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Estate of J. W. Satterwhite, Deceased
Guardianship of the Minor Heirs


Bond of J. H. Hughs and Mary M. Hughs, guardians of the person and property of the minor, John Satterwhite; $5000. Sureties: J. M. Lucky and D. C. Haynes. Approved 29 April 1856.

Bond of J. H. Hughes, guardian of the person and property of Mary E. Satterwhite and Thomas D. Satterwhite, minor heirs of J. W. Satterwhite, deceased: $6000. Sureties: John A. Hust and D. H. Denard. Approved September 1, 1857.

Annual exhibit of the estate of John W., Mary E., and Thoms D. Satterwhite, minor heirs of Mary M. Hughes, deceased, for the year 1858 to wit, $4400. Support and education of said minors for one year: $450. Balance: $3950. Filed 27 Dec. 1858.

Inventory of the property of the minor heirs of M. M. Hughes, deceased. Filed February 1, 1859. One negro woman name Febra [or Ferra; overwritten] and her child name Lalla; 649 acres of land patented to Marcus Hannible in Williamson Co. about 25 miles N E of the City of Austin; 50 acres adjoining the Town of Birdville on the N Part pattented to George Akers; 8 acres of the N E corner of John Akers tract about 1 1/4 mile from Birdville; in trust [interest] of an undivided half of Lot No. 1 in Block No. 10 in Town of Birdville with improvement thair on pertaining; 6 cows and calves; 1 yoke oxons; 1 waggon; 2 horses.... Total value: $4000.

Annual report of J. H. Hughes, guardian of the estate of the [four] airs of M. M. Hughes:
J. W. Satterwhite - tuition, board and clothing; amount now on hand: $893.75.
M. E. Satterwhite now wife of J. R. Wallace; cash [paid in full].
T. D. Satterwhite; tuition, board and clothing
J. W. Hughes,- intrus, etc.
Filed 30 April 1860.

Petition of Release of guardianship of M. E. Wallace. Your petitioner James H. Hughes would show that he was duly appointed Guardien of the Person and Property of Mary E. Satterwhite, one of the Minor heirs of M. M. Hughes, deceased... the said Mary E. Satterwhite has since intermarried with one John R. Wallace and that your petitioner has fully settled as Guardien with the said Mary E. Wallace as is herewith shown by the Receipt of the said Mary E. and John R. Wallace... Filed 30 April 1860.

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