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Estate of Washington Traylor, Deceased


Petition of P. A. Watson for letters of administration on the estate of Washington Traylor, deceased. Filed 19 July 1866. Advertised 19 July. Continued to August Term 1866.

Letters of administration issued to Washingtm Traylor 28 August 1866. At same session, P. M. Ford, David Milburn, and James Laster were appointed to appraise the estate.

Inventory filed 24 September 1866 included: household goods, livestock, 80 acres land, and "one note of hand given by B. A. Traylor dated Oct 31st 1854 for two hundred and twenty dollars and fifty cents with several credits on said not_." Sworn by J. B. Lasater and P. H. Ford before Jas. H. Smith, J. P., Pct 5, Tarrant Co., on Sept. 21, 1866.

Petition of heirs of Washington Traylor for order of sale of an 80 acre tract of land situated in Township one South Range 2 West being the south half of the southeast quarter of Section seven, the same being a part of John J. Goodwin headright. "We your petitioners would further petition your Honer to grant an order to set a part one half acre of Land of said Tract above described as a burrying ground Exempt from sale. We... further ask your honer to appoint a Surveyer and Commissiener to survey and make a plat of said grave yard in said tract of Land and Return a plat to the probate court.... this 22d day of Sept. 1866. S/ H. M. Goodwin, W. T. Murphy. N. J. Murphy, William Thomas, and Annjaline Thomas. Filed 24 Sept. 1866. [The burial ground would later become known as Ford Cemetery, located near the east city limits of Arlington.]

Buyers at sale held Oct. 20, 1866: P? M. Ford, W. T. Murphy. M. J. Murphy, J. D. Hudson, Ann Thomas, H. M. Goodwin, E. M. Ford, T. A. Hanby, and T. Bozeman.

Report of Survey. Filed 29 October, 1866.
The county surveyor (signed C. C. Gardner, by J. T. Turner, Special Deputy) reports that in pursuance of an order he proceeded on the 18th day of October 1866 to survey and plat out of the 80 acres land belonging to the estate of W. Traylor one-half acre for a burial Ground, described and bounded as follows: Beginning at the S.E. corner of said 80 acres Thence West 696 vs a Stake in the S. Line of said tract Thence North 156 vs a Stake In the Prairie from which a Post Oak 30 in in dia brs North 37 vs to mark the S. E. corner of said half acre. Thence West 47 vs a Stake in Prairie from which a Post Oak 7 in in dia brs S. 10 vs. Thence South [to] place of beginning. J. B. Chain Carriers: J. B. Lasiter and J. H. Watson. [The plat shows the cemetery to be near the center of the 80 acre rectangular tract.]

Report of administrator. Dated Nov. 6, 1866. Filed Dec. 22, 1866. He sold the land belonging to the estate of W. Traylor, deceased (79 ½ acres) at $5. per acre. He also sold 14 bu. wheat to Dr. bullins. W. T. Murphy owns a balance for rent on the Traylor farm for the year 1865 [bottom of page torn off].

Petition of H. M. Goodwin and wife H. M. Goodwin and William Thomas and wife Angelina Thomas to close administration on the estate of Washington Traylor, deceased, "there being no debts unpaid known to your petitioners except those held by the heirs.... and the Doctor's bill.... H. M. Goodwin and Angelina Thomas are a portion of the surviving heirs at law...."
S/ M. Goodwin, H. M. Goodwin, Wm Thomas, Angelina Thomas. Filed February 1, 1867.

Final account of administrator. He has collected from J. B. Hudson, W. L. Murphy et al, T. H. Hamby, AnAgin [Angeline] Thomas, all being proceeds of sale of personal property. Also, he has collected B. A. Traylor note dated Oct. 31, 1854. Filed February 2, 1867. Vouchers show payments made to P. H. Ford and J. B. Lasater; to P. A. Huffman; to G. Nance, Clk, and W. B. Tucker, Co. Judge, for court fees; and to Lewis Clifton for work done on house July 18, 1860.

Bond of M. Goodwin and his wife H. M. Goodwin and William Thomas and his wife Angeline Thomas, $1000; as security for any outstanding debts that may be presented against the estate of Washington Traylor, deceased. Sureties: David Milburn and P. A. Watson. Filed October 26, 1867.

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