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Estate of M. F. Scott, Deceased


Petition of Jane Scott, widow and relict of M. F. Scott, late of Tarrant County, for letters of administration on the estate of M. F. Scott, who died intestate, leaving real and personal property. S/ Jane Scott, per E. Adams. Filed 13 October 1862.

Bond of Jane Scott, administratrix; $400. Sureties: Edward Adams and Isaac (X) Power. Approved 27 October 1862.

Inventory and appraisal of community property made 13 November 1862 by Joel Snider and J. M. Lilly. Included: 160 acres land the Home Stead, 80 acres of the headright of M. F. Scott, and 80 acres the headright of J. J. Scott. Filed 15 November 1862.

Final account of Jane Scott, adm'x. Filed 30 November 1863.

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