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Estate of Samuel West, Deceased


Petition of Henderson Couch for letters of administration on the estate of Samuel West, deceased, "your petition[er] being the nearest akin." Filed 21 Aug. 1855.

Bond of Henderson couch, admr; $700. Sureties: Richard Bratton and Sanders Eliot. Approved 24 Sept. 1855.

Petition of admr to sell land certificate of Samuel West. "There is no property belonging to the same, save one Land Certificate of three hundred and twenty acres...." Petition granted. Filed July 1, 1856.

Report of admr that on the first Tuesday in August 1856 he sold "one tract of land containing 320 ac." J. B. Hibert became the purchaser. Filed 27 October 1856.

Petition of Charlotte Couch for Letters of Administration de bonis non on the estate of Samuel West, deceased. she recites that Henderson Couch was appointed administrator at the September term of court 1855 and that the said Couch departed this life before said administration was closed. Advertised. Granted. [no date]

Bond of Charlotte Couch, admrx estate of Samuel West, dec'd; $640. Sureties: Allen N. Curry and W. C. Low. Approved 30 June 1857.

Petition of J. B. Hibbert for order requiring administratrix de bonis non to make deed to a certain piece of land sold by the order of the court. "The administrator died before title was made to your petitioner." Filed 31 Aug. 1857.

Bond of Charlotte Curry, admrx; $700. Sureties: Israel I. [or J.] Curry and A. N. Curry. Approved 26 July 1858.

Petition of I. I. Curry and Charlotte Curry his wife, admrs of the estate of Samuel West, to make final settlement. S/ J. W. Oliver, Atty. Filed 28 Feb. 1859.

Report of administratrix for the year 1858, showing payments made to H. J. Fairly for court fees; costs of clerk fees for deed[s] to and from J. B. Hibert; to heirs of H. Couch; and to attorney for attending suit with A. G. Walker. Filed 28 Feb. 1859.

Judgment. A. G. Walker vs. Mrs. C. Couch, Administratrix, in action of debt due by account for $16. Citation was issued 8 November 1859 and delivered to B. B. McGuire, executed by P. H. Tyler CTC [?]. Certified by L. W. Jones J.P. [It appears that A. G. Walker transferred payment to I. D. Parker, or authorized such, on Aug. 13, 1859.]

Petition of I. I. Curry and C. Curry, by Atty, J. W. Oliver, at June term 1860. The petitioner recites, that H. Couch, deceased, obtained letters of administration ... and by virtue of an order of the probate court ... did sell a 310 acre land certificate belonging to the said West Estate and before the transfer was made the said H. Couch departed this life and ... the widow C. Couch of said H. Couch was appointed administratrix ... and by order of the court made J. B. Hibert a deed to said certificate.... Hibert executed his note for $348.75 and ... afterward the said Hibert transferred the said land that the said certificate was located upon to the Heirs of the said Couch Decd.... C. Couch, widow of the said H. Couch deceased afterward intermarried with one I. I. Curry who was joined with said C. Couch ... [and] have been reporting the aforesaid 320 acres of land as belonging to the Estate of Saml West and also the same land was reported as belonging to the Estate of the said Couch Deceased.... Report petitioners say was error and prays the court to correct as follows that the said land be reported as the property of the Estate of H. Couch Dec and that the amt of the J. B. Hibert note which is 348.75 be reported as the funds of the West Estate all of which that has been done and reported heretofore in regard to said Land be set aside...." Filed 29 [blank] 1859.

Heirs of Samuel West Decd vs._the_State of Texas. Petition.

To the Chief Justice of Tarrant County.
Petition of J. W. Oliver, a resident citizen of Tarrant County, agent of the heirs of Samuel West, deceased. He files a protest against the administrator, I. I. Curry, paying over the $224.38 into the Treasury of the state, and alleges that the heirs reside in the State of Kentucky ... that petitioner was not informed of the fact that there was such heirs until very recently and that the said heirs are the Brothers and sisters of the full blood of Samuel West. Petitioner expects to have testimony to satisfy the court that the said heirs are entitled to the said amount of money aforesaid. Filed 26 Nov. 1860.

Interrogatories Exparte to Alfred Couch.

Tarrant County, Texas. Interrogatories to be propounded to Alfred Couch, who is a citizen of Green County, Tennessee, the answers to be read as evidence before the county court and state first aforesaid.
1. Were you acquainted with Samuel West who was murdered in Texas about four or five years ago and if you say yes please state where you knew him his age and describe him as near as you can, when he moved to Texas and all you know about him and who he lived with in this state.
2. Please state if he had a scar on his face and if you can recollect what part of the face.
3. Has he any brothers and sisters if yes what are their names and where do they live
4. State all you know that will show that the West you knew is the same Samuel West that was murdered in Texas at the time I have mentioned before.
5. Did the Samuel West that you knew ever live in Tarrant County Texas and if you say he did if he ever lived with Henderson Couch Deceased and state all you know about the said West as to him being the same and having brothers and sisters.
S/ J. W. Oliver for the Heirs of Samuel West deceased.

[Admx had made his final report and petitioned for discharge on 25 June 1860, prior to petition of J. W. Oliver for the heirs of Samuel West, deceased.] He reported having paid clerk's fees to Ayres; surveyors fee to Farley; attorneys fees paid to Dade for servis in case of Walker against the estate,- the amount of the judgment in favor of A. G. Walker; J. W. Oliver's fee; and in 1856 the amount of the J. B. Hibert note.
Vouchers showing payments by estate:


to J. W. Oliver for legal services rendered in winding up the estate. July 31, 1860.


to Wm Quayle, Chief Justice. 26 Nov. 1860.

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