse Russell. Approved 30 July 1860.

Inventory and appraisal made by Harvey Hawkins and John H. Elliott. Included was 320 acres land; and 1/3 of an undivided track of 320 acres (106-2/3). Sworn before A. Howard, J. P., 25 Aug. 1860. Filed August 1860.

Lydia Russell, widow of decedent, petitions for sale of the property that she may receive her half of the proceeds as the same is community property. 25 Feb. 1861.

A second petition of Lydia Russell, widow of the late Henry Russell, for sale of the following property: 320 acres land and 1/3 of a 320 acre tract, and all the stock... which is subject to division between your petitioner and the heirs of decedent. S/ Lydia Russell (by mark). Filed 25 Feb. 1861.

Buyers at sale of personal property sold 8 June 1861: John Russell, W. W. Young, G. P. Far___(?), A. C. Richee, P. M. (?) Russell. Filed 24 June 1861.

Petition of Lidia Russell, one of the heirs to the estate of Henry Russell, dec'd, for partition and distribution of estate. She recites that all the liabilities have long since been paid off and discharged except the cost of this court. M. Deason, a resident of the State of Alabama and the minor heirs of Henry Russell, Jr., Dec'd, are residents of the State of Arkansas. And A. B. Russell John Russell Sarah Russell, Abagail Hammonds and minor heirs of Jesse Russell Dec'd are all citizens of Tarrant County, Texas James Russell of Wood County, Texas - they are all heirs of the estate of Henry Russell, dec'd. S/ C. G. Payne, atty for Pltff. Filed 28 Nov. 1866.

Statement of Mrs. Lidia Russell, per atty C. G. Payne, that the estate of Henry Russell, dec'd now consists of lands only in two tracts: one 320 acre survey the Headright of Henry Russell Dec'd and 106 2/3 acres being one third part of a 320 acre tract of the Headright of Rachel Medlin and Wm Stephen and now known and described as the John Russell tract. Filed 28 Jan. '67.

Order to John W. Sublett, R. W. (or R.M.) Elliott, and A. N. Curry to partition property described in decree issued at the Jan. court. Issued Feb. 2, 1867.

Appointment of C. S. Choat as guardian ad litem to represent the minors of Jesse Russell, and R. C. Richee as guardian ad litem to represent the minors of Henry Russell, Jr., dec'd. The minors of Henry Russell, Jr. reside in the State of Alabama. Issued Feb. 2, 1867.

Petition of John Russell for court to allow him to purchase the 106 2/3 acre tract (a part of the Rachel Medlin Mr. Stevens headright) at approved value, since commissioners for partition have reported it impractical to divide the tract. Filed 26 February 1867.

Administrator's report of sale of 172½ acres, a part of the Henry Russell headright, pursuant to an order of the court at the February term, to P. H. Bechham (also called Becham). The land is situated about 12 miles south from Fort Worth. Filed May 1, 1867.

Administrator reports that assets of the estate are in cash. 172 acres of land was sold to P. H. Becham: 106 acres was sold to John Russell. Filed Nov. 14, 1870.

Receipt to G. Nance, Clerk of the District Court, for the sum of $56.19 the pro rata belonging to the heirs of Henry Russell, Jr., deceased and deposited by order of the court with G. Nance as clerk thereof, said money coming to us by Inheritance from the estate of Henry Russell, Sr., deceased. S/ Lydia Ann Taylor, R. O. Taylor, M. B. Russell, per their atty in fact, J. F.(?) Russell, J. D. Russell (two names of attys in fact, or one name written twice).

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