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Estate of Valentine Shultz, Deceased


Petition of Pleasant Moore and E. A. Shults for probate of the will of Valentine Shults, deceased. S/ Pleasant Moore and A. S. Shults, per attorney.

Nuncupative will of Valentine Shultz, deceased: "I, Valentine Sultz, do this day will mi property all after paying mi Jeste Dets all to Pesant More is mi laste wishes them to have all mi property this the 1 Day of Febary 1856." Attest: Joseph L. Purvis and B. P. Thomas

The material facts set forth above are satisfactorily proved except the date which should have been the 30th day of Jan. in place of the first day of February 1856. S/ J. T. Morehead, C.J.

Bond of Pleasant (X) Moore and Edmund M. Shultz, administrators of the nuncupative will of Valentine Shultz, dec'd; $5000. Surety: Joseph L. Purvis. Filed 26 Feb. 1856.

Inventory and appraisement of the property of V. Shoults, returned by E. M. Daggett, Joseph W. Kerby, and Wm. M. Robinson. Total value: $3093. Included: one large unpainted road ox wagon, twelve yoak of oxen, 12 log chains, livestock, plows, etc., and 480 acres land "if clear title." Notes on Brinson and S. C. Henderson. Account on John Kinder. Filed 31 Mar. 1856.

Order issued by court 13 Nov. 1856 for Wm. M. Robinson, Joseph Pervice, and Hugh Roberts to make additional inventory and appraisement. Their return, filed 24 Nov. 1856, included one colony certificate, the certificate of said decedent as a colonist in Peters Colony issued by the County Court of Tarrant County for 320 acres.

Sail Bill of the Valentine Shoults Collony headrite as sold at the Court House for 320 acres to Julain Field. 23 Feb. 1857.

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