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Early Will Abstracts

Compiled by Mildred Raley Spratling


[The following appeared in the November 2004 issue of Footprints, quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.  It is used here with permission.]

Editor's Note: A number of years ago, Mrs. Spratling, now deceased, gave permission for these records to be published in Footprints, and some of the earliest (by date) appeared at that time. The following is a continuation. This information was taken from abstracts of 781 wills contained in land records owned by the Tarrant County Historical Society. Mrs. Spratling's complete volume, containing a full name index of over 5000 names, may be seen in the Genealogy/Local History Department, Fort Worth Public Library.

[Abbreviations: PM = Probate Minutes; EX = Executor or Executrix]
BALDRIDGE, E. E. Prob 15 Sept 1915 Rec Bk 77, pg 520 PM. Died 24 July 1915. Wife Florence Baldridge, sons, John, Edgar and Earl Baldridge; daus Helen, Eula Mae and Martha Baldridge. EX: wife Florence.
BELL, Thomas J. Prob 20 Nov 1911; Rec Bk 66, pg 318 PM. Died 1 Oct 1911 Grapevine, Tex. EX: wife Barbara L. Bell.
BELL, William R. Filed 17 April 1918 Rec Bk 86, p 600 PM; died 23 March 1918. EX: wife Hattie E. Bell.
BENNETT, David C. Filed 27 July 1911 Rec Bk 66. Pg 68 PM Died 10 July 1911. EX: dau Helen Mary Newlan.
BERGIN, Edward T. Prob 27 Mar 1920; Rec Bk 94 pg 269 PM; died 9 Feb 1920; wife Anna E. Bergin, sons Edward T. Bergin, Jr., John A. Bergin. EX: wife Anna.
BLACK, Daisy Mildred Filed 17 Oct 1921; Rec Bk 101, pg 127 PM; Died 9 Aug 1921. EX: Husband J. R. Black.
BOHNING, William Filed 5 Aug 1912, Rec Bk 68, pg 174 PM ; Died 21 July 1912. Wife Emma Bohning, son Garrett Bohning, dau Elizabeth Bohning. EX: wife Emma.
BOMAR, David T. Died 22 Sept 1917. Wife Anna E. Bomar, son William P. Bomar. EX: wife Anna.
BONDIES, George B. of Kaufman Co. Tex. filed 8 May 1912 Rec Vol 67, pg 278 PM; died 5 March 1912. EX: wife Ella Bondies.
BOWLES, Milton C. Filed 3 Oct 1913, Rec Bk 71, pg 546 PM Died 25 Sept 1913 dau Mrs. Mamie Bowles Hill, Lottie Bowles, son Milton Bowles; grdau Helen Kelly. EX: dau Mamie Bowles Hill.
BROWN, Mary Elizabeth Filed 13 May 1920 Rec Bk 96, pg 15 PM. Died Oct 1919; son W. H.H. Brown, daus Josephine Alice Chesnut, Ambrosia Forbes, Ella Branch Jones, Mary Elizabeth Evans, Edith Maureen Teall, Geraldine Streiff, Leila May Blewett. EX: son Wm. H. H. Brown.
BRYAN, B. W. Filed 21 Aug 1922 Rec Bk 104, pg 605, PM, wife Ellen Bryan, sons Gordon Bryan, Winston W. Bryan, Ralph Bryan, daus Mrs. Nellie Muse, Mrs. Estelle Lorrimer. EX: son Winston Bryan.
BUCK, Elizabeth Filed 7 Sept 1918 Rec Bk 554, pg 49 Deeds. Died 23 April 1898 Springfield, Ill. EX: husband Dr. Horatio B. Buck.
BUCKLEY, J. D. Prob 23 Aug 1918 Rec Bk 87, pg 520, PM, died 17 Nov 1917. EX: wife Minnie Buckley.
CHRISTOPHER, Bell C. of Arlington, Tex. Filed 28 Feb 1910 Rec Bk 60,. Pg 423 PM Died 21 Feb 1910. EX: husband, J. W. Christopher.
COLE, I. N. Prob 11 June 1912 Rec Bk 65, pg 507 PM; died 3 June 1911; wife Emma G. Cole, bros C. G. Cole, M. D. Cole, E. L. Cole; half-bros Chase Cole, Hugh Cole, Abner Cole, sister Laura A. Kays, Anna Vance, niece Ada B. Bradley. EX: wife Emma.
COLLIER, Mrs. Louisa V. Filed 18 April 1919 Rec Bk 90, pg 379 PM. Died 1 Nov 1918. Dau Lucy L. Collier, sons James W. Collier, Jackson P. Collier, sister Mary E. Boggess of Liberty, Mo., niece Ethel Braley, Colusa, Cal., neph James Collier Boggess, Liberty, Mo. EX: Dau Lucy L. Collier.
COOPER, Ella J. Filed 8 July 1913; Rec Bk 71, pg 57 PM; died 13 May 1913; dau Annabelle Cooper and husband J. F. Cooper. EX: husband J. F. Cooper.
DANNER, Mrs. M. M. Filed 21 Dec 1917 Rec Bk 85, pg 343 PM; died 17 Dec 1917. Son John J. Danner; daus Elizabeth Gunnels, Nellie Tkacz. EX: son in law Joseph Tkacz.
DARRAH, Lela May Filed 24 Oct 1917 Rec Bk 85, p. 37. PM Died 2 June 1917. Husband R. R. Darrah, daus Willia May Darrah, Margaret Darrah. EX: husband R. R. Darrah.
DEE, Thos. W. Filed 20 Feb 1919 Rec Bk 90, pg 294 PM. Died 20 March 1918. Wife Angie.
EAKLE, H. P. Filed 16 Nov 1923 Rec Bk 110, pg 258. PM Died 20 Oct 1923. Wife Mattie A. Eakle. Bequest to Southern Presbyterian Church.
FOSDICK, Edwin E. Filed 17 June 1915 Rec Bk 76 pg 420 PM; died 12 June 1915. EX: wife Loretta Fosdick,
GARRETT, Julia filed 11 Feb 1914 Rec Bk 73 pg 399. PM; died 2 Sept 1911. Husband S. M. Garrett; sons S. H. Garrett, Robert A. Garrett, William T. Garrett. Daus Emma Bohning, Zila Garrett. EX: husband S. M. Garrett
HADFIELD, Joseph of Warkeshaw Co. Wisc. Filed 17 Oct 1900 Rec Bk 38, p. 425 PM.; Died 9 March 1900,. Wife Sarah Hadfield, sons Joseph J. Hadfield, George A. Hadfield, Abram H. Hadfield, Isaac R. Hadfield. EX: all four sons.
HAGAN, Mary Ann Filed 19 May 1883. Rec Bk 5 pg 92 PM; Husband Henry Hagan, son Jacob Slager (by first marriage).
HALEY, John Prob. 10 Jan 1911; Rec Bk 65, pg 174 PM ; died 27 Sept 1910.Sons Jas. A., William T., Charles P. and Edward Haley; Bernice Haley (mar. Mary A.) daus Anna J. Haley, Bessie Haley. [EX: not given]
JARVIS, James Jones Filed 4 April 1914 rec Bk 73, pg 118 PM; died 20 Jan 1914. Wife Ida V. Jarvis, mother Lydia Jarvis. EX: wife Ida and K. M. Van Zandt.
KILANDER, F. A. Prob 9 Nov 1916 Rec Bk 81, pg 485 PM; died 24 Sept 1916; bros John, Emil Charlie, Andrew, Peter G; sister Mrs. J. N. Anderson, niece Mrs. Mautie Rauft of Mingo, Tex. Bequests Baptist Sanitarium, Dallas, Tex., Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Tex.; Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, Tex., Buckners Orphans Home, Dallas, Tex. EX: bro Peter O. Kilander.
LANE, Lena Prob 16 Aug 1916 Rec Bk 80, pg 441 PM died 19 March 1916; sis Lula T. Garland, Clara A. Daniels; niece Josie Lee Lane; nephew Sam Houston Lane. EX: sisters Lula and Clara.
LEAHEY, William Filed 2 Aug 1919 Rec Bk 91 pg 603 PM; died 15 July 1919. EX: wife Tessie Leahey.
LINVILLE, S. Filed 17 Sept 1913 Rec bk 71, pg 619 PM. EX: wife Julia Linville.
LYDICK, Mary D. Filed 5 Sept 1913 Rec Bk 71, pg 304 PM. Died 28 June 1913. Husband John E. Lydick, sons James E., Dan E., Charles Hugh and Neal Lydick; niece Nora Abernathy.
MARTIN, Duke L. Prob 7 May 1912 Rec Bk 67, pg 331 PM. Died 20 Feb 1912. Wife Lillie L. Martin, sons, Ray, Roy, Ralph Martin. EX: bro D. R. Martin, Arlington, Tex.; bro-in-law W. D. Dodson, Clovis, New Mexico.
MEEKS, M. L. Prob 29 Oct 1913. Bk 71, pg 493 PM.; Wife Katie Meeks, daus Susan Jane Wiggins, Bessie Moore, sons Frank Meeks, Tom Meeks, Edgar Meeks, Mark Meeks, Arc Meeks, James Meeks. [EX: not given]
MIGNON, A. R Rec. Bk 78, pg 169 PM. Died Oct. 1915. EX: wife Helen S. Mignon.
MILLER, Elizabeth Prob. 6 May 1913; Rec Bk 70, pg 528 PM Died 16 March 1913 Arlington, Tex. Sons Charles, W. M., Hambel Miller; daus Mrs. Cordelia Day; Mrs. Miona Phillips; grdaus Myrtle Burford, Bertha Burford. EX: B. B. Spruance, Arlington, Tex.
NEWBY, William G. Prob 5 July 1916, Rec Bk 80, pg 121 PM; died 29 April 1916. Wife Etta O. Newby. Holographic signed 28 Feb 1913; proved by G. H. Colvin and Elmer Renfro.
NIES, Barbara Filed 1 Nov 1912, Rec Bk 409, pg 476 Deeds. Died 8 June 1905 Dallas, Tex. Daus M. Elizabeth Nies, Annie B. Nies, Carrie L. Farne; sons George E. Nies; Leopold A. Nies. EX: Son George S. and dau. M. Elizabeth Nies.
OVERHISER, L. C. Filed Sept. 1919 Rec Bk 602,. pg 414, Deeds. Died 15 June 1913. Wife Katie Ellis Overhiser, dau Mattie H. Overhiser, bro E. S. Overhiser. EX: wife Katie Overhiser.
PARVIN, William S. of Dallas Co. Tex.; filed 2 Dec 1912; Rec Bk 410, pg 192, Deeds. Wife Kate Parvin, son Willis Eugene Parvin, bros George, Thomas, and Loyd Parvin, niece Estella Whitaker. EX: wife Kate.
PEAK, Florence C. Died 14 July 1922. Husband C. M. (Decd); daus Lily Peak Jones, Olive Peak; Lide G. Sledd (wife of Elmo); grdau Florence Peak Hill; grson Howard Peak, Jr. and Carrol Loyd Peak; niece Florence C. Peak. Other bequests to Cecil John Walden, Florence Mary Kent, Mrs. Lula Stearm of Mansfield, Tex. EX: daus Lily Peak Jones and Olive Peak.
PIERCE, B. F. Prob 19 Nov 1914 Rec Bk 74, pg 238 PM, died 15 Sept 1914. EX: wife Victoria Jane Pierce.
POLLARD, William Prob. 6 March 1919 Rec Bk 90, p. 56, PM. Wife Isabella Pollard, daus Mrs. Mamie A. Dillion, Mrs. Alice F. Steward, Mrs. Rosa E. Johnson, Mrs. Pearl L. Couk, son William Pollard, Jr. EX: wife Isabella.
POLLOCK, Joseph R. Filed 15 Jan 1912. Died 3 Jan. 1912. EX: wife Phoebe B. Pollock.
POPPLEWELL, J. M. Prob. 17 May 1919; Rec Bk 90, pg 609 PM. Died 6 Apr 1919. EX: wife Texana Belle Popplewell.
READ, Lavant M. Filed 30 June3 1911 Rec Bk 379, p. 379 Deeds. Lived Windham Co. Vermont. Wife Sarah A. Read, sister Charlotte O. Read. EX: wife Sarah.
READING, Ernest L. Filed 21 Aug 1906; Rec Bk 49, pg 409 PM. EX: Wife Ana w. Reading.
ROBERTS, Martin Dickerson Filed 9 Dec 1918 Rec Bk 555, p. 523 Deeds. Died 9 Sept 1917 El Paso, Tex. Mentions bro John A. Roberts (decd); bequests to William Emmett Roberts, Jones Co. Tex., Creed Bryson Roberts, Jones Co. Tex.; Thomas Walter Roberts, Wichita Falls, Tex. Tinna Scott (widow of Charles Scott, Fort Worth, Tex.) EX: William Martin Baner, Grant Co. New Mexico
ROGERS, D. C. Prob. 25 Sept 1909 Rec Bk 58, Pg 281 PM dau Mrs. S. C. Nelson grdaus Mary J. Redd, Minty Bell Rogers, Pearl Elizabeth Rogers, Sarah Ellen Rogers, Hattie M. Rogers, Maud Rogers, grson Walter Lee Rogers. EX: dau Mrs. S. C. Nelson
ROUSE, I. W. Prob 4 May 1920 Rec Bk 95, pg. 163 PM. Died 21 March 1920. Wife Susan A. Rouse, dau Grace V. Rouse, Myrtle R. Nies; grdau Susan Nies (wife of Isaac); Ethel Rouse Davis. EX: Grace V. Rouse.
ROY, John C. Prob 3 Jan 1905; Rec Bk 42, pg 305 PM Died 12 Nov 1904. Wife Ella Roy, daus Mrs. Laura McKnight, Ethel Groves Roy, Mary Sue Rankin, Mattye Marnes, sons R. E. L. Roy, Sul Ross Roy, C. W. Roy, James K . Roy, Polk Roy. EX: R. E. L. Roy
RUSSELL, M. E. Filed 13 May 1918; Rec Bk 89, p. 392. PM. Dau Martha A. Mayes, son P. H. Harrison; grdau Allie Kelly, grson W. P. Mayes. EX: Mrs. M. H. Elliott.
SANKEY, John S. Prob 3 Jan 1922 Rec Bk 101, p. 421 PM. Died 30 Nov 1921. Wife Lena Faye Sankey, dau Eleanor Ruth Sankey, sis Nellie J. Matthews, Los Angeles, Cal., bro Harry S. Sankey, Los Angeles, Cal.; mother Mary I. Sankey, father Janms F. Sankey. Trustee F. P. Lieuallan [sic] or J. M. Mildern of Los Angeles, Cal. EX: F. P. Lieuallen.
SEIBOLD, W. F. Filed 14 Jan 1920, Rec Bk 639, p. 27 Deeds. Lived Liston Township, Iowa and Muskogee, Okla. Sons Edward Seibold, C. F. Seibold, G. W. Seibold, dau Emma Murphy. EX: sons C. F. and G. W. Seibold.
SLOCUM, Fred Filed 2 Jan 1917, Rec Bk 508 p. 116. Deeds. Wife Alvaretta Slocum, daus Mary Belle Grafa, Mildred Slocum; sons Ferd Slocum, Jr., Jeff Lee Slocum.
SPANGLER, Della M. Prob. 7 Jan 1919; died 12 Nov 1918 Roswell, New Mexico. Husband M. D. Spangler (decd) dau Gertrude Spangler; son Hubert Spangler. EX: Mrs. Willi Weaver.
SPANGLER, M. D. Prob 16 Nov 1916 Rec Bk 81 p 393 PM; died 11 Jan 1916. Wife Della M. Spangler.
SPRUANCE, Bettie C. Prob 6 May 1913 Rec Bk 71, pg 10 PM; died 8 Nov 1912. EX: Husband Thomas Spruance.
SPRUANCE, Thomas Prob 8 Sept 1914, Rec Bk 74, p. 30 PM. Died 2 July 1914 Arlington, Tex. EX: son B. B. Spruance and son-in-law Tom Ditto.
STEWART, W. H. Prob. 17 July 1911 Rec Bk 62, p. 470. PM died 1 Apr 1911 age 76 yrs. Wife Sarah A. Stewart, sons, W. G. Stewart, W. O. Stewart, dau Mrs. C. J. Newton. EX: wife Sarah.
STILLMAN, Ella Prob 9 May 1912. Died 2 Mar 1912; age 46 yrs. EX: husband George T. Stillman.
STROHL, H. C. Filed 12 Dec 1916 Rec Bk 82 pg 218 PM. Died Nov. 1916. EX: wife Constance Strohl.
SUDDERTH, W. A. Filed 5 Apr 1917; died 15 Feb 1917. Wife Mrs. E. A. Sudderth; bro S. S. Sudderth; bequest to Methodist Orphanage, Waco, Tex. EX: A. A. Davis
TANDY, G. E. Prob 1 Aug 1921 Rec Bk 100, pg. 135 PM; died 25 May 1921. EX: wife Margaret Tandy.
TERRELL, Erelene Baker Prob 4 March 1919 Rec Bk 89, p. 601 PM. Died 2 Jan 1919. Dau Bessie Bennora Terrell, son McConnell Henshaw Terrell. EX: Mother Ann McConnell Baker.
TUCKER, A. T. Prob 13 March 1918 Rec Bk 86, p. 155 PM. died 15 Jan 1917 age 80 yrs. Children - not named. EX: Frank Booth.
TURNER, W. J. Prob 2 July 1918 Rec Bk 65 pg 220; PM. died 9 Feb 1918. Wife Isabell Turner, daus Nannie Collier (wife of W. N. of Fulton, Mo.) Lizzie Turner, Jacksonville, Fla. EX: son W. H. Turner of Lamesa, Tex.
VAUGHN, Mary E. Prob 11 July 1921, Rec Bk 99, pg 580 PM. Died 30 March 1921. Sons Henry Vaughn, G. W. Vaughn, S. G. Vaughn. EX: sons G. W. and S. H. Vaughn.
VEAL, W. G. Prob 26 Jan 1893 Rec Bk 14, pg 45 PM. Died Oct 1892 Dallas, Co. Tex. EX: wife Ruth Ann Veal.
VINCENT, William Prob 4 March 1914. EX: Wife Sallie A. Vincent.
WAGLEY, W. H. Filed 12 Dec 1912. EX: Wife Margaret A.
WALL, Lula Filed 2 Dec 1916 Rec. Bk 81, pg 619 PM Died 24 Oct 1916. EX: husband Henry R. Wall.
WATSON, J. J. Prob 31 Aug 1920 Rec Bk 96 pg 279 PM. Died 1 May 1920. Wife R. T. Watson; sons, Thomas M., Albert, John C., Frank M. Edgar, Silvin Watson; daus. Louisa Jane Parker (wife of James) Rachel Reed (decd wf of William) Sara R. Bowlin (wife of William) Linnie Roberts (wife of Plen); Gertrude Adams (wife of Joe); Mary J. Rhodes (wife of Martin); Kittie Smith (wife of Jess) Mattie Bowles, (wife of Walter; grsons George Slayton, Gus Slayton, Willie Reed; grdaus Maud Rhodes (wife of Sam Tom), Lula Smith, Rachel Reed. EX: Jake M. Back of Mansfield, Tex.
WERNET, John Prob July 1914; Rec Bk 73 pg 393 PM ; died 19 Apr 1914. EX: wife Lena Eberling Wernet.
WHEELOCK, Daniel L. Filed 4 Jan 1912 Rec Bk 40, pg 59 Deeds. Died 18 Apr 1893 Moline, Ill. EX: adopted dau Kate E. Fox, nephew Everett E. Wheelock (son of bro Stillman W. Wheelock decd).
WHITE, Francis Leonard Filed 28 June 1918 Rec Bk 549 pg 545 Deeds. Died 12 Dec 1912. EX: wife May Kingsbury White.
WIGGINS, Thomas N. Filed 14 Jan 1919 Rec Bk 89, pg 539 PM; died 13 Dec 1918. Wife Mary Annie Wiggins, son Charley D. Wiggins, dau Mary Allie Shannon. EX: wife Mary Annie.
WILSON, Hugh T. Prob 1 May 1894 Rec Bk 15, pg 561 PM. Died 18 Feb 1892. Wife Mary C. Wilson.
WOOTEN, Henrietta Goodall Filed 14 Sept 1917 Rec Bk 535, pg 91. Deeds. Daus Stella W. Bailey (decd) Mrs. Henrietta W. Lightfoot, Maud Johnson, sons Thomas Wooten, Dr. Goodall H. Wooten, Dr. Joseph S. Wooten, Dudley G. Wooten; grson Cullen Bailey, son-law Robert G. Johnson. EX: Son Dr. Joseph S. Wooten.
ZANE CETTI, Emma Amalia Prob 29 Sept 1920 Rec Bk 98 pg 494; PM died 10 May 1915; Husband Jesse Shelton Zane Cetti; son Carl Herman Zane Cetti, daus Emma Helena Zane Cetti, Louise Madeline Zane Cetti, Marian Emily Zane Cetti. EX: husband Jesse.
ZANE CETTI, Jesse Shelton Prob 7 Mar 1922. Died Feb. 1922. Son Carl Herman Zane Cetti; daus Emma Helena Irwin (wife of W. H.); Louise Madeline Zane Cetti, Marion Emily Zane Cetti. EX: son Carl.
ZEARING, Joseph B.
Filed 30 March 1916 Rec Bk 79, p. 603. PM; Died 9 Feb 1916. EX: wife Sophronia A. Zearing.

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