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Estate of Harrod Wright, Deceased


Petition of A. J. Wright for letters of administration on the estate of his father, Harrod Wright, deceased. Filed 10 April 1865.

Bond of A. J. Wright, adm'r; $3000. Sureties: Charles Turner, C. M. Peak. Approved and filed 24 April 1865.

Inventory and appraisal made May 12, 1865 by E. M. Daggett, E. S. Terrell, and W. M. Robinson. Community property: House and lot on Block No. 75 and 82 in the town of Fort Worth; 1 negro woman Martha age 37; 1 negro man Jim age 19; 1 negro boy Joe age 13; 1 negro boy Jack age 17; 1 negro boy Henry age 8, 1 negro girl Delphy age 11. Also, 1 chestnut sorrel mare and colt branded T; a gray mare lost during the War; 2 Iron gray horses branded letter W shoulder; household furniture and farm equipment. One note on M. L. Woods and B. L. Samuel that is in lawsuit for the sum of $450; one note on C. A. Harper; and one due bill on G. Nance. Filed 12 May 1865.

Report of adm'r to the Hon. C. T. Garland, Judge of the 14th Judicial District holding sessions in and for the county of Tarrant. He represents that a large amount of decedents property (valued at $4772.50) was in stock running on the range and was never recovered. Also, a large portion of the claims due the estate were claims held against individuals in Spottsylvania County, Virginia, who by the casualties of the late war are now dead or insolvent. The bulk of decedents property being in negro slaves set free by the war, and there being but a small portion of the estate remaining (and some of that in litigation) application was made, by consent of the surviving heirs, to set aside the remaining assets of the estate for the use of the surviving widow, which petition was granted May 30th 1868. Petitioner would long since asked to be discharged from further administration but from the fact that some law suits were commenced by his father for the recovery of money due him and continued by me as administrator. Filed 14 January 1871.

Report to the Hon. Hardin Hart, Judge of the 14th Judicial District. Anm'r refers to his petition and full report filed in Probate Court in May 1868, marked Exhibits A and B, which are attached. He further reports the amount received of executors vs M. L. Wood, $828.49, and fee to Hendricks and Smith for collecting same ($82.84), and asks for discharge. In exhibits dated May 30, 1868, is his petition to turn over remaining assets "to the widow, Nancy Wright," and his report that he had paid John Louckx for coffin and C. M. Peak's medical bill. Filed Oct. 14, 1873.
Vouchers, showing payments made by administrator:
- to District Court for costs in suit against M. L. Woods.
to Nancy Wright, widow of Harrod Wright, $428.80, and Lots No's. 75 and 82 in town of Fort Worth, with all improvements thereon, stock horses, milch cows, and furniture.
- to Harper & Smith, per J. W. Smith.
- to Fort Worth Democrat.
- to W. S. Pendleton for making out adm'rs papers for final discharge of administrator.
- to Hendricks & Smith, attys.

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