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Monday 06/17/2002 3:47:24pm
Name: Audrey Simmons
E-Mail: simmons8@mindspring.com
City/State: Arlington, TX
Look-Up Request: Husband & wife:

Author B. Mallicote: dob 1885
Evallen Strickland Mallicote: dob 1893


Hi Audrey,
I did not find Author B. or Evallen Strickland Mallicote. I did find buried in the Smithfield Cemetery:
T. J. Mallicote
b. 2/13/1880
d. 10/3/1949
Mrs. T. J. Mallicote
b. 4/18/1875
d. 2/22/1949
Claude D. Mallicte
b. 6/25/1904
d. 10/28/1908
"s/o T. J. and Lizzie" (s/o = son of)

Friday 06/14/2002 11:40:56pm
Name: Cynthia Lee
E-Mail: toodielee@earthlink,net
City/State: Sheridan AR
Look-Up Request: I need a look-up for Masonic Home Cemetery in Arlington TX: R W Brockman May 11- Oct 1992.Thanks.


Hi Cynthia,
Sorry it took me so long to answer you. There is no Masonic Home Cemetery in the book I have.

Sunday 06/09/2002 8:04:24pm
Name: carol sorden watson
E-Mail: cwatson@sisna.com
City/State: St. George, Utah
Look-Up Request: Would anyone have access to information for Susie M. Roby Rains died 13 MAr 1972? I wuold like to know where she is buried. Possibly in AZLE? Thank you very much.


Hi Carol,
I culdn't help notice that you live in St. George Utah. We were there a few years ago and it is so beautiful. I am sorry it took so long to answer you. I did not find any Raines names in the book I have.

Thursday 06/06/2002 11:00:52pm
Name: Barbara Lindeman
E-Mail: jblind3539@cs.com
City/State: Homestead, Fl
Look-Up Request: Is there a cemetery close to Grapevine but it is in Dallas Co. or is there another one in Tarrant close to Grapeveine?


Hi Barbara,
Yes, there are cemeteries close to Grapevine that are in Dallas and Tarrant Counties. If you know the name of the cemetery or the name of the person I will see if they are in the book I have.

Monday 06/03/2002 2:36:01pm
Name: Mary Barnard
E-Mail: mbarnard@crouchfirm.com
City/State: Euless, TX.
Look-Up Request: I am looking for the gravesite of Carol Ann Cook at Parker Cemetary of Highway 121 in Grapevine. Do you have a list of gavesites for this cemetary?


Hi Mary,
Sorry it took so long to answer you. I did not find Carol Ann Cook or Cooke in the book I have.

Monday 06/03/2002 12:12:51am
Name: Donald Hart
E-Mail: dhart2@rochester.rr.com
City/State: Rochester, New York
Look-Up Request: I would like to obtain the names and dates for as many of the Petersons as possible buried in the Peterson Family Cemetery, so that I might confirm my genealogy data on my aunt, Lettie Peterson, who is buried there.

Thank you.


Hi Donald,
I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
I found the following in the book I have. I don't usually send this much infomation but thought this needs to be sent.

West of Keller, Texas, between Old Denton Road and Interstate 35 West, the cemetery is located in a strip of land belonging to the City of Fort Worth, Texas. It is in the Wm. McCowen Survey. About four miles north of the intersection of Watauga-Smithfield Road and Old Denton Road turn west on a small lane. The fenced family cemetery is on privately owned land beyond the end of the lane. Although it is visiable fron the interstate Highway, access is only from Old Denton Road.
John Peterson 1840 - 1925
T. Peterson 1843 - 1912
Edward Peterson 1877 - 1953
Lettie Peterson 1884 - 1960
Grace E. Peterson 1902 - 1903 "d/o J. and Lettie"
"H. P." "no dates"
Above is burial site of Helmer Peterson, s/o John and Tilda

"M. P."
Above is burial site of Helmer's wife, Mary.

(fieldstone, no name or dates)
Above is burial site of Julia Bindorff, niece of Mrs. Tilda Peterson

(Fieldstone, no name or date)
Above is burial site of Annie Louise Jones, b and d October 1908

John Peterson was born in Ranea Congregation, Norrbottens, Lan, Sweden. He and his wife, the former Tilda Moosberg, came to the Keller area in 1874. They had only three children, Edward, Helmer and James C. Peterson.

Monday 06/03/2002 11:31:16am
Name: Elsie Ray
E-Mail: elsieray@flash.net
City/State: Texas
Look-Up Request: Looking for William Herbert HOUSTON, d.1964, wife Bessie HOUSTON, father John F HOUSTON...possibly in the Bourland Cemetery, Keller, Tarrant County, TX
Some graves may not have markers...


Hi Elsie,
I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I found the following in the Bourland Cemetery:
Herbert Houston
b. March 14, 1886
d. March 13, 1964
Bessie Houston
b. Jly 17, 1893
d. Mar 26, 1978


Monday 06/03/2002 6:25:48am
Name: Evorie Stuart Loe
E-Mail: eloe@iocc.com
City/State: Prescott, AR
Look-Up Request: Parker Memorial Cemetery, Tarrant County, TX
Looking for Sparks family members buried at the above cemetery.


Hi Evorie,
I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I found the following in the Parker Memorial Cemetery:
Alvie Roscoe Sparks
b. July 7, 1886
d. Sep 22, 1973
and next to him:
Edith Winters Sparks
b. Apr 15, 1889
d. Oct 27, 1975
they were married Sep 5, 1907


Thursday 05/30/2002 7:20:12pm
Name: Catherine Cooper
E-Mail: catcoop@bellsouth.net
City/State: Atlanta, GA
Look-Up Request: James Davidson


Hi Catherine,
I did not find James Davidson in the book I have.

Wednesday 05/29/2002 8:27:22pm
Name: Barbara Mitchell Lindeman
E-Mail: JBLind3539@cs.com
City/State: Homestead, Fl.
Look-Up Request: Grapevine Cenetery: Look up Frank Edward Mitchell, B. Dec. 18, 1900, Died abt 1902 a child of about 1 1/2 years.


Hi Barbara,
I did not find Frank Edward Mitchell in the book I have.

Sunday 05/19/2002 7:54:00pm
Name: Wanda Davis
E-Mail: wbdavis@ktc.com
City/State: Kerrville, Texas
Look-Up Request: I am trying to find William Wylie Frame's last resting place. What we know is this: He was born ca 1850-52 and died in Arlington, Texas between 1880 and 1885. Any help you may be will be appreciated.


Hi Wanda,

I did not find William Wylie Frame in the book I have, the only Arlington cemeteries I have in this book is Watson and Tomlin and he is not in either of these two cemeteries.


Friday 05/17/2002 4:38:57pm
Name: Sarah Glover
E-Mail: kurthyn2@earthlink.net
City/State: Lakewood, CA
Look-Up Request: I would like a look-up for the graves of Owen E. and Ella May BONNER. They died in Smithfield, Tarrant Co., Tx, but I do not know which cemetery they are buried in.
Thank you.


Hi Sarah,

I did not find Owen E. and Ella Mae Bonner in the book I have.


Wednesday 05/15/2002 10:45:25am
Name: M. Joyce Isham Evans
E-Mail: majoevan@aol.com
City/State: Creola, Al.
Look-Up Request: I am interested in the names of the Ishams in the Isham Chapel Cemetery. I was not aware that the cemetery existed. I have found several mistakes in my family history research. I would appreciate any help that you can give. Thank you.


Here is the names in ISHAM CEMETERY, Formerly Isham's Chapel, Fort Worth, Texas, September 1980

In the eastern sector of Ft. Worth in the 7100 blk of John T. White Road. The cemetery is six-tenths of a mile east of Loop 820. The cemetery and its adjoining church was named for it's early-day minister, Rev. William M. Isham. During the 1970s the church was disbanded and the building removed. It is listed on some city maps as "White Cemetery".


Rev. William M., b. Sept 4, 1831, d. Jan 23, 1904, MASON

Mrs. William M., b. Dec 22, 1838, d. June 15, 1924

M. H., b. Mar 22, 1866, d. Oct 21, 1889

Alburthy, b. Sep 19, 1872, d. Oct 17, 1885

Elzie, b. Feb 4, 1875, d. July 16, 1903

Margaret A., b. Jan 27, 1857, d. Apr 8, 1944

F., b. Nov 22, 1854, d. Mar 9, 1903

Dorsa T., b. Dec 28, 1881, d. Nov 6, 1956

Opal, b. Oct 11 1899, d. Mar 26, 1955

Alton, b. Dec 24, 1901, d. May 19, 1912

Biff, only date is Dec 1928

James C., b. May 24, 1920, d. Sep 23, 1948, "Tex Pvt Personnel Center WWII"



Mrs. Emma, b. Jan 13, 1893, d. Apr 7, 1945

Gordon, b. May 29, 1898, d. May 7, 1956

Lee, "Died July 17, 1938, age 46yrs, 1mo, 1ds."

Hope this helps,

Tuesday 05/14/2002 3:53:00pm
Name: Kelley Roberson
E-Mail: kele1@prodigy.net
City/State: Bowie, Texas
Look-Up Request: Helen Maud KELLEY death 15 Apr 1960 buried in Lonesome Dove 17 April 1960.

She also had other family members there, DALEY.

I am attempting to locate where the graves are located, how do I contact sosmeone.


Hi Kelley,
There is a Lonesome Dove Baptist Church that is next to the Cemetery. The Cemetery is in Southlake, Texas.

I found the following:


John S., b. Aug 1, 1851, d. May 29, 1920

Ange Lena, b. Apr. 4, 1853, d. Nov 9, 1927

(Daley Plot) "Infant Twins", only date is 1891



Ernest E., b. Dec 1895, d. Mar 12, 1932

Charley H., b. Aug 11, 1875, d. Mar 22, 1898

W. V. Daley, no dates

Maud Daley Kelley, no dates

This is all the Kelley and Daley names in the Lonesome Dove Cemetery. I don't have any names to give you to contact. You may be able to contact the church. Call information to get the phone number.

Sunday 05/12/2002 9:13:51pm
Name: Rita McIntyre
E-Mail: mctack @cox.net
City/State: Denham springs, LA
Look-Up Request: I am doing geneology research & am looking for a Charles M. Ray of Hamilton County, TN, approximate year, 1940. Any information or links would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Rita McIntyre (mctack@cox.net)


Hi Rita,
I did not find Charles M. Ray in the book I have.

Sunday 05/05/2002 8:29:40pm
Name: Kiki
E-Mail: BuckFuffalo@aol.com
City/State: Ft. Worth
Look-Up Request: Hello Linda. Could you please tell me if a Foy or Floy Slade Huff is buried at White's Chapel? I'm sorry I don't have the birth or death date. Thank you very much for volunteering!


Hi Kiki,

I have two Huff names buried side by side, I will send all both since they are probably related.

Buried in the Grapevine Cemetery:

HUFF, Tom H., b. Nov 2, 1908, d. Jan 11, 1977, "Cpl U. S. Army W.W. II"

Floy Huff, b. Feb 22, 1919, d. no date.


Friday 05/03/2002 2:35:55pm
Name: James W Johnson
E-Mail: gnbf@tampabay.rr.com
City/State: Saint Petersburg, FL 33710
Look-Up Request: Hi Linda,

All of these individuals are in my data base and are related to me. Could you send the information to me please? Can you tell me where I might purchase a book that might hold this information?
Thanks, Linda.

Friday 05/03/2002 10:21:09am
Name: James W Johnson
E-Mail: gnbf@tampabay.rr.com
City/State: Saint Petersburg, FL 33710
Look-Up Request: I am looking for information on any ALFORDS or McFADINS buried in the Watson Cemetery.


Hi James,
The following ALFORDS are buried in Watson Cemetery: A.; Charles P.; R. F.:
The following McFadins are buried in Watson Cemetery: Eliza J.; Jessie E.; L. H.; Lee; Lula; R. T.; Rachel R.; Tom; If any of the names here are your family let me know and I will send the information.

Thursday 05/02/2002 7:22:01pm
Name: Linda Hoffman
E-Mail: twohoffmans@attbi.com
City/State: Salem, Oregon
Look-Up Request: SANSONI, William A. app.1901
SANSONI, Lucille E. (Souter) app.1927


Hi Linda,
I did not find any Sansoni names in the book I have. They may be buried in another part of Tarrant Co., Texas.

Wednesday 05/01/2002 8:32:33am
Name: jane ryan
E-Mail: lartolady@aol.com
City/State: libuse, louisiana
Look-Up Request: William Thomas "Willie" Cobb born 1892 in Natchitoches, La married Pinnie Adeline Mears in Ft Worth about 1917. William died about 1956 and Pinnie died in 1956. Looking for verification on death and marriage dates or maybe exact dates. Thanks so much


Hi Jane,

I have the following COBB names: Ellerbe B.; Kate Watson; Mary E.; Mrs. N. C. Morrison Cobb; Nettie Mae; Robert; and Thomas Watson; but not William Thomas or Pinnie Adeline Mears.


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