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Estate of Hannah Throop, Deceased


19 Sept. 1851. William W. Hall states that Hanah Troup died without leaving any lawfil will, and that her estate does not exceed in value $450.

Sept. Term of court. William W. Hall is appointed administrator of the estate of Hannah Troup, deceased, and makes bond in amount $900, with V. J. Hutton and Thomas (X) Hood his securities.

21 Oct. 1851- Jno A. Freeman and David Stong, appraisers, return an appraisal of property including livestock, fowl, household furniture, etc. Sworn before H?. A. Smith, J.P.

[On the back of this paper]: "Order on J. H. Hughes 20 bu corn 1 pay warrant; 1 order made by Hutton and W. Jones; account of S L Potts." S/ William W. Hall.

Feb. Term 1853. The above named order on J. H. Hughs proved not to be the property of the est ... by F. Jurden and ordered to be given up."

Account Aganst Hanah Throop. Sept 1, 1850 Denton County Hanah Throop to B J Doen for services and medason Aug 17, 1851. Sworn before Joseph Knight, J.P. 1 Nov. 1851.

14 Nov. 1851. Buyers at sale of property of estate: F. Jordan, J. Knight, Jacb Woolfford, Thomas Hood, Allexandra Hood, F. Harris, V. J. Hutton, W. Harris, Daniel E. Norton, H. Suggs, Jane Hall, and S. Hazleton. A. L. Harris, Clerk of sale. David Stong, crier. (Filed 29 Nov. 1851.)

4 April 1952. Buyers at private sale of additional property: John Freeman, W. Anderson, and L. B. G. Hall.

31 Dec. 1852. Voucher showing payment to L. Lovelace for redeeming a land warrant from the General government for the benefit of Said Estate.

31 Jan. 1853. Administrator reports cash received from Thos M. Hood and Alex Hood; 0. W. Harris and S. Harris; Alex Hood and Thos Hood; Joseph Knight, B. J. Doen; Francis Jourden and V. J. Hutton.

31 Jan. 1853. Wm. A. Walker, Solomon Haworth, and Henry Suggs appraise the certificate belonging to the estate at $100.

Affidavit given by Richard S. Hunt, of Fannin County, Texas, to Sylvanus Howell, Clerk of County Court, Fannin County, that William W. Hall, admr., published the usual notice in the Bonham Advertiser, of which paper Hunt was then publisher early in the year 1852. Dated Feb. 12, 1853.

William W. Hall presents the following exhibit, stating that he wishes to resign his letters of administration of said estate: Land located: 640 acres, and U. S. Land Warrant, 160 acres. I account on T. L. Potts; I order made by V. J. Hutton; 1 note on O. W. Harris. Vouchers filed: F. Jorden, D. Stony [Stong], A. S. Harris, R. S. Hunt, J. A. Freeman, A. P. Floyd, Sylvanus Howell. Paid A. W. Anderson and paid B. J. Doen. The court allowed payment to admr. for his administrative expense, including expense of going to and from Bonham.

29 Aug. 1853. John (X) Kenneday qualifies as administrator de bonis non of the estate of Hannah Throop, deceased, and makes bond with Hambleton Bennett and David Stong his securities.

31 July 1851. Administrator's petition to sell a bounty land warrant belonging to estate of Hannah Throop, deceased, which cannot be located in this state. [Warrant sold 5 Sept. 1854.]

Sept. Term 1854. Denton County sheriff ordered to cite John Kenneday, admr. to appear at next term of court and make annual return. "The said John Kenneday is required by said court to give new security one of his securities having moved to Callaforney."

25 Dec. 1854. Annual return of admr shows accounts and notes due estate from Owen Blacker, Joseph Knight, 0. W. Harris, T. L. Potts, and V. J. Hutton.

24 Sept. 1855. John Kenedy, admr, in his annual return, states that accounts of L. S. Potts and V. J. Hutton "has not and cannot be collected as they are out of date and one of them S. L. Potts is out of the State."

27 Oct. 1855. Joseph Knight, John Zeek, Thos. Mahans heirs, L. Mahan, Thos. Hood, W. Harris, H. Martin, H. O. Throup, John Kenedy. Pay to each of the above ... and take recpt for same. S/ J. Tracy Morehead, C.J. T.C.

27 Oct. 1855. Receipt of Otis G. Welch for legal services in the case of O. W. Harris vs. Jno Kenneday, admr.

Jan.-Feb. 1856. Receipts to admr for "the amount due me of him," from William H. Martin, John Feeck, Thomes Hood, and Leusindy Mahan.

Sept. 29, 1856. Receipts to admr from Oliver W. Harris for the "amount due me," and "for the heirs of Thomas Mahan being the amount due them of him."

26 Jan. 1857.--continued to March term. Admr states he will apply at next term for release from administration of estate.

24 March 1857. Receipt of Joseph Knight "being a part of the estate Due me."

28 March 1857. Final exhibit of John Kenneday, admr, showing payments of $7 each to the following heirs: Thos Mahans heirs,, L. Mahan; Thos Hood; W. Harris; H. Martin,- H. O. Throop; and John Kenneday.

27 Aug. 1860. Writ of partition. Citation to Henry Suggs, guardian ad litum of J. M. and D. C. Throop, minor heirs of Charles W. Throop, dec'd, and Lucinda Mahan, "relick and heir of Charles W. Throop, dec'd" ... to show cause why partition of the estate of Hannah Throop should not be made.

August term 1860. Oliver W. and Elizabeth Harris, his wife, former E. Throop; O. W. Harris guardian of Charles W. and J. F. Zeek; and W. W. Hall and others, Heirs at Law of Hannah Throop, Dec'd, ask the court for a Writ of Partition of the real estate to wit 480 acres land in Tarrant County on the waters of Denton Creek, it being a part of the head right of Francis Throop Dec'd. The following persons are entitled to distributive shares of said lands, to wit: "Elizabeth Harris of Denton County is entitled to one full Share; Wm W. Hall in right of his wife, Jane Hall of the County of Tarrant is entitled to one half share; Eliza E. Hood, Heir of Mary G. Hood, Dec'd formerly Mary G. Throop of Tarrant County is entitled to one full share, H. Suggs is Guardian Ad Litum; W. O. Harris Guardian for Charles W. and J. F. Zeek, heirs of Milly Zeek formerly Milly Throop Dec'd are entitled to 1/2 share each, of Denton County; M. W. Deavenport Assignee of Lucinda C. Martin, formerly L. C. Throop is entitled to one share. Also as assignee of Hardy O. Throop one full share of Tarrant County; Lucinda Mahan formerly Lucinda Throop Relic of Charles W. Throop Decd 1/2 share; J. M. and D. C. Throop heirs of the said Charles W. Throop Decd by their guardian Ad Litum 1/4 share each; Sarah R. Rogers heir of Nancy Night Dec'd formerly Nancy Throop of Denton County is entitled to one full share; John Knnady in right of his wife Angelena Dec'd formerly Angelina Throop of Denton County 1/2 share and all of the whole of shares is 9-1/2." The court ordered Hugh S. Hope, Sam McWiley and Hiram Granberry commissioners to partition and distribute the land, the writ of partition to be returned September term of court.

21 Sept. 1860. Comissioners report that land cannot be fairly and equitably divided between the heirs, and suggest that land be sold in separate parcels of 160 acres each.

1 Dec. 1860. M. W. Deavenport petitions the court to make an order to sell the land as the law requires.

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